Acceleration of the Individual and Collective Ascension Process

Anita Kuttner-Kroll, April 7, 2015

translated by Georgi Stankov

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your very interesting comments about multidimensionality and creation. I just read it the third time and I am already working hard on trying. Together with all the other tools we are constantly gifted, now everyone, who wants to participate, has really very many comprehensive possibilities at hand to consciously work on the Great happening. The beauty is that the actual impact of all the energetic work becomes more and more noticeable and visible, the more one is getting into it. I also think it is very beautiful to perceive and to know that everything,  e.g. I am doing for my well-being and that of my children, I also do for the whole world. And in this way a personal healing becomes a local or global one, and vice versa. It does not matter where you start, everything affects everything that makes any energetic work now so very effective. It was probably also like that in the past, but now I feel it more obvious. I had to force myself to believe in this much more in the past, now this is happening much easier.

On Thursday, I visited along with my husband my father-in-law, who lives in Saalfelden (30 minutes drive away from Lofer). Throughout the Holy Week we had a very unsettled weather, gale-force storms, sleet, snow, rain, even a tempest and sunshine, everything was really there. In Saalfelden it was deepest winter, with 15 cm of fresh snow. My father-in-law insisted that we should stay overnight and even said: “You will see, it will become terrible after Lover.”

We nonetheless drove back home in the evening despite heavy snowfall. Shortly before Lofer then something really interesting happened. I had just told my husband something about the City of Light Raetia, he had not heard of yet, although he also reads your website quite often. We had driven all the time through thick snow flurries and then just before we reached Lofer the sky cleared completely, an almost circular part of the sky was completely cloudless and blue with no precipitation over Lofer. It was really striking, shortly after Lofer it was again totally cloudy and snow began again and was getting stronger. When we took the road towards Inzell, we saw a big tank truck driving backwards. The road conditions were disastrous, mirror ice, and then the whole line of cars came uphill to a halt, we got stuck. I sent light spikes into the ground and my husband tried to continue driving, but it did not work. Finally, he could turn around and we drove down the mountain again and took the other road in direction Bad Reichenhall. Here again it was clear of snow like in another world, and when we reached Reichenhall the snow had completely stopped. Indeed this was a very unsettled drive.

And just as this drive and the currently still very unpredictable weather conditions, I feel the constant switching between the realities that I now realize more and more.

I want to draw your attention to the very interesting and excellent photos on a very nice website by Magda Wimmer, she is making very comprehensive earth healings in many countries and is currently in Vancouver again. The pictures she made on the blood moon in Vancouver are also great.

Best Regards

Dear Anita,

I agree with you wholeheartedly that we really have all the means at hand to consciously create our new reality, and by doing so, also to advance the entire ascension process.

Lofer is a good weather place indeed. I have repeatedly observed this fact. While the whole sky can be cloudy all around, there is always a hole of blue sky over the place. This is related to the fact that the surrounding mountains are crystalline and form a vortex which dissipates the clouds. The road through Bad Reichenhall is indeed better protected through the valley compared to the road to Inzell.

Thank you for sending me this link. This German lady has managed to take beautiful pictures on the Vancouver Island and in Vancouver, the killer whales, sea otters and the eagles. We have seen them as well and here, where we go for a walk on the beach regularly, we also have many eagles. The blood moon, she has taken pictures of, is exactly as we saw it on the night of April 4.


I thank you for this short message that confirms the well-known fact, namely, that there can be only individual experiences with these energies and thus the LKP is unique for each person. However, there are some common experiences, when a certain advanced stage is reached. And yet it is impossible to convey this to people who are not even in the LKP and do not have these experiences. I have seen this with Jahn again. Accordingly the ascension experiences will also be shaped in a very different manner for each one. I will publish this message as soon as I have somehow survived the current massive cleansing wave (April 6th).

Best Regards


Message from my HS

Dearest sister, what you feel are increased energies, that help your body being regenerated in an accelerated fashion.

You now need a lot of space and time for yourself to integrate all the energies that now flow through you.

I say quite deliberately not “you in plural, but you in singular” (German has two words for “you”, note George)”, because the intensity of the incoming energy is now controlled in a very individual manner. That is, all of you, who you are at this level, can equally receive the energies, but it is very individual, how much you absorb, integrate and radiate. This is very different and depends on your state of consciousness.

The more conscious you are, the higher intensity energies can you absorb and transmit and the more rapidly is your awareness advancing. In this way your ability accelerates every day, every hour and every minute in an exponential curve. The more energy you absorb, the faster and more comprehensive is the transformation and the more energy can you receive and transmit. This is one reason why your joint development can proceed at a rapid pace that is increasing now every day. Once you have exceeded a certain threshold, individually and collectively, it will really “go blow by blow” (“very quickly”, a German saying. I expect that this threshold will be reached later this month, at least this is my objective which depends, however, on the awakening of all the people; note. George.). You can as individuals and collectively incorporate more and more of the incoming source energies and share them and this ability increases every day, every hour and every minute. And the concept of “time” will eventually become obsolete, because it completely loses its meaning.

You are precisely in this process now, each one of you and all together. Therefore, your world can now rapidly and increasingly change and transform. The more consciously you observe this development and shape it, the better you get along with the rapid energy increases, and the more you are actively involved in the global affairs because you are then one of the beings who forge this process most.

(This statement refers to the light warriors of the first and the last hour who are now the incumbent Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. It also addresses the much-discussed suffering of the light warriors of the first and the last hour that have ascended long time ago and now act only as a transmitter and a sender of the powerful source energies, under which our bodies as always severely suffer. According to the motto, the more you can do, the more you are loaded by All-That-Is. Note, George).


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