More on the Nature of “Loosh” Energies

by Dianna, May 2, 2014

I was quite astonished by the unanticipated response from four people (you and two other readers… and even a third reader) to my discussion in your website of “Beautiful Loosh“, the first of two recent dreams.  (The related second dream, Black Skull, will follow this.) My surprise was so sweeping that I was rendered quite speechless. It has taken me a few days, therefore, to regain my bearings such that I could write again, intelligibly. Having received such a response, I feel a deep moral response-ability, as well as responsibility, to add this quite extended addendum to “Beautiful Loosh” the dream, to provide some ‘spherical’ (not merely “in-the-round” but a 360-degree view) appreciation of loosh’s former context, in terms of my dream’s contemporary philosophical message to our generation of spiritual workers.

First, I need to say to everyone (and to Tony, Henry, and Bonnie) that I don’t know very much about loosh; suffice it to say that it’s a somewhat obscure term.  What I am writing here is more or less the summation of my approximate knowledge. The “great gap of knowledge in this field” which Georgi speaks about is perhaps only because “loosh” is an under-exposed term of usage – perhaps the more so because of its study and classified development by the covert and black-ops contingents – whereas “loosh’s” (negative) dynamics are fairly familiar, at least in the abstract, to those who research arcane esoteric, metaphysical subjects.  (Where specifically referring to negative loosh, I will use quotations [“ ”].  In speaking about general and positive loosh, there will be no quotes.)

There is indeed a cascading from the higher dimensions of transcendent, spiritual “loosh energies, which we have entered now,” writes Georgi, “and which imbue our energetic environment. At the same time these energies are perceived as ‘dreadful loosh’ by all dark entities nowadays, judging from the recent peak in their reckless behavior [and] irrational, heinous deeds . . . as they can no longer support this [positive] loosh onslaught and must express their darkness in any conceivable manner as to relieve their inner pressure and pain,” caused by high-frequency energies cascading into the crumbling system by which they cultivate the harvesting of their “loosh.”

Loosh, being life force energy (spiritual energy), is just simply energy, and includes the energy familiar to us as emotional energy both happy and unhappy. Most notably, as terminology of rare usage, “loosh,” per se, was the word devised by Robert Monroe (in his books and treatises which I’m familiar with but have not read, and as founder of The Monroe Institute), referring to the emotional energy radiated by animals and humans in dire circumstances that entail intense, severe pain and suffering in body and psyche. And so, “loosh,” in this older usage, described a negative experiential spectrum. I say ‘rare usage,’ for the word did not become generalized into broad use in metaphysics nomenclature, seeming to mostly remain within the province of Monroe specialists, followers, and fans (and probably secret-service types).

This “loosh” was not a discovery of something new. Rather, it was simply Monroe’s identifying, and hence naming, of a metaphysical, alchemical phenomenon that has always existed (spiritual energy simply is) and – probably since many centuries ago, perhaps even millennia – was developed and exploited as a dark, multidimensional occult art and skill, utilized by secret societies and institutionally for social programming and mind control, and raised to a zenith in our electronic era. Once there was a Monroe Institute, then related offshoots and derivations of that type of experimentation and research soon became the specialized, highly refined activities and techniques of Area 51 and Montauk for “military” and “defense” objectives (so-called), and the pop-music /entertainment industries and institutional pedophilia as they particularly are today.

As a type of spiritual energy identified by Monroe, capitalized upon by the secret services and black-ops, and exploited as a social engineering utility by the interdimensional Negatives, “loosh” essentially is of the earth planes (lower dimensions) and the trauma energy of the human and animal emotional body (for example, via the cruelty imposed upon and endured by the animal kingdom, and the brutality of the abbatoir).  As negative emotional energy, especially the energy of pain, trauma, stress, abuse, and suffering, or as Georgi very rightly described it, as “dreadful loosh,” it contains the heightened molecular content and organic /hormonal adrenalin-cortisol cascades, coursing through the quantum dynamics of blood, body, and brain systems.

Under such intense extremity of trauma, the blood and flesh is, for the Negative Entities, thus highly ‘enriched’ and hence highly prized, their brand of premium gold caviar diamond steak, as it were. (There is a passage in the Old Testament where the gods rush in from afar, salivating at the aroma of burning human flesh. The so-called “God” or “Gods” in the O.T. were /are mostly Negative Entities.) Not only is this negative loosh highly coveted, but most crucially of all, it is absolutely necessary for probably most Negative Entities, for enabling and facilitating existence in the Earth planes, as well as for the ability to hold the human form so they don’t slide into shapeshifting. Apparently, because of the vibrational difference in frequency levels, there is a fundamental physiological incompatibility which our negative loosh neutralizes for them, and which even enhances their energetic stamina and function in the Earth and lower dimensions.  Vibration and frequency, in them, in humans, and animal Earthlings, are key to loosh’s entrapment dynamics and emancipation from it.

Anything and everything within society that can be manipulated through mind-control and social programming to cultivate and reap negative loosh – even in cheerful, mundane day-to-day experience, as well as ordinary unhappy life of course – and especially, to harvest it in the premium form of blood and flesh via the terror of ritual sacrifice (human and animal), is, and has been, acutely exploited through the centuries and millennia. Ancient truths, which are the heritage of our pagan, folk knowledge, have been suppressed by exoteric religion but live on as esoteric knowledge, insinuating themselves into our subconscious collective experience intuitively, and developing externally into our cultural traditions … but also twisting into the utility of the left-hand path via occult magic. Therefore, this Earth plane being a dualistic realm, the dark lives alongside the bright, though usually covertly.

As Henry mentioned, there are, for example, European signal dates such as Walpurgis Night (April 30th Walpurgisnacht, German) and the Celtic /Druidic Beltane (the name also sometimes associated with Baphomet) festival of May Day (May 1st) with its English Morris dancing. Then there are the great arts and literary vehicles such as the Giselle ballet and the Goethe Faust legend.  Where mass attention is focused, whether the emotional content and experience is happy or unhappy, the dark contingent will use that heightened, concentrated  energy and focus its enhanced emotionic and cosmic /calendrical /timeline power upon a negative objective. Thus May Day celebrations take place with Morris Dancing upon the fragrant spring of fresh green lawns, but in the dark belows of Masonic lodges, churches, palaces, and institutional buildings, the highly charged, concentrated surface loosh is transduced for disreputable purposes via high ceremonial rites and occult ritual, where witcheries are capitalized upon.

The occult art of thusly cultivating “loosh” is, in modern times, a finely honed ancient craft of formalized alchemical skill, utilizing every means terrestrial and cosmic, numeric and alphabetic, symbolistically and metaphorically, and even organic and genetic, in its organizing, memorializing, and implementation – for, as we know today, memory is emotionic and psychologic (memory contains loosh) and, as Henry also brought up, is easily triggered by external artifacts (such as photos), because memory is within the energetic properties of DNA and our cells. Hence, ancestral and generational karma is easily called up into e/motion. Said Henry: “We can appreciate their significance, but like all [things], these must be passed on our way to spiritual progress in ‘All-That-Is.’

To say that “everything is energy” may seem throwaway and facile, but there is profound scientific-transcendental truth in this simple statement. All this finessed technology stemming from eons past is not accidental, but finely engineered constructs, insinuating themselves into the social fabric over great spans of linear (earthly) time, becoming our default consensual consciousness and reality.

Not just extreme scenarios of hospitals, the battlefields of war, child abuse and trauma, and ritual sacrifice, but mundane life itself also richly provides “loosh” for the dark contingent, via ordinary scenarios of money worries, job stress, unhappy relationships, fear, jealousy, guilt, shame, anger, vengeance, unforgivingness, resentment, day by day, proliferating and rampant. As such, these ordinary human realities, this common, everyday “loosh,” is perhaps the most fruitful for the dark contingent, and thus their PTB (‘Were’) engineering of society and life to keep humans functioning at a very low calibration, such that there is ‘always abundant food for the gods’ table,’ so to speak. At its most extreme, the bottom line human and animal result, whether experienced consciously or non-, is parasitic soul theft. And for all that this implies, it’s against Universal Law of free will and free choice, anyway, anyhow, in the first place.

Even seemingly happy, ‘positive’ emotion is twisted and turned into an ultimately negative experience, personal and collective. This is why there is the common consensus belief and acceptance that with the good times will come the bad times. It is a belief that is programmed, an inculcated false ‘reality,’ engineered and promulgated by our social institutions. Hence, we have the scope and dark depths of today’s sports events, media award ceremonies, and rock concerts, for example. The modern phenomenon of Luciferic and Satanic infiltration into these vernacular entertainment genres and half-time shows in recent years are seen in the highly choreographed, theatrical, ceremonial mass hypnosis, and also via the recording and media industries that pertain. (And this aspect relates with Tony’s contribution to this website’s posts regarding the music business and the corrupting tentacles of the Dark side, and with my second Dream, Black Skull, which I will write about next.)

All the Dark’s activities have double faces: the public-consumption face, and the demonic face. All of it is ritualistic, and toward one social objective: to dominate, destroy and enslave, surreptitiously, even via pleasure and optimism.  For much in the occult arts intentionally leads into the dark underbelly so as to harvest dreadful, premium “loosh.”  Where one’s consciousness and conduct, where one’s enlightening … where the light is not yet integral, coherent, and stable in its above 52+ range in orientation and balance, there then are the conveniently readied gaps of attention, in the most innocuous aspects of mundane existence, gaps the Negative Entities will find and exploit. And so, the dark contingent also farms the pleasure, happiness, and joy in daily human experience, to exploit the moments of positive loosh by twisting and corrupting experience into an ultimately negative ‘reality.’ Thus the importance of integration and balance.

“We can appreciate their significance,” as Henry said, but like all things of the bright and the dark, “these must be passed on our way to spiritual progress in ‘All-That-Is.’“ Spiritual progress in All-That-Is is achieved by our internal work in general clean-up and clearing-out of baggage and ballast (limiting belief systems, fears, guilts, doubts, material and emotional attachments, etc. etc. etc.), for with each advance comes, line by line, a lifting (ascent) in our frequency level and functional vibration. The more weighted, fraught, internal furniture we release, the higher we climb in our frequency calibration. This kind of dedicated, conscious internal self-work takes a very long time, lifetimes, hundreds and thousands of linear years … or it can be released in virtually an instant, by very specific ‘spiritual technicians’ who specialize in this kind of healing and wholing, ‘deprogramming’ work. (Finding the right practitioner, let alone finding them at all, requires keen discernment.)

To get out of this hologram or change the negatively “looshed” worlds or timelines, the goal is toward knowing, cognitional balance in the polarity continuum.  It probably doesn’t serve one’s best interests to be too much toward the opposite extremes, for those degrees of polarity play right into the negative Matrix’s recycling machine (samsara, reincarnation), where incarnating is again into insufficient metaphysical strength in balance and orientation, too disempowered (thanks to the dark machine) to be truly, consciously sovereign and creational.

Our present period in our history is critical, and as to “loosh,” as aforementioned, vibration and frequency are key. This is where the message of my dream is especially significant, for in the creational capacity of the Ascended Master / Logos God (to use Georgi’s terminology) is the ability to consciously and intentionally change the concept and context of “loosh.” Negatively separated from the wholeness of spiritual energy and confined as “loosh” had been to the earthly /emotionic planes, “loosh” can lose its shady disrepute. We can change our understanding and especially our experience of (negative) loosh into the expanded, unitized concept and context of transcendent loosh, the divine Energy of the higher dimensions, balanced and whole, benevolent and imbued with divine light. For we have such capacity, as Bonnie said, “[s]uch greatness once again to our UNITY as a most powerful group,” to create Beautiful Loosh.

Negative loosh is like a harness and leash which the dark contingent uses against us, to oppress and entrap.  Our aim in the ever-shifting calibration of vibration and frequency dynamics is to rise into the heart center, or drop down from the ego-mind into Heart, so we can be stably beyond the vibrational reach of engineered “loosh,” thus liberating ourselves from its insidious ubiquity. “Beautiful Loosh” was the dream’s contemporary philosophical message for our generation of spiritual workers – that we can consciously create a proper concept of, and context for, true loosh, and we can be ourselves the catalysts of Beautiful Loosh, for the world’s, for humanity’s, ongoing transcendence and ascendance.


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