Dialectics – the Effective Technique That Egos Hate

by Alexander X. and Georgi Stankov, April 3, 2015


Writing you for the first time, though I’ve followed this website with keen interest for several years, and reposted many articles, mostly Carla’s channelings.

I’m a master of the Socratic method, have been since my teen years.  What Corey writes is true:  it is an extremely effective method to ‘expose contradictions in thinking patterns.’  The obvious results of this exposure has also proven true in my own experience, that the person being questioned utilizing the logical dialectic approach with the (supposed) goal of ‘finding the truth’ in the most clear, clean, fact-based and logical method possible, leads almost inevitably to ‘an emotional disturbance caused by this clash of ideas which manifest into sometimes violent/illogical outbursts’!  Fascinating is RIGHT!!

I have found that the persons who MOST quickly explode into irrational babble and radically defensive behavior — REGARDLESS of their level of ‘higher education’, life experience, or professional accolades — are those raised in the United States of Corporate Rule.

Since I myself was born and raised there, and got my science degree there in a prestigious university (where I learned about Socrates and ancient Greek philosophy, and of course the dialectic method of investigation, despite my major focus in the physical sciences), I find it VERY perplexing to observe this shocking correlation. In ADDITION to this state of affairs, the more highly educated the person, and/or the more ‘professional’ in their career, the MORE quickly they lash out in a completely irrational and spiteful manner at me!  Again, this happens despite my absolute commitment to speaking in a soft, calm, respectful tone of voice specifically to AVOID triggering their delicate fearful ego. And it happens even when the person has started it all by asking ME a question, or even for my advice!  As a matter of fact, the more calm and respectful I am, the MORE VIOLENTLY REACTIVE THEY BECOME!

Fortunately I have studied human psychology extensively, specifically the structure and deep psyche of the ego-mind (that aspect of our Consciousness which is limited to, identifies with, and feels responsible to protect and nurture, our physical body). I did A Course In Miracles over 20 years ago, and learned first-hand, through brutal experience with my OWN powerful ego-monkey-mind, WHY this fear-based part of ourselves freaks out so easily. BUT it still surprises me to find that the MORE ‘educated’ (usually meaning ‘dogmatic’ about their own pet theories and beliefs and attitudes about what they perceive as ‘the world’) the person is, the more quickly and violently they react to the exposure of their self-contradictory illusions.

At this late date in this game, the End of the Project/Experiment, it is unfortunate that most human beings still not only do not have a CLUE as to what’s going on — both internally and externally — but still VIOLENTLY resist the exposure of truth (also both internally and externally). The shattering of one’s belief systems about ‘how the world works’ and one’s ‘world view’ launches the ego right OUT of its nice little psychological comfort zone, and into ‘dangerous’ territory for the human psyche. Hence the radical increases in both suicides and violent outbursts by otherwise ‘civilized’ folks. And this will continue to increase in the next days and weeks. ONLY those willing to face, grapple with, and slay their ‘inner demons’ (unresolved ‘egoo’ issues, ‘shadow side’, etc.), and LET ALL THAT GO FOREVER, will make it.  Another way of putting it:  Only the INTERNALLY strong will survive….


Dear Alexander,

thank you very much for your very thoughtful disquisition on the application of the dialectical method of discussion and sharing your personal experiences with the irrational reactions of the people exposed to it.

Before I forget, I would like to ask you where have you reposted Carla’s channelings? And I also would like to stress that I wished you would have contributed much earlier to our discussions.

It is important to observe that the dialectical method of discussion does not necessarily lead to the truth or a better truth than before, but only exposes the discrepancies and contradictions in human thinking. This can be done in a dialectical question and answer method as Socrates applies it in Plato’s dialogues or it can be done in a more substantial manner, as I have been doing it for 20 years in the field of physics and science.

In fact the new axiomatics of physics and mathematics which builds the epistemological foundations of the New Theory of the Universal Law encompasses precisely the dialectical method in mathematics and physics as the most abstract and exact categorical systems of scientific knowledge available to humanity so far.

I am very glad to hear that you have a degree in physical sciences and I assume that this academic background enables you to understand the new physical theory of science and know what I am talking about. In volume II on physics I essentially do the same thing as Socrates does with his interlocutors. I depart from the basic ideas in physics which are fundamentally wrong and have precluded the establishment of a unified theory of nature and first reveal their blunders and contradictions before I unite them to a new edifice of science, which is consistent, free of paradoxes and contradictions. In other words, a stringent axiomatics according to the professed formalistic approach in mathematics as first advocated by Hilbert at the Paris conference of mathematics in 1900, which ultimately led to the partial axiomatisation of this discipline.

Of course until Goedel proved in 1931 and then again 1937 with his famous theorems that this method is vicious as long as it is accomplished entirely in the hermeneutic world of mathematics and thus leads to fundamental antimonies (basic paradoxes).

The difference is that, contrary to Socrates, I do not need to lead a strict question and answer path of verbal or written argumentation, but simply to point out the obvious contradictions and blunders all physicists have made and perpetuated for four centuries, since this scientific discipline was first founded by Galileo Galilei.

But of course I have used the dialectical method extensively in my discussions with numerous scientists in the 90s when I still cherished the utopian idea that present-day scientists and researchers are driven by a genuine interest in understanding nature, in knowing “how to put the pieces together”. The moment I grasped that this is an euphemistic assumption and that my effort to educate them is as futile as the one of this journalist to find out the truth in interviews or as you report about your negative personal experience with representatives of corporate America, I gave up the dialectical method. Not because it does not work, but because it is a pure waste of time and energy. It is as if raising the scientists from the dead. History also verifies this conclusion of mine.

Hilbert’s attempt to axiomatize mathematics was the first and only major effort to use the Socratic dialectical method in science as to streamline the fragmentalized thinking of all scientists and it failed badly. The reverse reaction was the total neglect of the ongoing foundational crisis of mathematics and the complete fiasco of conventional science to grasp Nature until I discovered the Universal Law in 1994 and published my first book in 1997.

This all is well-known and widely discussed by myself on this website and in my books and should not be a novelty to you, given the fact that you have read my website for several years.

Here, I would like to mention one further typical reaction of agnostic human beings when confronted for the first time with the truth, while simultaneously exposing their basic mental limitations – the complete shock, the state of utter cataleptic immobility, to which these beings regress, which is indicative of the total retrieval of vital force by the soul in such intransigent beings as most scientists are (and they need not belong to corporate America), before a new reset of their minds and emotions can be made by their HS in this cataleptic state.

I have seen this kind of reactions quite a few times, while presenting the discovery of the Universal Law in academic circles and how the first stormy emotional reactions of rejection petrify in utter paralysis when they are challenged by myself in a dialectical manner to reject the theory of the Universal Law and when these critics profoundly fail, much to the enjoyment of the audience.

The ultimate effect is however the same – total rejection of the new Theory and complete disappearance of these refuseniks from the scene. This flight reflex worked so far pretty well in the old Orion matrix, but now we have reached the final phase of irrefutable truth and there are no longer any biotop niches for people addicted to lies and total denial where to hide. They will be confronted with the truth full power beginning this month, no matter how far away they intend to flee from us, and from me personally.

The coming days will be the most exciting ones in the history of this debased humanity. They will bring be biggest drama ever seen since the ancient Greeks invented this art and it will make Sophocles become “ein Kind von Traurigkeit” (a child of chagrin), as the Germans use to say. The upcoming collective drama of derailed human minds will be of cosmic proportions and participating in it as a driving force, as I intend to be, will be a modest compensation for all the pains and suffering I have gone through in the last 20 years in order to bring humanity energetically to this point of no return.

With love and light


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