What Caused the Power Outage in Holland

by Daniël Akkerman and Georgi Stankov, March 30, 2015


Dear George,

You asked me to comment on the power failure situation in Holland in you latest article “Truth Brings the Time of Miracles“.

In the source you linked it is stated the re-entry test vehicle hit the Pacific ocean, although that might be a lie. If I interpret the given time as East-Coast time, then the launch happened shortly (about an hour) before the outage. However local time would mean it was launched hours after the power went down. I wonder how the two could be related though. It seems unlikely that they would hit a ground target when trying to shoot something that is in the air, unless they are shooting from a higher altitude? Or the targeting system is so bad that it is pretty much random. Maybe there was a ground based laser here that malfunctioned and somehow damaged the power grid that it was using?

It is definitely the biggest one of the last 10 years. The news says there were first rumors of a fire and/or explosion at this node of the electric grid where the failure occurred, but that this was not the case and that it was caused by a technical malfunction, during a standard maintenance. They state that such a power node has a redundant power transport system to compensate if something happens, but during maintenance they have to link the two systems, which means that both have to be deactivated in case of a problem like a short-circuit. Personally I noticed very little of this failure, I live in the south and we were not affected. I heard some vague messages about it but that day I was quite busy, and really it felt like all this power trouble was happening in another world.

Interesting is the whole economical aspect to it. For example the stock market in Amsterdam continued working without any problems. For some reason the ministries of economics/justice have launched the investigations. Wouldn’t you expect infrastructure/energy to do it instead? Also there was a total failure of pretty much any system including any kind of emergency system, websites, radio, tv, etc… many politicians cried for a day about how terrible this is and called for investigations, in an attempt to win voters and have their moment in the spotlight. Many people mock on news websites this dramatic behavior of politicians and media. I am sure it has reminded many how much they rely on electricity, and that it was an excellent short excursion out of the usual comfort zone. Some reacted with drama, but others made use of this opportunity to, for example get to know their fellow stuck travelers.

Love & Light,



Dear Daniel,

thank you very much for this careful elaboration on the recent power outage in the Netherlands in conjunction with laser weapon tests conducted by NATO in Western Europe.

Let me first comment on your first statement:

In the source you linked it is stated the re-entry test vehicle hit the Pacific ocean, although that might be a lie.”

The FOX article writes the following to this:

“The Air Force said the missile carried a test re-entry vehicle that hit a target area in the Pacific Ocean near Guam 40 minutes after liftoff.”

This sentence is quite confusing as in fact the missile fell near Guam in the Pacific Ocean, while the re-entry vehicle that simulated multiple Russian warheads traveled in a Polar orbit and hit Europe as the article I published clearly says:

“To exactly how these ICBM-HELLADS tests are conducted, this report explains, aLGM-30G Minuteman-III ICBM is fired to an altitude of 1,120 kilometers (700 miles) at a speed of nearly Mach 24 (approximately 15,000 mph) after which it deploys an Advanced Maneuverable Reentry Vehicle (AMaRV) into Polar orbit and the body of the craft falls into the Pacific Ocean.

The AMaRV, which simulates multiple nuclear warheads, MoD experts in this report say, is then fired upon by the high-energy lasers of the HELLADS in an effort to destroy them as they attempt reentry towards their target(s).”

Now to the second point of the time discrepancy. Indeed by close scrutiny it appears that the outage took place in Holland about seven hours before the Minuteman missile was launched from California. From this it is obvious that this could not have been caused by a laser beam as the re-entry vehicles simulating multiple nuclear Russian warheads would not have reached Europe yet.

From this fact it follows that the only possible conclusion is that NATO must have activated the system, which most probably includes many elements, much earlier. It must include an initial massive magnetic wave which augments the electromagnetic conductivity in the air by ionizing the stratosphere over Europe and prepares it for the actual performance of the laser beam weapon that needs this energetic environment in order to be strong. more bundled and precise as to hit its targets and not affect all other flying objects at random as this happened with the Germanwings airliner.

It might be that after the two failed attempts, the US military was under great pressure to deliver accurate results and they increased the power of the magnetic wave as to have a better result and this might have caused the outage in Holland before the actual re-entry vehicles had reached Europe. On behalf of this hypothesis speaks the fact, which I published in the last Energy Report, that at the same time when the Germanwings airliner was shot down over the Alps a huge magnetic wave was detected across Western Europe (North Italy, France and Germany to Benelux) by independent observers, a team of scientists about whom I have published in the past when they localized a huge HAARP weapon at the Munich Airport that affected my portal at that time:



A few odd things occurred the night before, and in the hours leading up to the airplane crash in Southern France – which occurred near Barcelonnette in the Alps.

A giant pulse of energy occurred on the night of the 23rd going into the 24th – a large pulse of energy on March 23rd followed by a secondary reverberation on the 24th.

This wave was then attributed to CERN that has just opened its activity after two years of repair when the last secretive experiments to change the time continuum and prevent ascension badly failed, as I have reported on this website (see our discussion on the Higgs-boson).

From this information it becomes clear that there was a first wave the day before the Germanwings airliner was shot down and a second one when it was shot down. This pattern must also apply to this third test when first a magnetic wave was triggered by NATO airborne troops approx. seven hours before the Minuteman ballistic missile was launched as to ionize the stratosphere over Europe for the activation of the laser beam weapon that then caused the power outage in Holland. After that NATO must have shot with laser beams at the re-entry vehicles one more time with an unknown result yet.

This is what I can conclude from this scanty information, but somehow the pattern seems to emerge rather clearly when one compares all events and relevant information. But of course there is no guarantee that this explanation is correct as long as we deal with such secretive dark ruling and military cabal in the West. Hence we need a little help from our friends – our HS – to shed more light onto this ongoing drama.

With love and light



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