The Arrival of Beautiful “Loosh”

by Dianna, San Francisco, April 28, 2015


Georgi Stankov

Dear Dianna,

thank you very much for sending me the “beautiful loosh”. I had never heard of this esoteric word and had to check it first. If I have not heard of this term, this should most probably hold true for most PAT and hence they can learn something new from your discussion on “loosh” energies, which we have entered now and which imbue our energetic environment.

At the same time these energies are perceived as “dreadful loosh” by all dark entities nowadays, judging from the recent peak in their reckless behaviour. This observation is very reassuring as it heralds the beginning of the dark ones to commit major irrational, heinous crimes and to expose their true dark nature, as they can no longer support this loosh onslaught and must express their darkness in any conceivable manner as to relieve their inner pressure and pain. This is the way how they will be shed off from this timeline and ousted from power for ever. This is the dialectical force behind the impending paradigm shift that one can smell in the air after the huge ID shift in the last 48 hours.

With love and light



One of Two Dreams

Hello, my dear Georgi,

The first of two recent, significant dreams:

A dream with a cheerful tone in which the words “beautiful loosh” were clearly and emphatically given, a gracious, lovely woman welcomingly giving the “beautiful loosh” to me (and to all, generally), and from which I awoke with a very positive feeling.

Briefly, in passing, “Loosh,” as to word origins, may possibly be loosely derived from the French “louche” which means something shady or disreputable, or the word may be associated with Lucius, Lucifer, Luciferian.  But essentially, pertaining to metaphysical and gnostic /esoteric studies, the word was first used by Robert Monroe as to OBE (“out-of-body experiences) and sexual energy as creative /spiritual energy in his esoteric investigations, for which he eventually founded The Monroe Institute.

Until this dream, my overall sense of loosh was in its association with the highly charged, fear /terror-laced energy of their victims which the reptiloid-based, low-vibrating, social-programming and mind-control consciousness (the entire, interdimensional Dark contingent) feeds upon, whether the fear emanates from earthly victims of satanic ritual, from the engineered Luciferic worldview orientation, or in the general, fence-straddling, mundane life of non-awake humanity.

Because of this dream, I looked into recent, more intellectually considered commentary on loosh (which at this time is still more connotative than denotative) and learned that, actually, “loosh” simply refers to higher-dimensional spiritual energies in general, which are utilized by the physical planes of life and, especially, in the human psyche.  That’s the most essential way I can describe it. (I expect that others more acute will offer finer comment.)  So therefore, there’s no specific qualification about loosh. It’s simply energy. It just simply is.

What renders loosh’s ‘reputation’ as something dark and dangerous, something to beware of, is only because the Negative Principle particularly cultivates loosh’s negative proliferation in the world, and now vastly augments it by advantage of this electronic age, especially to magnify and magnetize its devouring, devastating power in the feed lots of the organic world both animal and human, and the mechanics of their animal and human emotional states.

As such, the “social engineering” of the mind-control /programming machine in this electronic age has the ability of particularly focusing the intense force of ‘negative’ loosh unleashed upon, and in, the sleepers and the naivety of the unaware, credulous, so-called “light worker” … especially those more imbued with spiritual ego than spiritual analysis and discrimination.

However, ultimately, in the final analysis, in All-That-Is (Everything), all phenomenality is simply process.  All phenomena are thus neutral, and this or that phenomenon is negative or positive in its effects by virtue of one’s consciousness orientation and their dynamics — and this is how “loosh” presents itself in our experience.

Everything that is depends on what our consciousness is, because consciousness creates … and that, inescapably, depends totally on our internal self-work, on our state of consciousness, our individual baggage and ballast.  The real bottom line of action is our motivation and intent, conscious as well as unconscious, which evolves into what we experience.  This may resonate with those who see in terms of chaos and complexity principles.

Everything (All-That-Is) is included, good-bad-and-between, with a distribution of, let us say, 52/48.  For as Avatar Meher Baba was fond of saying: There is no such thing as 50/50 (because that is stasis).  Everything, all energy, is in continuous oscillation, vibrating between 51/49 let’s say … and thus, to stay within a positive orientation, we want to be in the 52-plus range.  But yet, not to be so near to 100 or 0, for that is a polarization so complete that we become bound to the dualism of the physical domains.  Rather, to aspire to the transcendental balance which is the All-That-Is, in everything.  We purify the world by purifying loosh’s common reputation, to create Beautiful Loosh, as my dream implied.

Thank you Georgi, for You, and for your website!

Good energy, Love mucho,
Dianna from San Francisco

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