Energy Update – May 16, 2015

Georgi Stankov

The predominant perception of the PAT members that have written to me in the last several days is that we have accomplished another big ID shift and I totally concur with this assessment. The negative side effect of this huge uplifting was that we entirely abolished the astral plane surrounding Gaia 5 and this uppermost mother planet. All the dark entities that have dwelt there for eons of time were expelled from their dark, clandestine recesses and are since then desperately swirling around.

As our fields are now huge and encompass many timelines, we can be seen from any point in the multiverse. Hence many suicidal dark entities decided to enter our fields of bright Christed light in these last days, although normally they abhor the light and run away from it. But as they have no place to reside anymore after they have been completely severed from the Source, they must attach to our magnificent light fields as to have access to vital energy and survive.

This was part of the ascension plan that led to the final demise of all these archons and other dark entities.

On three consecutive days Carla and I were attacked by massive dark forces and we had to cleanse our fields and apartment many times a day – rather effectively as always, as this is all part of our basic cleansing activity for which we are still here.

Just to give you one example. Two days ago a reptilian came early in the morning to Carla, who was meditating in a trance state in the bed and could barely move. He came from behind and was stomping heavily on the carpet. At first she thought that it was me, but then she felt immediately the typical burning, heavy reptilian energy. This entity attached to her left leg and knee and obviously tried to implant something there.

As we have had similar experiences in the past with heavy dark reptilians that have come to us, she then immediately came to me and informed me about this reptilian. The heavy energies which surrounded Carla prevented her from responding effectively and repelling them as she felt very tired all of a sudden. I immediately created a vortex with the seven sacred flame and stabbed the dark reptilian in the heart and eliminated it in the blink of an eye.

Then I did several very powerful invocations where I contained and threw in the void all reptilians on this uppermost mother planet. Since yesterday we have beautiful, clear, harmonious energies all the time. While in the past when we smudged the apartment with white sage, it was burning very strongly which always indicates a big necessity to cleanse due to the massive presence of dark energies, yesterday the white sage did not burn at all, which is the best proof that now the dark ones are gone.

As some other sources also confirm, in the last days we had a unique culmination in the cleansing activities of very dark energies from all kinds of reptilians, zeta reticuli and Greys, also in form of human stooges and shape-shifters before the final, ultimate shift can happen.

By the way, two days before we had this unexpected visit from a reptilian, we were attacked by three zeta reticuli and I had to send them to the void as well. The interesting component in this encounter is that the zeta reticuli have actually left this uppermost mother planet long time ago. That is why we were rather surprised at first to have them in our apartment.

On that particular day we went to a very lower timeline and then we received information from our HS that we actually intercepted past timelines, when the zeta reticuli were making genetic experiments with humans and were taking ovarian cells from women for this purpose as to improve their genetic code. It is known that this alien species is doomed to death due to excessive genetic manipulations and ongoing cloning. With this encounter and the subsequent purging of these three impertinent zeta reticuli, we actually sealed this timeline and eliminated any possibility of such heinous experiments with human DNA by dark entities in the future.

As you see we are now active on all past, present and future timelines at the same time and may have some weird experiences that defy any human logic based on linear time.

As already observed by some PAT members, we had another roller coaster behind us this week, when we were rapidly descending to very low 4D timelines, cleansed them in one fell swoop and then moved to higher timelines. Some of you may have experienced unpleasant encounters with nasty aggressive humans, while visiting these lower timelines, which afterwards seemed to be pale nightmares without any real substance. Others have complained about severe gastric pains due to stress of the 3rd chakra of bilocation and ID travels.

In such a situation it is mandatory that you never lose your courage and faith and should know that you are untouchable Logos Gods and that you have a full control over the situation and this whole reality and nothing can happen to you. In fact you can, and you do, change this reality with each breath.

You must make excessive use of the seven sacred flame to cleanse your fields and to create a huge vortex, or alternatively a pulser, and to eliminate any dark entities in your vicinity. Now these entities have only two destinies to follow. Those that evade our light and are being energetically starved after they were purged from their astral plane become very heavy and dense and move automatically to lower catastrophic timelines. Those, who are so desperate that they believe that they can attach to us and feed on our vibrant source energies, are like moths that burn up in the light. We immediately send them to the void, where they are dissolved in the Tao of All-That-Is in order to be processed into new soul essence in eons of time.

We are now in the final most intensive phase of purging and eliminating these last remnant dark energies before this uppermost mother planet can merge with the new 4D and 5D worlds we have already created. I hear you saying how long shall we do this unpleasant cleansing… I am confident that we are now really at the end of it.

For this purpose, it is necessary that you regularly wrap yourself in gold Christed light as all dark entities abhor this light and stay away from it. Also do not forget to activate regularly the light balls or pulsers in your apartment or house that protect you from such entities. Do a regular smudging of all rooms with white sage and also seal all windows and doors before going to bed.

It may be that very soon we may not need these protective measures anymore as we may have already got rid of all dark entities on this planet after the astral plane, where they lived, has been fully abolished early this month. But “prudence is the mother of the porcelain box” (Vorsicht is die Mutter der Porzellankiste), to quote a German saying, and as long as we still dwell in this uppermost timeline and the negativity is still part of humanity, we should not allow to be off guard and be surprised by any dark entity whatsoever. This is the most important message for you today and it should not be new to you.


How do I see the political development this last week? After the celebration of the victory over Nazi Germany in Moscow by two-thirds of the world that do not pertain to the AAA (Anglo-American Assholes-Axis), the threshold of a global war has been missed once and for all on this uppermost mother planet. As predicted on this website from the very beginning, this timeline will not experience the destiny of a catastrophic global war triggered by the dark western cabal to install the NWO. Instead, there will be an implosion of their power and they will simply vanish from the political scene.

This outcome has already commenced with the Kerry’s pilgrimage of repentance to Russia and his prolonged humiliating meeting with Putin and Lavrov in Sochi on May 12th, only three days after Russia displayed its military power on the Red Square.

And here I would like to utter a serious warning to all those, who are excited by the military power of Russia as a guarantor for containment of the hegemonic policy of the Empire of Evil. To these I count all conventionally thinking, alternative thinkers, such as the Saker and Paul Craig Roberts, to name a few of them, who still dwell in the old duality thinking and believe that there can be an antagonistic solution of any political problem within the framework of good and evil.

For people like me, who had experienced first hand the communist militarism of the former Soviet Union and had to see on television each year the monotonic patriotic display of military power by this former empire of evil, which was only used to suppress any genuine revolt for freedom of the masses, such as the Hungarian uprising in 1956 and the revolt in Czechoslovakia in 1968, which I very well remember, but also in Poland and other Easteuropean countries, this present-day glorification of Russia by inexperienced alternative thinkers with little or no historical memory and background is as menacing and troublesome as the obvious heinous acts of the current Empire of Evil.

If Russia is now supported by us, the current Logos Gods, as the embodiment of the light on this uppermost mother planet, it is only done within the context of this crumbling 3D matrix. But we should be fully aware of the fact that the Russian way of life cannot be a role model for the future enlightened humanity and that these newly emerging powers, Russia, China and India, display the same level of corruption, deceit and suppression of true freedom and democracy of the people as the USA with its hidden dark government and its political tentacles of FEMA, NSA, CIA, and the now heavily militarized US police, which already leads a veritable guerilla war against the American citizens and the Constitution.

Any present-day conflict has a limited functional role to play within the total destruction of this Orion matrix, but has no chance of survival after the final ID shift and move to the new 4D and 5D worlds. It is very important for you to comprehend this basic truth and not get trapped in ill-guided sympathies towards one or other state power. Remember that all states must be abolished when the big paradigm shift will come, as the national state is the primary cause of all political and other collective evil we now observe on this planet. This has been a leitmotif of all my articles on this topic.

Let us conclude: While it becomes increasingly obvious that the USA has fully failed with its foreign policy of total military and economic destruction of all countries that do not accept its hegemonic aspiration to establish the unipolar world of the NWO, there is no chance that Russia and China, and later on India and some more BRICS countries would follow into the footsteps of the Empire of Evil and do the same evil things when they gain the critical mass of global power projection. All these national powers and their aspirations are doomed to disappear when the new multidimensional reality fully manifests and substitutes this holographic model. It is extremely important to keep this basic spiritual fact in your mind, while observing as neutral witnesses the final throes of this crumbling Orion matrix.

If we assume that the western world will implode first – and all signs points to this outcome – this will automatically mean also the crumbling of Russia and China as emerging national powers, who are as dangerously militarized as NATO and the Empire of evil, which alone accounts for half of all military expenditures worldwide. You should rather keep in mind the dissolution of the Soviet Union after the Fall of the Iron Curtain as a paradigm how the whole current political order will implode and will give up to the establishment of the new enlightened humanity with us as Logos Gods, guiding it to new multidimensional horizons.

You should keep this vision in your mind as the clarity of your thoughts is now the most precious quality in successfully creating the new worlds for this rapidly evolving human civilisation. That is why we are still here. There are only a few of us capable of doing this and we hold the destiny of all humanity in our hands.


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