PULSER – Energy-Pulser, Destroyer, Vibration-Harmonizer

A New Light Tool
by Michael Naumann, March 7, 2015

translated by Georgi Stankov

Georgi Stankov

Michael Naumann from Germany presents here his new powerful light tool of creation and healing, which he has received from the HR in November 2014 and has used it successfully for various diseases and fields of creation. Michael is a professional healer. He calls his new light tool “The Harmonic Pulser” (has nothing to do with the cosmic pulsars). I am now preparing a concise English translation of his article and hope to publish it soon, but I am giving you here the quintessence of Michael”s publication, so that you can immediately start using this tool of light.

I am personally convinced that this new light tool of healing and creation, which Michael has introduced below, is very powerful for two simple reasons: I always visualize a spiral of light coming from the Source when I make an invocation or perform a cleansing procedure of dark entities and negative patterns and this method has been very powerful so far. Second, when I heal with my hands different symptoms or diseases, I always see with my third eye a bright spot of light in the middle of my vision with closed eyes. I then localize this spot of light onto the body part, which I heal at this moment, and amplify the healing energy that flows through my hands with this spot (focus) of light. I immediately sense how the intensity of the vibrations that my palms emit significantly increase. The patient also notices this increase in energy intensity, in case he has a modicum of mediality.

Now Michael has united these light tools into one “Pulser” that consists of six rays departing from a bright centre of light, like the rays of a star which bundle the source energy. Each ray is surrounded with concentric circles similar to a spiral, although the circles are not connected to each other. They rather pulsate with respect to each other by being attracted and repelled according to the vibrations coming from the central point field. The application of this light tool affords a powerful imagination to visualize it and keep its structure constant within the third eye’s image, at best with closed eyes. But exactly this kind of inner concentration amplifies the efficiency of this high frequency energy tool.

As Michael points out, we are hugely supported by the implementation of such light tools of creation by our HS and the higher realms. But since we are already incumbent Logos Gods on this planet, our abilities to use such powerful tools of source energies are immensely enhanced. You have already made this experience with the seven sacred flames, which are now fully active on this uppermost mother planet.

In a further step you can use this Pulser with each one of these sacred flames and also with all of them as rainbow spirals and experiment with this tool. Michael has listed many indications and fields of creation where we can apply this tool of light. Actually there are no limits to its usage. From my personal experience, the most important prerequisite for its proper application is the crystal-clear intention for the highest good of All-That-Is and the inner concentration to keep the visualization of the spirals for a sufficiently long enough period of time, so that they can unfold their effect in this holographic model.

Please study the two pictures of the Pulser as a 1) negative and a 2) positive presentation (light spiral on the background of your dark visual field) below and start using it immediately as to test its efficiency. The English translation will come soon.


1. Introduction

I thank Dr. Georgi Stankov from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me to present this light creation coming from the spiritual worlds to a wider audience of mature and old souls on this website for its successful application. The time in the here and now is exactly the right one because the final chords in particular must be carefully orchestrated, although we all are already very much exhausted by this interminable game.

When I received this light tool in the form of a medial gift in November 2014, this was associated with a call of my spiritual guidance to experiment and gain experience with medical treatment on myself and others seeking healing and later on to publish it. For this purpose 15 mature souls and spiritual healer colleagues were initially inaugurated. After the first few applications it was clear that this light tool was a kind of a miracle weapon, with infinite application possibilities and a very high success rate of spiritual healing and efficiency. I can personally say that I am feeling much better in terms of health and mental issues, I myself feel constantly clearer.

The different kinds of “small applications” that have been found so far are listed in the following explanation part. According to information from the spiritual worlds, this light tool has a very big potential for application that has to be developed yet. This potential is associated with the unfolding of the current End Time and the incoming paradigm shift, that is to say, with a reference to the ascension to a higher spiritual dimension.

2. Application and explanation

The Pulser is a spiritual light tool with outstanding features, immediate effect and unlimited capacity. Another advantage is that it can also be used by responsible souls who were not previously involved in healing. This procedure can be assigned to the exciting topic of immediate spiritual creation.

The center of the Pulser represents a ball of light, from which in a three-dimensional space of x, y, z axes and through simultaneous reflection of the axes, a 6-beam imaginary star is created as a spatial entity. The propagation of vibrations as a pulse occurs from the Source of all Creation (centre ball of light) through the imaginary 6 beams. First all energies are ordered in the allocated space according to their creationary capability, then they are harmonized and sorted out. The actual absorption of energy is done by imaginary arranged, concentrically located light circles along the six rays that repel each other without touching (this is not a coil spring or spiral). The goal is always to produce the respective norm of creation (see pictures below).

NOTE: The image with the light background is a negative figure that must be visualized as a light image as the drawing with the black background shows.

The adjustment of the size of the Pulser can be variable, from mm in diameter (for tumors / teeth) to miles (space and field harmonization), it is a purely spiritual place and always looks the same. In the preparation of the overall ensemble a division of labor between the incarnated master souls and the spiritual worlds is essential. Hence we place here “on the ground” the pulser mentally at the desired location and define our purpose, that is, we define clearly what is to be achieved. The precise spatial arrangement and the sending of the impulse occurs solely from higher dimensions of spiritual guidance.

Since the Pulser captures in advance all discordant vibrations and vibrational overlays, the overall process can take up to a few seconds or minutes until the healing pulse from the source comes. The result is always guaranteed when it should be.

3. Current applications:

– Harmonization of the entire material and subtle energy system
– Immediate improvement of vitality in fatigue and chronic stress, including attenuation of symptoms in LBP as well as sleeping help through application of a full body Pulser
– Filtering and vitalization of food and beverages
– Colds and skin diseases
– Alien occupations (possession), etheric implants, blockages of chakras, thymus, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, aura
– Occupations of organs and extremities, spine,
– Prevention of spontaneous attacks of the dark side on our system
– Elimination of spinal problems, vertebral displacements
– Elimination of pain points and full body pain (full body pulser)
– Elimination of toothache
– Elimination of phantom pain
– Elimination of aura damage and old death injuries in the aura
– Resolution of black magic and creation of protection
– Space, buildings and field harmonization
– Soul retrieval from buildings
– Resolution of elemental- and / or elemental beings, from past lives (poltergeists)
– Fine adjustment after medical applications of all kinds.
– Detection / disclosure of mental and emotional blockages behind a symptom
– Money worries: writing money worries + name on paper and beam it with the Pulser
– Manifestation, blessing and harmonization of intellectual creations
– The filtering and harmonization of technical equipment and installations
– Installation of a permanent protection against entities and systems

Michael Naumann, spiritual healer


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