No Financial Collapse?

by Georgi Stankov and Henry Bizon, April 24, 2015

Dear Georgi,

I was curious and puzzled to read in one of your replies to Zoltan yesterday that “… financial collapse will only take place on lower timelines which we constantly shed off, while this uppermost timeline will move seamlessly to the new 4D worlds.

I wonder if you might be able to elaborate some more on how you see the most critical changes will come about, specifically in the domain of global banking, to bring an end to cabal control on the upper 4D timeline. I have, up to now, mostly taken the view that a financial collapse would put to rest all of the cabal’s agendas at a stroke, provided that they were also sufficiently damaged by such a collapse so as to prevent them from using it to propose a new financial model in line with their NWO plans.

Clearly a major re-set of the world’s financial modus operandi is needed to bring about an essential correction to the current debt slavery of the cabal’s rule, so I’m wondering what theoretical possibilities exist for this to happen “seamlessly”.

Cabal control of money would appear to be at the root of all their nefarious deeds and so removing this facility must therefore be paramount to bringing about the necessary global environment in which the new 4D worlds will flourish. This is why I am focusing my question on the issue of money and finance specifically.

Now there are many “would-be” favourable outcomes, which have been passed around the internet for years, but which lie mostly somewhere between fantasy and obfuscation of reality. These ideas are well known to us and include the likes of NESARA, the Global Collateral Accounts of the White Dragon Society, the delivery of prosperity funds along with new governance coupled with global arrests of the cabal, etc., etc. Unfortunately, much of this “good news” emanates from sources like Steve Beckow, David Wilcock, Neil Keenan, Sheldan Nidle … enough said!

So putting aside these dubious scenarios, I’m left wondering what realistic course of action would achieve a global financial re-set without rocking the boat of the emotionally unresolved masses too much, as illustrated by Zoltan’s story. The obvious place to start such a disquisition would, I think, be with the transfer of global monetary control to the BRICS countries, provided there were assurances that no possible cabal contamination could affect such a transition. There is currently a great deal of discussion of the shift in global financial control taking place on the internet. I have been following this topic predominantly via King World News and the Keiser Report, both of which confidently anticipate the demise of the US dollar, fiat currencies in general and a move back to gold based currencies.

Would a seamless transition to upper 4D realms imply that large numbers of unawakened though otherwise qualifying graduates would experience this transition in a state of oblivion to the heinous world they are leaving behind? Am I somewhat perverse to feel that such people would have cheated the criteria for ascension candidacy – even just to upper 4D?

So far the PAT appear to have moved the upper 4D worlds past the need to experience a MPR, a nuclear war and now financial collapse, but I have generally thought of ascension as more a “revolutionary” process than an “evolutionary” one here on the ground and defined as such due to the immediacy of its onset, when considered alongside the timescale of what passes for regular human evolution. Maybe we are indeed gradually shedding the “cabal elements” of the ascending timelines, such that finally all negative elements will evaporate, in time for some of humanity to arrive at the upper 4D experience although, on a purely practical level, I would like to speculate how this will manifest “blow-by-blow” so to speak, especially with political elections looming in the UK and then next year in the US – both of which typically just bring us “more of the same.”

Perhaps the major awakening in a seamless transition to the upper 4D worlds can only come after the appearance of Ascended Masters? I think you have suggested this chronology at some point already, in which case I am still left wondering what will now trigger ascension to 5D and above for the PAT, when previously we have discussed the precipitating event to trigger this shift coming from a Supernova, a MPR or similar dramatic catalyzing event.

I hope there is something here among my deliberations, which you might address to the general benefit of your readership, if not just for my benefit exclusively.

With Love and Light,
Henry, UK

Dear Henry,

I see that the ball is now in my courtyard and that I have to respond in more depth. This I will do later on in the day and then I will publish our conversation as the impending financial crash is a crucial element in the End Time scenario.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for giving my question your consideration and I very much look forward to your analysis.

I realise there is a lot of work involved for you, but I also know that you would not waste time on it unless you saw an opportunity to bring some much appreciated clarity to the question for all your readers and especially the PAT.

With Love and Light,

Dear Henry,

you have raised a key question which will determine the course of the End Time scenario: Will there be a global financial crash as part of the paradigm shift in the current End Time scenario, which is now unfolding in front of our eyes, or can it be avoided?

First of all, we must conclude that since 2008 the forces of light have kept the balance and prevented a major financial crash, although all parameters speak for such a crash anytime since then as the gargantuan debt that caused the 2008 crash has hugely increased since then. It is fair to say that this ubiquitous debt, on which the Orion monetary system is based in the West, has exponentially grown in the last 7 years. The reason was, as discussed with Zoltan, that the HR knew precisely how the masses would respond to a sudden shutdown of all banks and money transactions and that this fear-based reaction will not be conducive to a positive change. Instead, it would be used by the dark cabal as a pretext to install the NWO.

In fact we have sufficient information that such attempts were indeed made by the ruling Reptilian banksters and that they failed for many reasons.

First and foremost, since 2008 the world has become more multipolar due to the rapidly growing economic power of China, the astounding recovery of Russia after it defaulted in 1998 and the emerging of new third world economic powers as India and Brazil. The BRICS countries and their associated partners now comprise 3/4 of the world population and 2/3 of the world GDP. Most of them have sound economies with moderate debt compared to the Western world, such as North America, EU and Japan, and enjoy real economic growth based on material production and not on the Ponzi-schemes of virtual derivative economies in the West.

Except for Germany, all Western countries have a negative trade balance, which means that they consume more than they produce. The USA is a champion with over 700 billion $ trade deficit each year since the 70s, followed by the UK, Canada and even Japan in the last decade, although this country was a net-exporter before that.

These are the fundamental macroeconomic parameters that actually prevented the establishment of the NWO by the dark ruling cabal so far and all these parameters were supported by the forces of light in an invisible but very effective manner. The 2008 crash was their major attempt to do so and, when it failed, the cabal used the bailout system in order to bankrupt the national state and impoverish the masses through severe austerity programs on behalf of the “too big to fail” banks.

This is all known and widely discussed on our website. I present it here one more time in a concise form as to explain that the forces of light have prevented such a programmed financial crash in the past, so that the dark ones could not establish the NWO. Since June 2013, when we created the first seven parallel 4D earths, we know for certain that such financial crashes occurred on all separated lower 4D timelines before or simultaneously with a global nuclear war and a MPR.

Since then we have created innumerous such timelines and have severed them from this uppermost mother planet interdimensionally, while pushing our ascension forward. All our discussions about a global financial crash in the past are not mere theoretical discussions, but real probability alternatives that have happened numerous times on lower timelines.

Each thought we create is manifested in quadrillions of probability worlds and can take shape in more dense 3D holographic models. This is how creation operates. Only when there is no thought, there is no creation. And any thought which ascended masters such as the true PAT generate as incarnated humans is multiplied trillions of times in their power and determines the destiny of the holographic model much more decisively than all the stooges of the dark cabal in power with their heinous, manipulative decisions and acts. This should be also cogent to each and every one of us.

While we still dwell in this uppermost mother planet, we actually exist simultaneously in all these parallel timelines and majestically shape their destiny. Our ideas as to how and why the financial collapse will occur, which we develop on this timeline, are constantly realized on parallel lower timelines. First comes the idea and then its 3D manifestation.

Although this uppermost mother planet is a crucible of numerous overlays from lower timelines that have been in the meantime destroyed, it needs not experience the same destiny. The reason for this is that we have left the past consensual reality of the old earth and have entered the multidimensionality of the upper 4D and lower 5D for this mother planet and its soul population, and, for us personally, the upper 5D and much higher dimensions up to the Source.

Hence, in our subjective reality, we shall not experience any global financial crash as it has happened numerous times on lower timelines the way it has been engineered by our ideas and projections.This should be the point of departure of any reader, versatile in multidimensional thinking when he reads past articles on this website, where we announced the imminent financial collapse. We did this always at pivotal junctions and cosmic portals when such ideas are hugely amplified by the Source, so that they can break through the veil into any 3D holographic model and shape it accordingly.

The same holds true for a global nuclear WW3. We could prevent in 2013 the Syrian civil war to evolve into a nuclear war on this uppermost mother planet when Obama wanted to bomb this country and now this conflict burns off on a low fire as the energetic potential for a global war could not be reached. But this threshold was reached on numerous parallel 4D timelines and they went under in a global nuclear conflict.

In fact we can only reduce the threshold of a global war if we transcend these negative, dark energies to parallel timelines and let them manifest there, before they can be consumed and cleansed for ever. Because energy never gets lost, but is only transformed from one form into another. Cleansing negative, dark, low-frequency patterns can only occur by transmuting them into higher frequency patterns of the light. This phase transition from a lower-frequency state into a higher frequency state can only manifest as a real war.

That is why after each big war, such as WW2, the pacifist mood is highly evolved as the people are tired of the war and have recognized that a war cannot resolve a single human problem, but only create more misery. This was the prevailing mood in the post-war generation and this was the time when we observed the most prominent peace movements in the USA and Western Europe. Then came the next generations, we have now the third and fourth post-war generation, and they have no memory at all as to how devastating and destructive any major war can be and how it turns humans into beasts and destroys human civilisation.

The dark cabal has always believed that they can solve any problem with a war. This is the prevailing opinion now in Washington and in every major Western capital, probably with the exception of Berlin, as the people in this city know what happened with the Nazi capital during WW2. None of the other major Western capitals have experienced the war in such a direct manner, although London was bombed for a while by Nazi Germany, but with very little material damage compared to the fully destroyed German cities and towns as this can be observed even nowadays on their architecture.

This example illustrates one more time how we create our reality. If the majority of humans wants a war as they have forgotten how terrible a war can be, they will experience a war. This will be the case with most Americans and Canadians as they have lost their connection to their past war experiences as a nation and individuals. The Germans and the Russians still vividly remember the devastating consequences of WW2 and they do not want any war anymore. That is why the Russians will never be so stupid as to engage in a war conflict, as the USA is constantly doing the world over, unless their own country is directly challenged.

I think that this introduction is of paramount theoretical, gnostic importance in order to understand why we will most probably not experience a global financial crash, just as we shall not experience a global nuclear war. Simply because we do not need this kind of experiences for our spiritual evolution as we have resolved these issues in our mental and emotional fields. But the rest of humanity that needs this kind of experience will definitely have it.

Now this is easier than ever, as we have left the old consensual reality and have entered our individual subjective reality. In other words, we truly create our reality with our thoughts and emotions in each moment, while moving to higher timelines. And just as we do not want war for obvious reasons, because we have realized that it is only a means of the ruling cabal to enslave humanity and prevent the people from true spiritual evolution, we also know that All-That-Is is abundance and prosperity and that nobody needs to experience scarcity, for instance through sudden shutdown of the banks and stopping all cash transactions in daily life.

This, notwithstanding the fact that we are on the cusp of such an event. Only yesterday Chase Manhattan bank has announced that it cancels all cash transactions. We observe the same cash crunch here in Canada. France also announced recently that it will limit cash withdrawals to 1000 € and so on.

For any careful observer, the big Western banks are now in their last throes as they have no money but only debt. As most state bonds have also turned negative in the last several months (negative interest rates), the banks have no revenues any more, that is to say, they cannot generate any virtual money anymore.

One reason is that the FED has stopped printing money as its own debt, after four QEs, has soured to astronomic values. The ECB decided in one desperate attempt to save the euro with its own QE last autumn, after it opposed the FED’s QEs for almost seven years, by also creating money out of thin air, by a computer click to quote Ben Bernanke, in order to buy out the exorbitant sovereign debt of most EU countries and thus hoping to save the euro, but this is equivalent to saving a drowning man by giving him more water to drink.

The current situation does indeed point to an imminent infarct of the Western financial system. In this context it is important to observe that Russia, China, India, and the other BRICS and non-aligned countries will hugely profit from such a crash of the Western Ponzi-debt system as their currencies will be revalued towards the dollar, pound and yen. This alone will shift the balance of power in favour of these countries and will make a world war impossible.

Precisely because the Empire of Evil aims at preventing such a scenario at any price, it is now desperately trying to unleash such a war in Ukraine by sending troops there or in the Middle East by bombing first Syria and Iraq and now Yemen. Acts of naked desperation of the dark ruling cabal, but to no avail.

And that is why Russia, and also China, are very cautious and do not want to engage in any military conflict at present, although the Russians can easily win the Ukrainian conflict by defeating the Kiev troops within 24 hours. The governments of these countries know that with each day the Empire of Evil gets weaker in an exponential manner and they can win the confrontation with this dying dangerous dinosaur without having to engage in a mortal battle with it, as long as they can keep the world peace long enough.

Now why does all this matter? Because it gives us a clue as to how the financial problems of the Ponzi scheme of the Western banksters can be resolved without a sudden death on this uppermost mother planet.

We know that the greatest problem of the Western Orion type of monetary system is the gargantuan debt that has been accumulated since WW2 and how it permeates every aspect of human life in the Western society. And that there is no chance that this debt can be repaid. Greece personifies this fact as a country. But the debt of the USA is even bigger than the Greek’s debt and if it has not defaulted yet, this is entirely due to the fact that the FED can print infinite amount of money out of thin air as long as everything remains the same.

However, the situation has changed dramatically in the last few years. As there is nothing else but debt, all the money in circulation are “debt money” and have no real value. It is not only that we have to deal with fiat currencies, with toilet-paper monies, it is even worse, as the money we use cannot even cover the cost of printing them on paper, as for instance each dollar that circulates (more than 60% of world money in circulation are US dollars) carries a hundred or even a thousand dollar debt.

That is to say, in order to cover the costs for printing dollars, the US state needs at least to eliminate the debt because currently even printing money has become an expensive affair. That is why there is so little cash in circulation. Only yesterday I read that the Western banks have given up on holding money as reserves, as this is more expensive than holding debt. Indeed we are one step away from the explosion of this total insanity that engulfs the whole Western economic system.

In such a situation, there are two possible solutions. The first one is total financial collapse in all Western economies, which will affect only one quarter of the total human population and will be a huge boost for all other currencies that are not part of the Orion-Ponzi scheme of the western cabal banksters. However this is unlikely as this will not foster the final resolution of human karma in the End Time as it should be, simply because there are as many dark entities in all BRICS countries as in the Western world. There is an even distribution of dark souls among the world population, so that karma resolution can take place between dark souls and more light-filled souls at each place on the globe. This is common sense.

If a sudden shutdown of the Western banks happens tomorrow, only the western populations will be affected. And this is well known to the dark cabal in the West and that is why they have postponed this event so far because they know that this time this will not lead to the establishment of the NWO, as this might have been possible ten years ago on this timeline, but to their demise. Hence the dark ruling cabal have every conceivable reason to avoid such a sudden financial infarct now.

On the other hand, the might of the factual reality on the ground may trigger such event anytime and the danger is imminent. The dark ones know this also very well, much better than the slumbering masses. The Grexit, the exit of Greece from the Eurozone, may be such an event that will trigger the collapse of this second biggest currency and will also drag the dollar in the abyss. It is important to know that, although the euro is very weak currently, the underlying economies of the EU states are much more sound than the American economy and the individual countries will survive the crash better than the current Orion Empire of Evil or the former Orion Empire of Evil – Great Britain.

Hence, how could a paradigm shift happen in the End Time by changing the financial and economic system in a most radical manner, while avoiding a sudden shutdown of the banks and a cash flow infarct of the western economies that will be experienced by the people as badly as a global nuclear war?

The simplest way is to recognize the fallacies and the inherent fraud of the Western monetary system and to immediately cancel all debt. This jubilee can be done with a decree overnight. Then all big banks will be closed as they are entirely based on debt and virtual, worthless derivatives and will be substituted with a simple system of payments on the Internet. Practically and technically this is already the case in all western countries.

The best thing to do is to establish a universal income for all people based on their true needs. Family with children will get a bigger income than singles. There will be no rich people whatsoever. This can also be done overnight with a decree. The reason why this reform can be done very easily is that when the debt is abolished, new money must be introduced that is based on real needs and material goods because the “old money of debt” has already lost any value. Hence giving a universal income to all the people will not increase the debt, as some critics may argue, but will make each national currency sound, as it will be based for the first time on real value.

Here I am talking only from a purely technical point of view and exclude the question, whether the ruling elite will be in the position to develop, in such a short period of time, to such enlightened, positive ideas. The answer is – they cannot. That is why they must be ousted from power.

And this is precisely the major reason why I firmly believe that we must ascend before such a financial crash can happen and then appear in front of humanity and take over its leadership. Then, we can make the necessary reforms overnight in the interim period, before humans can adapt to the new definition of money, so that it can be abolished soon thereafter. And the definition of money is the most simple thing in the world and the least understood currently:

Money has only a value as long as the people accept it as a means of exchange.

The moment, the people realize that money is a poor reflection of the nature of energy = All-That-Is, they will decide not to use any money any more and start creating from the fulcrum of their HS. In fact, one must abolish money in order for humanity to become a society of true creator beings.

For this same reason, it will be very easy for us to introduce the new money based on the aforementioned criteria and some more, which I have discussed in my gnostic books, before money can be substituted with a simple numerical system of measurement of human achievements, prices of goods, investments and payments, identical to the SI system in physics.

Our authority as ascended masters will be the powerful driving force behind this radical monetary reform and the humans, who will dwell at that moment on this uppermost mother planet, will willingly accept this new, more advantageous form of money, so that it will begin to function in a perfect manner from its very introduction – that is to say overnight or realistically a couple of days later on – thus avoiding a devastating financial crash that will only trigger the survival instincts and basic human fears of scarcity of all humans and will be counterproductive to the process of ascension.

That is why I strongly favour the scenario that we shall ascend first in order to trigger the paradigm shift, which will include, beside a radical monetary reform in the first place, the elimination of conventional science and its replacement with the new Theory of the Universal Law, the elimination of all Orion power structures, the elimination of all organized world religions, and the beginning of spiritual awakening on a global scale that will eventually lead to more individual ascensions in the years to come. This all will happen in the new 4D worlds, where humans will enjoy an expanded awareness that will allow them to say immediately after the shift in awe and utter surprise:

How could we have lived under such terrible, sick human conditions and have allowed such criminal psychopaths to dictate our personal lives? How could we have been so stupid to delegate our powers as sovereign creator gods to such degenerated beings as those from the Orion-Reptilian empire, the PTW?

The shock of this revelation will be so profound and dramatic that it will transform humanity overnight, where the monetary reform will be one aspect of imminent urgency, but of no great importance for the further evolution of mankind.

With love and light

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