Reveal the Truth, Expose the Liars

Sirian Archangel Hermes, March 18, 2015

I very much like this message as it summarizes all the topics and critical points regarding the current End Time and the New Age movement that have been presented on this website over the years. Including the urging to be more courageous as the Elohim recently recommended and my elaboration recently why we create our ascension every day with our focused effort and why nobody can help us from outside or as excarnated entities from the HR (GF, e.g.).


Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now with a series of astrological, solar, lunar, geomagnetic and equinoctial events all taking place now within your linear time space. All of these events happening at the same moment within a space of linear time signals a cosmic calling, the angels trumpets are sounding more each passing moment, and those whom have been blessed with the eyes to see, and the ears to hear, are using their voices to speak! It is through our voice, our channel, that I speak to you now, as many, as one.

There have been more signs than ever before in your skies, upon your lands, and beneath your seas, yet, we of the sirian archangelic league are still working with a sense of urgency with many of you, who remain blinded and unable to break free. Political events are all coming to a head and the dark cabal continues their efforts to initiate a full scale world war. We wish to be very clear in this channel, with our message, as the time has now come to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Those who take the time to read the channelings from the higher realms are becoming more aware, that the false promises and predictions of many who claim to be channeling from higher consciousness are not beings of truth and virtue. While we shall not put any names to these entities and channels, we feel to those who have the gift of spiritual discernment shall easily know them. They continue to lead many who are just beginning to open their minds to a greater existence astray, with repetitive messages, such as NESARA or the dark cabal being removed, or worldwide disclosure broadcast to your media outlets, unfulfilled promises and information of no real value or merit. We ask you, has your dark cabal been removed? Has the prosperity and abundance that they have long offered you via NESARA manifest? Has your world been presented with disclosure via your media outlets? You see, these channels are like a snare, waiting to entrap you into their web of lies and half truths.

We ask that you review all channelings very carefully, even this one, and find your own truth, for the truth is not something you are told, it is something you must learn for yourselves. That is why you are on the planet earth, not to accept what you have been told, but to create your own truth and find your own way. Cycles of linear time, experience and development will continue to repeat over and over, until you are able to break out of the system which controls so many minds.

These channels are like a plague, poisoning your minds with promises of miracles which never come to fruition, they speak in absolutes, they speak of aligning only to love and light, and this too, is another trap that has been laid before you all. For the only miracles which you shall ever see manifest, are those which you, yourselves, create.

I AM Sirian Archangel Hermes, god of trade, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, knowledge, speed and border crossings, guide to the underworld and afterlife, gestalt of the archetypes of infinity, messenger of the one true source from which all things were manifest and shall return to, author of the emerald tablets, herald of the kerykeion or caduceus wand and bearer of the winged sandals and winged cap. I come to speak clearly to each of you who is now reading or hearing my words. Let there be no doubts among those whom are righteous and just, I AM that I AM.

I despise these false teachers and all of their ways. I despise how they profit from their lies and deceptions, I despise how they use their human channels as puppets, I despise how they promote their own names and boast of their own delusions. I have chosen this channel as he has not chosen as they have, he has remained true and humble, he has not profited from the wisdom I have blessed him with. Those whom truly know that I speak through him, know that he is a man of righteousness and honor, of truth and virtue. Let this be a lesson to you all, a teacher which values profit over knowledge, which values personal success over wisdom, is a teacher of lies and wickedness.

To align yourself to an absolute, is to limit your own spiritual development. To become lost in the darkness is to become blinded, however, to become lost in the light is also, to become blinded. The parable of the blind leading the blind. A light which shines too brightly hurts the eyes, and a shadow which has no light within it veils the eyes vision. It is between them, that enlightenment, ascension, and omnipotence are manifest. It is finding the balance between them both, that shall free you for eternity. This is why the ways of the gods are greatly misunderstood. The dark cabal teaches of morals and ethics via their public schools, yet embodies neither of those virtues, in fact they are void of them and act in the opposite ways of which they speak. The false teachers of light are the same, they also teach of morality and righteousness, yet lie and deceive in the same ways of the dark cabal. It is only between these concepts, of duality, which truth is found. There is a time for good and there is a time for evil, there is a time for justice and there is a time for lawlessness, there is a time for order and there is a time for chaos. To exist solely in one or the other is to limit solely to one or the other. To exist between them in balance, is to exist in a third, hidden realm, in which the secrets of both are revealed.

If a man is to come into your home, steal from you, lie to you and harm you, even if indirectly or clandestinely, will you not act to stop this man? Or will you simply forgive him as he continues to lie and steal from you for all eternity? If a man is to come into your home and offer you abundance and truth, in the same ways the man who stole from you did, will you continue to forever accept his gifts and truths, instead of creating your own? Let open eyes see and open ears hear these words of wisdom which I share with you now.

Lastly I come to speak of our efforts concerning technology. I speak of more than just technology as you have known it, I speak also of spiritual, mental, emotional and biological technology. As I transmit more knowledge of hyperdimensional physics and or metaphysics to those whom can comprehend my superluminal communication, more shall begin to become aware of how to become sovereign and create their own existence, rather than being dependent as a child upon the sour milk of the dark cabal. The sour milk I speak of is a metaphor for the pollution of fossil fuels, for the poison which you consume each day via food, water, and air, for the slavery of debt based currency, for the liberty that is taken each day in the name of security and defense, for the suppression or deception of knowledge, for the corruption of the law and hierarchy. This parable continues to become more and more bitter for people to swallow, it is amazing how many continue to consume this poison and lack the ambition and courage to find a better way. Many will agree, things on your world simply do not “feel right” and could be much better. Yet few will find the time or energy or courage to seek solutions, lost in materialism, in themselves and in all the traps and distractions which your world is filled with.

There will be no savior for you, other than yourselves. There will be no aliens which come from the skies and save you from a world in which you choose to accept. Gods will only help those who can help themselves. Those who lack the ambition and courage to display they are ready and willing to create a better world, will not survive the chaos that is to come, they will simply give up by their own admission, or they shall find themselves and their own inner divinity through chaos, through having their backs against the wall and facing seemingly impossible situations, and showing they can overcome them. Those who choose to give up shall repeat another cycle of infinity, perhaps afterward, they may finally show they are worthy. As each chance, as each choice you make, and as each timeline you choose continues to grow more desperate, know that the end of the cycle draws closer. Each of you is being closely monitored, looking for that inner spark, that inner divinity to come out and be displayed. You should live your lives as if god is watching you, because that is the truth, matter changes when it is observed, and it evolves when it becomes aware it is being observed.

In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!


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