No Nuclear Holocaust for the PAT

Jerry R James, March 23, 2015


Your latest article brought back some long, almost forgotten memories of 1962. I was a small boy in elementary school in a rural area in the southern United States. A very unlikely place for any nuclear attack. Nevertheless the threat was taken seriously. We practiced drills at school where we dived under our desks on cue from the teacher. I wondered even then how a small desk could save us, but it really was all the protection that we had. We all believed then in the goodness of America and its quest to make a better world for all.

How did we get from there to here in fifty years. The attitude of young people is almost unrecognizable from ours at that time. I have nieces and nephews who have no opinion of the government at all. Good or bad. It is almost like having an attitude about the weather. Nothing can be done, so why bother.

I agree with you in the late 60s and early 70s we, who had only ten years before worn coon skin caps to commemorate the victory of Davy Crokett over the “evil” Mexicans, now protested in mass the injustices of civil rights and all wars. We were waking up and fast. All our literature, music, TV and movies portrayed a belief that we could actually make a change. I believe however that we were naïve as to the evil powers that we faced. It was not only evil corrupt governments and corporations but off world entities, who had disguised themselves as gods, arch angels etc who really pulled the strings. They were afraid and rightfully so. They devised a plan to keep themselves in power and us enslaved and it worked marvelously beyond their wildest expectations.

Because a few flags (JFK assassination, sinking of Titanic) etc. had worked so well in the past why not treat the world to these events on a regular accelerated basis. And also introduce the drug, pornographic and prostitution industries on an unprepared public. They would use gun rights, women’s rights, the civil rights movement, new age movement, radical and evangelical religions and many more as powerful fronts for their own agenda. They used truths like racial injustices and twisted in a way to destroy the black community with drugs and gang violence. “Masters” who had previously only been channeled by a select few like Edgar Casey and Jane Roberts were prolific. Everyone began channeling half-truths and many women became goddesses who hated men and the power they had exerted over them. Again half -truths were used to further the fall of family life.

Technology was given by off world entities to be introduced to further their agenda by inducing hypnotic trances especially in the youth. No longer were jobs created for comfort or efficiency or to make life easier but only to develop mindless tech games and social media devices. Neighbors and real community were completely ignored for the sake of meaningless facebook friends. Instead of technology solving our problems, it created more and the people with jobs worked even longer hours and those without them (many who could not play the new game) were left to rot. The dark leaders and their off world handlers had done their job very well.

But what happened to those few, who were still rebels and warriors at heart and their younger brothers and sisters. They did what all resistance forces do and what all conquering forces underestimate. They went underground. This time they did not boldly demonstrate. They knew that the only weapon they had, was their ability to raise their vibration and fight the dark in other dimensions and this is what we have been doing for forty years. Most noticeably the last fifteen.

Now, at the end of our battle, the dark is still resistant but is running out of options. Their weapons of mind control, CERN, remote viewing into the future has been eliminated or significantly reduced. All stopped by the PAT and its acceptance of greater light emitted by the great Central Sun. Have you felt tired this week? Maybe for many weeks? We are successfully stopping the dark agenda and artificial matrix. The dark who refuse to change are going to the pit because there is no other place for them. There will be no nuclear holocaust. At least not on any world on which the PAT resides.

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