Dreaming Ascension

by Shirley Garmon and Georgi Stankov, April 11, 2015

Hello Dr. Stankov and Carla:

I hope you are not suffering, too much, health-wise, in view of these extremely, powerful, energies, which are being generated. I want to share some dreams with you, which may be significant, or, maybe not…. (See below)

Dear Shirley,

thank you very much for sharing your wonderful dreams with me. I highly appreciate this as your dreams are very precise as to what is coming or happening in the Now. I will comment below in the text each dream, but let me confirm here that I, and also Carla, are recently dreaming repeatedly of parties, celebrations and graduation from university.

I dreamed a couple of days ago that I had to pass one more time my final medical examination after so many years and was a little bit worried if I still remembered the stuff. I was also wondering which examination I was actually supposed to repeat as I vaguely remembered in my dream that I had already graduated in the past. These dreams relate to our final preparations as ascended masters when we must re-member all our pristine abilities as creator gods.

My comments follow below in the text.

With love and light

1) March 9, 2015 Dream of Celebration: I’m at my grandmother’s house, and it is full of people who are all laughing and talking and enjoying themselves. My grandmother is outside the house typing vines so they will protrude upwards and remain that way.  They are similar to Bougainvillea vines (Odd).

The symbolic vision of the farmer in God’s vineyard is very popular in Christian religion and I remember that even the previous Pope Ratzinger -Benedikt loved to present himself as a “humble worker in God’s vineyard”. I do not want to compare your dream to Christian religious symbolic, but only to point out that such symbols are very powerful as they are shared by a large portion of humanity and are always associated with global changes,

2) March 21, 2015, Dream: I’m at my office and two women walk in and introduce themselves; they proceed to offer me $10,800,000 for my business (ha, that would be nice) but anyway, I go over to greet them, and I am wearing a deep, dark purple dress. I look at this woman, pondering, whether I want to sell my business, and then, the dress I’m wearing (purple) suddenly becomes a beautiful white dress with white beautiful lace with white sequins on it. I wake up from dream.

Deep purple is the colour of resurrection and the white Christed light represents ascension. This explains everything.

3) March 25, 2015 Dream: I am in a school room and the teacher is a guy who use to be my work supervisor back, around 1984. Anyway, he is saying good-bye, and that I have gone as far as I can. He tells me it is time for me to leave, as, indicative, of a graduation.

Graduation is a common motif now in many dreams which the PAT dreams in preparation for ascension.

4) April 1, 2015 Dream: I dreamt that three young men are graduating, and I’m out shopping for them the appropriate attire tuxedos, suits, etc.

This dream may relate to the younger generation of crystalline children who we, the indigo light warriors of the first and the last hour, supported to ascend now, earlier than initially planned, just as these crystalline children helped us in our mission to ascend Gaia and humanity when many other light workers failed.

5) April 3, 2015 Dream: I dreamt that I am at a large shopping center looking for a graduation dress for myself, as I am now the person graduating. I am going from store to store to find the right dress.

Graduation as a recurrent motif in the dream state announces and confirms our imminent transfiguration.

6) April 7, 2015 Dream,  I close my eyes to sleep, and instantly I start to see words forming in front of my eyes: The words are: I’m coming; will be there shortly; I’m on the way. I open my eyes, and the writing stops.

 I have such visions of sentences also very often when I have a short nap and wake up after a few minutes. They may mean something but I have not figured out yet what and most of the time they were not correlated to this reality.

7) April 9, 2015 Vision: Prime Creator is speaking with me. It is giving me algebraic equations as to how the universe was set up. All of these equations are flashing before my eyes and disappearing. After this Creator energy finishes with all the equations, it ends by saying that the universe’s rotational axis or spin was created with an imbalance and/or a wobble effect. The creator had to use a +4 variant to eliminate the wobble. (Not sure, at all, what this means, as I do not have a strong science acumen, but this was the dream). This was the only portion of the equation that I could remember. It was as if I was made to forget the other mathematical equations in regard to how the universe was created. The Creator said also that “it is coming back to this earth to set all things right.” Prior to this dream, I prayed and asked the Creator to come back to earth because it seems the world is losing its mind with violence, murder, war-mongering, abusing poor little animals constantly, and it never stops. Enough is enough! So, those words forming inside my eyes would appear to have been the Creator’s answer. Although, I asked, specifically, when the Creator would make its presence known, I was given an answer, and made to forget.

This dream is self-explanatory and reflects what is happening Now.

Satan Negative Energy Visit: (I deliberately chose not to write this down in my journal, so as not to give life to it).

About two weeks ago, while semi-conscious, not totally asleep, I felt someone or something in back of me. I asked who is it, and it identifies itself as “Satan.” This negative energy (Satan) has come and wants to make a deal with me. I refuse to deal with this negative energy in any capacity, and asks it to leave. It stays for a while longer, and I manage to bring myself out of this trance like state because, it was, definitely, not a dream. Why does this negative energy want to make a deal? Could it be they are losing this battle to the Creator and the Creator’s light-workers? Maybe, otherwise, why bother trying to make a deal with me? Are these dark entities worried because their days are numbered, and, they are, most certainly, on the way out?

It could be that you were in touch with negative energies as around this time we had also quite a few intrusions of negative dark energies in our apartment and started to cleanse our fields and surroundings twice a day. But I would not pay too much attention to this experience – the dark ones are now indeed in their last throes and very desperate as they are completely contained, immobilized by the incoming source energies.

Anyway, I wanted to share all of these dreams as I always journal my important dreams, as more, often, than not, they are important. Steadily dreaming of graduations and family celebrations is definitely indicative of something magnificent and/or wonderful is going to happen; something great and spiritual! Graduation(s): transitioning to a higher level, which would make perfect sense, in event, of what is going on with the Ascension, and these extreme energies, which we’re all enduring, presently.

Thanks for all you and Carla do to help keep us updated on what is going on in regard to the Ascension. May Prime Creator always bless you!

With love & Light


p.s. These were the colors from the  March 21st dream?

Inline image

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