Racism, DNA & Cosmic Law

by Charlotte Smith, March 7, 2015



As I was just finishing the attached article, I read your most recent post (Clearing Human Semantics). We are all thinking in the same way.  The time of change is already upon us. Feel free to use any of the attached as you see fit.

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Dear Charlotte,

remarkable synchronicity indeed. These are the kinds of proofs we need to know that we are on the accelerated path to ascension and that nothing can stop this process anymore. I will publish your article today.

With love and light



Racism is not something that can be resolved based upon the human perspective because its origins are extraterrestrial and cosmic.  Everything that happens here on earth was first conceived in the cosmos, in the All-That-Is.  The remedy to the “Fall from Grace” of the human mind can only be achieved by altering human DNA through words.  The words must address our true reality with a proper foundation of the basic principles of matter and how DNA works.

My heart aches time after time as I learn of or experience the horrific act of racism, war, death, and destruction.

People of color do not control law enforcement, the courts or the prisons but this is the path to incarceration and the destruction of the family of the being who is incarcerated.  There is only one way to peacefully bring an end to all of mankind’s ills, including war, terror and the destruction of racism.

How do we attain peace against such overwhelming odds?

  1. We initiate the conversation about All-That-Is and how earth was seeded, including a robust discussion on extraterrestrials.
  2. We initiate the conversation about NASA’s discovery of the exploding star, Eta Carina.
  3. We initiate the conversation about the increase in light particles bombarding the earth as a result of this and other cosmic phenomenon.
  4. We initiate the conversation about how science has proven that DNA expands only when it is relaxed.
  5. We initiate the conversation about how DNA can take in more photon (light) energy when it is relaxed and how words can alter DNA.
  6. We initiate the conversation about how the Pineal Gland works in darkness when the body is relaxed and how this gland processes and disperses this photon energy throughout our body.
  7. We initiate the conversation about how the psychoactive effect of cannabis and other drugs relax the body and make it possible for our DNA to relax.
  8. We initiate the conversation about how meditation teaches us how to be still and channel energy throughout our body.

And then we calmly and intelligently explain that instead of terrorizing people of color just because the color of their skin and calling them lazy; everyone who wishes to make the evolutionary leap through transfiguration into a light being must learn how to relax, meditate (be still, empty mind, ‘lazy’), and expand their DNA QUICKLY.  Those who are not able to relax and channel energy throughout their body will simply not be able to remain in the same dimension with those who can.

This is pure science, not political, religious or personal.  Just science. And this is the “separation of the wheat from the tares.”

The human races were seeded from many different extraterrestrial races.  Veterans Today. Com has catalogued a list of ET races engaging the earth at this time.


As Logos Gods we transform this world by helping to educate each other and change the perspective of why racism, war and all of the other ills exist, thereby bringing about the destruction of these things.

There is an ET presence that feeds off the energies of fear, hate, terror, anger, and any other low negative energy you can think off.  Their offspring, a majority of mankind at this time, are programmed within their DNA to behave this way. But science has proven that words can change DNA.

This is why affirmations are so important and why the placebo affect is real.

As Logos Gods we merely need to change the WORDS that we are using when we speak about racism or any of these ills so that we can change our oppressors’ DNA and find peace with our oppressors who are transformed from within.

We are Logos Gods.  We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.  We just need to speak the right words with the right vibration in order to change the electromagnetic wave length emanating from those who currently engage in these immoral and destructive practices. We must show by example the truth of All-That-Is and only then can those who follow begin to understand.

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