Energy Report – May 22, 2015

Georgi Stankov

Since May 19th we have had a massive ID shift. In that night St. Germain visited Carla in her nightly meditation and she saw St. Germain surrounded by the whole PAT. He told us, as I have already mentioned in the latest PAT report, that an unexpected situation in the ascension process was most likely to occur any moment, not bad and not good, but simply unexpected and that we had to encounter it and resolve it with our combined efforts. When I hear such stories, I always know that hard times lie ahead and I was not “disappointed’ in my prediction.

On May 19th, a massive descent of source energy commenced early in the morning with an excruciating headache and gastric pain for myself. Obviously the correction of the ascension pathway was so immense that my HS did not hesitate to go to the limit of my physical destruction in order to do the job successfully. I have gone many times through similar situations, the most notable one when we opened the stargate 12.21.12 and later on 12.27.12, and I was about to die and Carla came to me energetically with AA Michael and the Pleiadians and helped me recover from my total energetic depletion. At that time I did not know that she was my dual soul, but she knew it, and this intervention rather surprised me.

This time it was a similar situation. When the descent of source energy began to flow through my left brain portal on May 19th, I was immediately taken away by my HS and had to lie down. During this period of several hours of total absence from this reality, I was consciously experiencing the intensity of the waves that set my body elemental in a state of total shock due to the real possibility of its physical annihilation. I was observing this whole process from the higher perspective of my soul in a rather disentangled manner and tried to calm down the fears of my body elemental. When I woke up after several hours, the headache was excruciating and the Metatron waves that came from the Source had reached a unique peak in intensity. I have no idea what I did during this day, but obviously I must have answered all your emails and even posted two articles in a trance. This is the best way for me to cope with such a headache when a cc-wave hits me – to distract myself with daily activities.

The intensity of the source waves during this first massive correction of the ascension pathway of Gaia to the new Golden Galaxy was also felt by some PAT members. Donna sent me the following report the next day:


In response to your energy update on May 20, 2015 I would like to add that on May 19th the earth suddenly began pulsing, sending vibrations/waves up to the surface and into the atmosphere…. Again many stories come to mind with fluctuations in “The Field” correlating to our journey thus far, but I will describe May 19th. For some reason the energetics of this spring equinox started out dynamic at first but became relatively stationary as a pale pink overlay infused and saturated everything (I cannot share this assessment but we now experience the ascension process in a very individual manner. Note, George). For the first time in weeks there was movement coming forth on the 19th. The pulsing and vibrations that suddenly began within the earth on the 19th began to ‘pump’ the atmosphere with outgoing waves although it was not the accustomed life vitality it did jumpstart some movement.

There are so many ways each and every one experiences this incredible journey and thank you Georgi, Carla, and member of the PAT for all your continuing service.


May 20th brought then a short respite, however throughout the whole day I had intermittent attacks of acute gastric pain and burning due to rapid interdimensional movements that hit the 3rd chakra heavily.

In the night of May 21st, I experienced another massive descent of source energies as early as midnight which indicated that something huge and significant was happening at this moment. This whole night I was tortured by an excruciating pain in my left eye socket due to an uninterrupted flow of purest source energy through my left brain portal. Normally, I can mitigate such a pain within half an hour using cold water and massage, this time the pain continued the whole night and in the morning and around noon evolved into a full-fledged cc-wave with a severe headache and impairment of the coordination. This one lasted till late in the evening.

From this experience I conclude that we have just finished with one of the most intensive ascension episodes I have gone through so far in my long cleansing career as a light warrior of the first and the last hour as this was announced by St Germain to Carla and obviously to the whole PAT at the soul level. It began on May 19th with a massive source descent, a relative pause the next day and another massive descent of source energy on May 21st. Carla was also hit very hard during these three days, but she was spared from the worst pain, as otherwise we could not have functioned. Yesterday evening she got the information from her HS that this whole inhuman effort on our part was necessary to prepare Gaia and humanity for the final shift, to establish all the necessary prerequisites for the successful ascension. As we are still fully engaged in the cleansing of our apartment, Carla was not able to attune to her HS and get more information.

Today, the energies are exorbitant, very uplifting but on the verge to bring about another cc-wave. Tomorrow, we shall go to Victoria on the Vancouver island to visit our Lemurian portal, which we created about a year ago when I first visited the capital of B.C. This southern part of the island is a remnant of the Lemurian continent and carries the energies of this past civilisation. As we both were high priests in Lemuria and did a pivotal work in the last phase when this continent sank, we have a great affinity to this timeline, which is now fully integrated into the new template of Gaia 5. We are very excited what we shall experience this weekend. During this time I will not post as I will not take my computer with me in order to fully attune to the Lemurian energies on the Vancouver island. By the way, Victoria also lies within the boundaries of the Infinity Portal at White Rock, which was hugely expanded in the last days.

The fact that we have just undergone a massive ID shift was also confirmed by Robert from Mt. Shasta yesterday, late in the evening. This is what he wrote:

“Dear Georgi,

There seems to be a major “re-set” happening to the entire city of Mt. Shasta. Oh and yes, my laptop “died” last night while using it.

With Love and Light,
Robert from Mt. Shasta, CA”

Now you know what we have gone through in the last several days and my feeling is that this roller coaster has not finished yet. I expect some more surprises over the weekend, which I hope you will enjoy in relaxed anticipation of our impending ascension and full expansion of awareness.

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