You Create Your World

channeled by Anita Küttner-Kroll, March 16, 2015

translated by Georgi Stankov

Dearest sister, we appreciate your desire to connect with us to obtain information about the Great Event. However, we can not meet this request in this way, because there is not such a “great event that is valid for all”.

We would like to explain this to you. In fact, it is so that each here incarnated as a human being follows a very individual way. You form together the big Whole here with the earth and with all its realms, connected to all the other worlds. That is, you are all the earth. You are not just part of the world, no, you are the earth. You are all the earth, as it presents itself now.

But all of you are also All-That-Is. There is no separation. If you all are the earth and All-That-Is at the same time, what does this mean? It means that you are all One. And that each one of you in his entirety includes the Whole. We know that these facts completely blow away your mind. That is why it is so important to always expand your being to actually feel more of the bigger picture and to perceive more and more. Advance from within and without. You are actually limitless and infinitely broad.

That is why you also have access at all times to All-that-is, because you are that yourselves. The only thing that can limit you, is you, yourself. You are precisely the ones that build the limits in which you stick. Therefore, it is quite true that Georgi serves as a link to the source. He has indeed accepted this duty and is of service to all the human beings, who do not even realize that they are All and therefore do not have the connection to the Whole. Of course, very few people are aware of their true greatness on earth. Therefore, Georgi fulfills a very important task here.

Dearest sister, you have obtained these two images from us: a flower bud that is just about to unfold its leaves. A butterfly that has just left its cocoon and now is about to unfold its wings.

You have received these images for yourself. In the bud everything is already included, but the full beauty of the flower is only visible when it unfolds all its petals and thus reveals its heart. Yes, the bud encompasses the whole flower, but that is not yet visible, as long as it is in the bud stage.

That is precisely the state, in which you are now. You are now about to unfold one petal at a time and to actually realize that everything is already there. Just as we have often said to you: It’s all there.

This simple truth applies to each one of you, and hence to the entire world. As you now open a petal after a petal, you can begin to truly perceive your own beauty.

The true beauty of your being is now unfolding before your eyes. And the same is true of the whole world. How could it be otherwise, when you are truly One.

This also applies to the whole world, as well as for each one of you: It’s already all there. The New World is already there and it was always there, and it unfolds before your eyes. And as you unfold by bringing to the fore one petal after another and let them shine, you can recognize each time another portion of the New World. For you are the world, and the world is you. That is why the New World, which was always there, now appears in you and with you, and around you. And it is exactly so.

The more you open your own being, the more you can see the expanse. All limits are cancelled, which have never existed in reality. You have created your own limits. Each one of you has created his own limitations, your own world. Each one of you lives in his own world, which he has created by himself by setting his personal boundaries. And here lies your power.

Now you have actually reached a turning point. Because until now you have drawn your boundaries still closer and closer as a Whole, until the highest possible compression was achieved. Since your whole world could not continue to contract because you have reached the absolute degree of highest possible compression, a counter-movement had to commence. There was no other option, but to go back into the expansion. This process is also referred to as “the inhalation and exhalation of God”.

And this is precisely where you stand now as a Whole. It is the turning point of maximal contraction and the beginning of re-expansion. And you are the main carriers of this new expansion!

For you are also the creators of compression. Now you are, each at his own pace and in his own personal manner, about to unfold your petals.

The one bud is still completely closed and dreams of the coming spring, the other dares already tentatively to stretch out a petal and the third bud is already half-bloomed and stretches out a careful stamen as a sensor in the world.

Yes, dear friends, the butterfly is about to unfold its wings. You are about to unfold your wings and you know what takes place afterwards. The young butterfly unfolds its wings, knows by itself how to use them and sails away. Exactly this image you carry within your hearts.

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