Energy Update After the Blood Moon Portal – April 8, 2015

Georgi Stankov, April 8, 2015

This will be a very difficult energy report to write as I intend to address energetic phenomena that are virtually impossible to wrap in human words. And where to begin with?

Well, the first two days after the blood moon portal, April 5th and 6th, were one of the worst days in cleansing I have experienced in the last 15 years. Honestly, I thought we had left behind us this kind of unpleasant experiences. Each day began with a nasty, unpredictable episode, a trigger event that unleashed the classical alchemical reaction in both, Carla and myself, which is always associated with global cleansing and transmutation of negative fear-based patterns of the collective.

This time we were hit by the collective angst of total impoverishment and lack of money. This is not at all surprising given the fact that all the banks in the West have now tightened the cash flow for the average people and have cancelled most of their credit lines. The reason for this is the total illiquidity of all western banks that are now crashing under their gargantuan debt based on bad loans. Unless this uppermost mother planet ascends to the new 4D worlds before the Big financial crash comes, which I personally doubt, we may experience very soon the sudden death of all financial institutions – a sudden infarct that will paralyze the Western societies and obliterate the usual way of life we all have been accustomed to.

I know how it feels as I have experienced this same situation in the East – during the communist time and after the Fall of the Iron Curtain. But the Western populations have to make this experience yet in order to know how it truly feels. Only after that will they know what the term “to let go of” really means and not in its fluffy, rosy New Age connotation.

Together with the basic collective fears of lack of money, scarcity and the pathological activation of all survival instincts at the basic animalistic level, we now have a tsunami of unprocessed emotional patterns, upon which most human relations are based, that has just hit most of humanity. As I am the biggest cleanser and processor of such disgusting human emotions, they flow unabated through my multidimensional fields before they can be eliminated with the help of the turnstile mechanism created by my Elohim soul and is unique in the whole multiverse. This function is also the source of my constant LBP tortures that reduce the quality of my life as a human being to zero for the most time. But this is an old story I do not want to deal with here any more.

Massive cleansing has always accompanied the opening of cosmic portals such as the blood moon portal on April 4. It precedes such portals and follows them immediately afterward. Such portals render the optimal conditions for massive cleansing of human dross and dark, dense energies and help perform huge ascension leaps of Gaia and humanity to higher frequency levels.

While we had this massive cleansing on April 5th and 6th, we also experienced the massive descent of higher dimensional overlays. Both Carla and I could see these overlays as huge cubes and pillars of pulsating higher frequency energies that were falling from the sky upon this reality and hovered over the ground without mingling with the surrounding buildings. It was as if set pieces were moved and descended on the stage, in a visible manner for us, the main protagonists, announcing the final act in this human drama, but completely invisible for the audience. A veritable “Deus ex machina“.

These new energetic overlays did not seem to interact with the matter of the old 3D holographic model, although they carried transparent structures of new buildings. They only made this material reality appear less palpable and real than before.

In addition, there were several events based on bleedings from lower parallel timelines in our reality. Some of these events must have definitely happened a week ago, as they related to events that had occurred then, but were tackled in a way, which gave us the impression as if they were happening now. Please do not ask me how this works. As we all know that linear time is an illusion, such interceptions of parallel past, present and future timelines should be no surprise to us anymore.

If I have to describe the quality of the cleansing energies during these two days, I would define them as “devastating to the soul“. Indeed the devastation they left in my emotional, and less so in my mental body, was one of utter desperation and total depression. This is the most clear sign that the deep basements of our fields have been thoroughly cleaned and not a single human feeling has been spared. Things considered to belong to the past and being resolved long time ago surfaced one more time with an incredible intensity. The overall perception was of being crashed to junk by these very compressive energies.

Then yesterday we experienced the reversed energetic situation. The air was full of light energies, the breathing was easy and our bodies had fully recovered from the yesterday’s onslaught. There was no doubt that we had moved to a much higher timeline as the blue sky and warm weather also indicated. There was an underlying harmony in the atmosphere and all the people we met behaved in a much more amiable manner, as if being touched by the invisible hand of a benevolent fairy.

I personally have not felt so well probably in decades and definitely not a single day since I started with the LBP in 1999. In a way, I felt as in my best time in my youth when my energy was unlimited, my body felt indestructible and my optimism in the future knew no boundaries. Weak words to explain the inexplicable. As Carla felt the same way, there was no doubt that we had just experienced a huge ID shift.

What was most significant for me yesterday, was that I established a very intensive contact with my HS, which sent me emotionally and mentally tainted visions that are impossible to relay in human words as they constitute the most refined and abstract energies of the soul. But as I have a personal responsibility to convey such visions to you, here is what I got from my HS when filtered through limited human language.

We are now in the middle of a huge substitution of the old matrix with the 4D and 5D structures of new Gaia. This is what we saw when huge blocks of high vibrating energies began to descend immediately upon this earth after the blood moon portal. At the same time the old holographic matrix is rapidly dissipating, while releasing all old fear-based sentiments that are the foundation of numerous conflicts, deceptions, lies and other thought and behavioural patterns that have perpetuated the old illusion of separation and strife among humans.

Hence, all human relationships based on such lies are now falling apart. This was also confirmed by our friend Julia who is a medium and deals with a lot of clients, most of them advanced souls. They all have told her that now their lives are falling apart and no past strategy helps anymore to fix the problems. These people build the avantgarde of humanity and represent a small fraction of the total population. If they are now in such a turmoil, can you imagine how humanity will feel in the coming days. And all these developments came suddenly within a few days.

It is important to say that we are exempted from such collapses, quite on the contrary. No matter what is happening around us, our lives align in a very beautiful manner and all past issues, which we had already recognized and analysed, are now being resolved in a miraculous way.

In other words, everybody now experiences his/her own reality, which is always a function of the light work done in the past. Those, who have accomplished their personal duties at the soul level, now experience beautiful resolutions as if created by a magic wand, while all the others are now sucked into an abyss of dreadful events, the aim of which is to fully destroy the last vestiges of their illusory reality, before the new world can emerge from within. In fact it is already there, only a grip away from us, but still invisible for most blind humans.

And here comes the most important part of my vision yesterday, which I received in perfect physical, emotional and mental alignment with my HS. I was shown vividly how all past and current conflicts between humans and at the societal and political level will be simply wiped out and substituted by the new 4D and 5D overlays without necessarily being resolved in the expected confrontational manner through escalation. These conflicts and unresolved issues will be simply dissolved in the new matrix.

The people, who have lived their lives in an unconscious manner,but have qualified for ascension to the new 4D worlds due to their soul age, will move swiftly and seamlessly in this new, much more favorable energetic environment without realizing what is happening to them. As their past memories will be also eradicated by their souls, which is the easiest thing for the soul to do, they will continue living their past lives with the same people in the family and in their professional surroundings, but their personal relationships will be now completely reset and much more harmonious, void of the past conflicts.

As humans are habitual animals, they will very easily adapt to this new, better situation and will not even question how this huge shift has happened and was possible in the first place. This insight may come at a later stage, after they have got used to the new higher frequency environment.

Children possess this capability of flexible adaptation and response to a better reality, contrary to most adults, who are haunted by their past negative experiences and memories that make them very rigid and inflexible to new changes. In this case, also all adults will react like children as their bad memories will be wiped out when the new higher frequency overlays will fully manifest on this uppermost mother planet.

This very impressive vision was also a clear indication of my HS not to resolve any personal issue now in a direct dialogue with family members and friends, as this kind of verbal communication is energetically very weak and counterproductive in the current situation of dramatic inner transformation of most people. They now behave like somnambulists and should not be awakened, while still wandering around in a dreamy state.

After the final ID shift has taken place – and everything points out that this will happen very soon – we can begin to communicate with these slumbering people in a complete new environment, where all our arguments will be substantiated by the new existing reality, based on harmony, abundance and unlimited optimism in the deep recognition of our immortality as incarnated souls. It is cogent that I am now talking about the new 4D worlds, which are now being imbued in this waning holographic model and will suddenly and spontaneously emerge as if from nowhere, just as this dysfunctional holographic model will vanish in the void. Many cities of light will appear in many places on the globe.

This ID shift is happening right now, giant step after giant step, and when the final step will be done, we will awaken all of a sudden in a completely new reality as we do it every night in the dream state.

My message as of today is that you should now passively, but very attentively respond to these dramatic changes and avoid any interaction or interference with this reality and close persons, as everybody must now find his/her own place in the new reality. The less you interact with such people, the swifter and easier your ID shift will be and the old conflicts resolved.

Of course, I am now more confident than at any time before that when this final step will be accomplished, we, the few light warriors of the first and the last hour and incumbent Logos Gods, will experience our full transfiguration to multidimensional creator beings and will take over the leadership of this new humanity.

Finally, I would like to urge you to test the validity of this presentation by observing the events at the political stage. You will immediately recognize their redundant, repetitive character that makes no sense, and reveals a recurrent trend, as if there is no resolution to the existing conflicts at all, and as if there is no desire or power in the embroiled protagonists to resolve their conflicts, but only to repeat them in a robotic manner. As if everything has lost its sense, as if most humans have lost their common sense, and even the most astute commentators seems to have lost their line as I observe with the Saker and some other journalists in these last days. This is the clearest sign that the world events have entered their final meaningless phase, an End Time cul du sac, from which they can be released only by a sudden awakening into a completely new reality.

This elaboration applies only to us, who are constantly moving to higher frequency timelines in a seamless manner, while taking part of humanity with us. The unresolved conflicts will take place in parallel timelines, which we now shed off with exponential speed, while steadily ascending. Our multidimensional reality has expanded to a such extent, and continues to expand exponentially, that we actually no longer live in the old Orion 3D model, which is now only kept as such by the ongoing hallucination of the collective. And this hallucination is irrevocably coming to an end this month.


After I finished with this report, I had to go out at noon before being able to publish it. One hour later the most intensive ascension wave I have ever experienced so far commenced and is now lasting for almost two hours. This last phase is indeed an unpredictable roller coaster and we never know what will hit us in the next moment.



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