Short Energy Update – April 1, 2015

Georgi Stankov

The incoming blood moon portal promises to be at least as big as the Eclipse-Equinox portal on May 20/21. And it has already started to open a few days ago, as surely most of you have already felt physically and energetically. Currently the transitions between the timelines have intensified for us and the 3rd chakra of bilocation is under constant stress. Gastric pain, bowel discomfort and giddiness are the most prominent symptoms these days. Huge vortex is regularly built around our bodies as a standing wave from the Source, within which any creation is possible and desirable.

Make use of it on a daily basis. Do the invocations with the seven sacred flames at least twice a day and in particular use the violet and pink flame as recommended by St. Germain. We are now able to create full abundance for ourselves and for the whole of humanity very easily and the only obstacle to this end will be your scepticism. Hence have full faith in the rapid change of the current living conditions for all of us, even though the outer reality still speaks the opposite language. This does not matter anymore as this holographic model is now fully disintegrating.

As said, “honesty and truth” is the slogan of the day because only with indomitable honesty can we eliminate all fear-based blockages in the minds of the people and at the societal level that hinder the free flow of creative energy. But first and foremost we must eliminate all remnants of such fears in our fields as to be able to create effectively our destiny and reality. Hence my urgent recommendation to all of you is to use the invocations of the seven sacred flames daily and also to use your lightsabre to eliminate all eventual dark entities that may still lurk in your huge multidimensional fields. This is also very important now, it is a hygienic procedure and a preventive measure, which does not mean that you are constantly an object of dark attacks. But your light bodies are now as big as Gaia and they can no longer be concealed to anybody. You are the lights that shine throughout this whole omniverse.

As I wrote today in my foreword to Anita’s message, we are on the cusp of another huge opening, which has, for my part, already commenced and will peak around the blood moon portal. After that I expect another period of spiraling energy intensities that may eventually bring about our full expansion of awareness and transfiguration to multidimensional beings, which we already are but only incompletely perceive with our very limited human minds.

Ascension is an inner process, just as the LBP that leads to it. We need not wait for this humanity to move to the new 4D worlds in order to ascend personally as we have advanced this uppermost mother planet far beyond the threshold of destruction and it is now swiftly ascending to higher levels of purified energy. We may now only perceive the tips of the icebergs of calamities from the lower timelines, as Daniel so well explains in his latest letter to me:

Here is my vision from the HS: I see one of the lower earths, apparent the power is down in whole western Europe. Now I see a fluid spectrum of earths, in some the situation is worse than the 1st vision, in some it is less bad. We are far up the less bad side.

I see the new and old represented as 2 waves that are splitting from each other, only the highest peaks of the old, and lowest peaks of the new, still intersect. (ID split)

The power outage of some hours here that I barely noticed, feels like a distant echo of more intense events on the lower earths.

Now, more and more, it is so that relatively small seeming events, are echoes of something much bigger. This is not to say there will not be big events ‘here’, in fact the smaller the old events become, the more room there is for the new ones.

At the end I would like to make you aware of two channeled messages that support Daniel’s and my assessment of the coming energetic developments in April. The first one is from Anna Merkaba, who is sometimes unclear in her interpretation of what is happening, but from time to time gets a good message on the ascension process. Hence when you open this link go directly to the bottom for the actual message:

Blood Moon – FREEDOM PORTAL – Urgent Message to Ground Crew – Galactics

Check in particular these few statements:

Tremendous breakthrough of cognitive proportions awaits mankind in the days to come….  For the event of magnanimous proportions that is about to unfold on your planet is nothing short of extraordinary, is nothing short of miraculous, is nothing short of awe inspiring magnificent and spectacular….  For indeed we speak to you now of the unfolding of the event which is known in your world as the blood moon…. The events that await you shall leave you in awe. For the planetary conjunction in the heavenly abodes of the universal decrees shall release the sacred encodings which shall reach your earthly shores by April twentieth of your time.

The latest manuscript of survival also announces similar events which we, the light warriors of the first and the last hours, feel coming now for some time:

For now, much has been set into motion that will take more than a few of you by surprise, as the incoming crescendo of light that will accompany the darkening of the moon will be such, it will literally blow the lid off the deepest of reservoirs within. And when this treasure trove opens, much will be put into action in ways that will be apt to take more than a few of you by storm. For as the moon darkens, you will all begin to light up in a way you have not been able to do before, and as such, this upcoming period will be one of great enlightenment for all. But as usual, with the light also comes strife for those so inclined, as the refusal to accept these emissaries will be met with an increase in pressure that will set alight quite a few incendiary flames within many a troubled soul.”

The rest of this message is dedicated to the topic how these energies already derail the psychopathy of the ruling cabal and will cause their demise in full alliance, even plagiarism, with what I wrote in my article in January:

The Destructive Nature of the Cabal’s Psychopathology



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