Energy Report of the PAT – March 21, 2015

Dear Dianna,

Thank you. Was your discussion with the bank people successful? As soon as got your email I made an invocation of the seven sacred flames ans sent them to your bank for a help. Normally it works with Canadian banks that have the same gangster practices as the one you described.

With love and light

My dear Georgi,

You are so kind. This is such a sweet gesture … and together, such a powerful action. Yes, it /we succeeded, not just as an isolated, individual, bank incident, but also and especially in the collective, as a symbol, template, among archetypal classes and categories that would further energize an entire gestalt dealing with the banking /finance system. As you know, many bank /money events in these couple of days around the world are evidence of the collapse we want to hurry. Significantly, the American people haven’t a clue, unless they read the alt reporting.

I put myself into a near-ecstatic state and very acute presence of mind, to do the bank thing.  The personnel I was interacting with responded in resonant harmonics, accommodating, gracious, and cordial, and they approved it … but institutionally, it could only be a provisional approval, for the entire matter had to be referred to my originating branch for authorization, way off on the other side of town, who don’t know me from Adam because I’ve never been back since opening the account years ago, and they thus could have been indifferent and not approved it.  But they too OK’d it.

The fact of the matter is that I think my dear It (HS/HR) ‘engineered’ this situation which resulted in the $30 non-sufficient funds fee, for it was a complete anomaly (which was why it was so bewildering to me) — just like my dear It had ‘engineered’ the totally anomalous electroshock that could have / should have killed me.  It had higher purpose there, and here, in the bank scenario as well. Your considerable “finesse,” backed and augmented by Carla and the PAT and warriors worldwide, and with me, I think, has had significant 11th-hour impact, with populace riots (riots in Germany, too) and money failing and banks falling apart now occurring, according to the alt news. There’s nothing about that in the MSM, of course.

I always keep a clear distinction: there are the innocent or circumstantially obligated people who must work in their jobs … and there are the people and entities of the Negative Spectrum who devise, or are deep within, and on the periphery of, the Cabal’s nefarious programs social and mechanical.

Thank you, dear Georgi, for adding your powerful flames to this ‘template’ action with me, on behalf of a suffering world. Tomorrow (today, actually) is the “big day” for all the celestial phenomena and the Jewish Shemitah. Whatever transpires consequential to this “big date,” I am feeling quietly rapturous and calmly ecstatic, and the waves continue their arc’ing and I have a sharp, piercing stabs kind of headache.

Thank you, all, for You
Good energy!
Love mucho

Dear Dianna,

As we already discussed it on another occasion, our HS always arrange a powerful alchemical reaction, but instigating a minor unpleasant situation for us, which exposes a bigger global problem and then, while confronted with this kind of injustice, we actually resolve it on a global scale.

The banks are now broke – a medium Austrian bank has collapsed last week and now they have found that this will wipe out 15-20% of the capital of all German banks. Can you imagine that? When the chain of defaults starts, there will be no stopping. That is why the western cabal is now desperate to start a war as to prevent the financial crash as after that they cannot lead any war. And precisely this will happen. Russia will survive the crisis as it is much better shape than all the indebted western countries with their banks and they will crash first, thus taking the whole economy and military in the abyss. Isn’t this hilarious? One does not need to do anything, but simply support the collapse by recognizing its dynamics.

We both were taken away from this reality yesterday in the afternoon at the height of the Eclipse portal after a huge vortex was built in our apartment. My body was dissolved and the intensity of the energies was incredible. Carla sensed the presence of AA Michael and billions of angels and I sensed the source.

After that my soul left my body. This night we both had a cc-wave with a splitting headache and severe eye socket pain and are still not out of the woods this morning. But during the whole night my HS whispered in my ear that this cc-wave is necessary as it is the dress-rehearsal for our ascension and they must test how our bodies will respond under this huge energetic stress. Repeated statements of my HS in the dream state are always important messages for me. Hence let us see what will happen when this portal fully unfolds. It has already fulfilled all my expectations in terms of intensity and effects.

With love and light

You’ve had too much to read coming from me, dear Georgi.  I think it’s time to lay low for a while and give you a break!!  Will ‘lighten up’ the load for a while after this one…

Thank you for You.
Good energy
Love mucho

Humanity on the Verge of a Nuclear WW3 or ID Shift and Full Revelation – A Historic Choice, 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 21, 2015

For some now now, the recent years, I have consistently had the sense that there would be no nuclear war.  Where there are these kinds of ‘feelings’ in me, at surface levels of day by day phenomenalities that transpire in external reality, the intellectual mind alights upon fleeting moments of skepticism, doubt.  But then, there are perceptual and experiential levels, and so, 3D levels may roll on with war, even of the nuclear kind … but not at the higher levels. Where I, and we, am /are stationed, there will be no nuclear war. Psyche-ally, the fundamental, ‘bottom-line’ (my spiritual ground of being, for lack of better words) is that these feelings tend to be unwavering positions of certitude.

Lately, lots of weariness. But today (Friday, 20th March), deep, heavy, intense fatigue from which I could not recover, neither all day into all evening. I think it’s the effect of strong, profound work in the inner higher dimensions together … us all … in relation to the matters discussed in this post.  Stabbing headaches.

Famous Quantum Physicist Admits to Having, “No Fucking Idea” of the Universe. It’s Time for the New Theory of the Universal Law to Come.
by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 20, 2015

It was in the ’90s that my dear It (HS) ‘told’ me — (as ‘felt’ sensibilities, and I struggled, since I’m not a physicist, to ‘translate’ what was then essentially noumenal communication into an articulate, cognitive understanding so I could devise appropriate words and phrases to express this epiphany; I always felt an epistemological responsibility, morally speaking) — … ‘told’ me that the fundamental key of existence and the universe lay in the gravitational force, and that the scientific knowledge and understanding would ultimately and finally unify all accepted laws of physics (electricity unified with magnetism, then the nuclear and weak force, and then gravity), and even transcend them altogether (in its proper timeframe, as the years go by), and that would be the ‘grand unified field theory of everything,’ so to speak, a really big TOE.

I’ve always loved physics and physics-based sciences (love all science, really), though I have no formal training in physics nor mathematics.  My understanding therefore is intuitive, conceptual.  I had read many parts of your Universal Law and related articles by jumping around in the website, and had many times re-read pertinent parts over time, though have read none in their entirety as yet.  Nonetheless, your Universal Law has always, from the get-go, resonated with me as truth.

For I could extrapolate and attribute every or all experience and thought in the phenomenal domains from and to really basic, fundamental principles … or even one foundational, ‘absolute’ principle … so, when I first saw and grasped your foundational, one fundamental formula f =1/t and E=EAf … etc, I recognized that that was the hard proof articulated, the “real-world” discourse and exposition as to what My Dear It ‘told’ me regarding the gravity back in the 1990s … and which, quite later after my early encounters with your material, you further elaborated /explicated in your recent post of March 7, 2015, “Clearing Human Semantics.”

With my intuitive grasp, I could see that the formulae and U-sets neatly articulate the Reality hologram’s fractality, the transcendental infinity of Itself in its exact, nested and radiating, branching realities.  Notwithstanding, I enjoy reading about quantum /theoretical physics (and astro and cosmo) in both the popular alternative and mainstream press, even if they’re off-kilter because, for my deep internal work, I need to be alert to, and informed on, what’s going on in the world and the consensus mind ‘out there.’

So, to cut a long comment short, I had great fun reading the Amit Goswami article, giggling in mirth all through the spoof.  Great stuff!  So funny!!  But in all seriousness, Georgi, thank You for your Universal Law.  In my deep, resonating intuitive appreciation of it, I will concentrate intention for its becoming the “standard model” . . . … ..

Server Transfer and Mirror Website
by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 20, 2015

It’s beautiful.  I had printed a recent post so I could highlight it with a marker, and was surprised and delighted to see this.  To me, they’re like waves, though they are flames.  It’s much lovelier on paper than the website even reveals, and in the paper’s image, I ‘sense’ or ‘feel’ (as if an activation trigger, or reflector) the grand, cosmic-level waves’ frequencies /vibrations in the visual field of the paper.

While the website was down, both times, I knew it was the nefarious maneuvers of the criminal elite doing their thing.  But I also, both times, felt a sure calm and stability, without worries about the website being missing, that it would come back on, and that was already a given.

Gratitude to Piotr and Sherina, the tech helpers who supported their efforts, and to the dear HR for the inspiration and for keeping all involved safe . ..


Dear Georgi,

Your last publications converge with my feelings. In your publications occurred significant redirect your attention on transcendental aspect of existence. Some time ago I decided to never again deal with issues related to death, war etc.  This was my very conscious choice. I decide to not read any more your publication about politics and war. And suddenly you declare that you leave political issues and from now you mainly take care of spiritual matters. At that time I did not notice a thing yet.

In early 2011 I found Piotr and Sherina website (TERRA Galaktyczna Kawiarenka) where they were placed Jahn’s publications (translated from German into Polish). At that time I treated this page as the only one source of information about ascension process. About 2013 start appears publications in English on the website of Jahn and I felt that I more connect energetically with Jahn then with Piotr and Sherina. At the same time I found your website and I stay with you for now (2013-2015). Nowadays when I “look around” I not see Jahn. There is only you and PAT.


As we know and in accordance with your publication and with my deep feeling, each of us is creator of our own reality. I lead myself through my own creations. You wrote that ascension is a gradual process of increase of our vibrations. It is true and therefore I had to go gradual from lower to higher vibrations but it was still only my creations. Now I am on a certain level of consciousness and I still grow. I start to realize that it’s me created Piotr and Sherina, Jahn and finally you dear Georg. There is no other creation except of my. In my world I establish rights and others souls by permission “on the top” may only affects their emanations in physical world. Perhaps on different timeline my conscious is other and you, your website and your publications look completely different just because from my perspective in my world I created them in this manner and all worlds around me responds only for my will. Following this line of reasoning there is no me or you, there is only All-That-Is, unity in which we are. World that I see after open my eyes is only my projection and wherever I go the world follow me because the world is me. I hope that soon we will meet all together in unity and we will combine our worlds in one at the level of the common conscious co-creation.


Energetically last days were heavy, classical symptoms of LBP and cleansing waves (fatigue, weakness, pain and burn in the body, detachment from reality, etc.). For us it is normal so I will not write about it because everything has been said by you and by all PAT.

The day before yesterday I had a vision of stream of energy (light) which was sent from the source (central sun) in the direction of the earth. I got the information that this light well to the earth for three days (March 20/21). Additionally I saw again a legion of angels go on earth from heaven but this time occupied other places in earth’s space.

I love you so much and I cannot wait to meet you on the other side.

With Love and Light
Tomasz, Poland

Dear Tomasz,

you have addressed the core gnostic truth – we alone create our reality and we choose which events will enter our life. Of course there are infinite other events in the current 3D consensual reality that also touch upon our reality, but they pass by like mere shadows if we do not focus on them and choose not to experience them.

This is now more true than ever as the new energetic structure allows for the immediate manifestation of our choices, while other human beings around us are still not that much evolved and able to create with the same dexterity. This gap in individual creativity will widen with each day now and will become evident to everybody. Of course each one of us also influences the whole holographic model and it is called HOLO-graphic because it is also HOLIstic, that is to say, each part of it contains the whole as an element and each part influences the whole.

I also think that after this portal is fully opened and has enhanced its effects, this world will change for ever also for the visible eye of the masses. Until now all the changes that have taken place, were below the threshold of normal human perception and only perceptible to a few of us. This has been our major problem of communication with the rest of the world all along.

With love and light

Hey Georgi,

Where to even start, here we are, at the Eclipse/Equinox. It has definitely been a roller coaster of energies since last I wrote. Good and bad. Been seeing lots of lights lately, mostly blues and purples. Still been working the flames (now with the pulsar) and coincidences abound. Just now was thinking of Serapis Bey, went to the ULP, and boom, you posted your last article. My original thought came from a few unawares people and I speaking about what day of the week we were all born on. This got me to thinking  that we all have a birth flame, coincidentally, I was born on a Friday, which is the day of the week corresponding to the Dazzling White Ascension Flame. Which made think about Serapis Bey/Leonidas and then my college friend with the last name, Bey, and I was thinking all about this just before you put the  last piece up about him.

Another thing, twist of fate, my good friend, Will whom is co-authoring the book with me, his grandma (rip) used to fly around with Saint Germain, or at the least claimed too (I believe her.)  But she had a big statue of “The Count” and everything. It was  huge and all kinds of colors of purples and pinks. It was passed down to Will but it got lost in one of his moves. I think everyone used to think that was sort of crazy but she swore that she used to fly around at night with St. Germain.

I like what AA Hermes was talking about, and what you have been bull-horning all along about no aliens/off or underworlders to come save us and we being the change, the new logos gods to make it happen.  In fact, I would imagine the current logos gods are routing for us as they say “if you can’t be replaced, you cannot be promoted” type of thing.

Jerry nailed it in his piece too I thought,  damn, he has been through it. This new age is so funny, the sacrifice with the LBP is so inglorious compared to the “traditional” sacrifices for humanity (300 comes to mind) in that you just feel like your just falling apart for no apparent reason. Instead of swords and shields its toilet paper and kleenex, lol.  No disrespect, it’s just so ironic.

Kudos on you latest pieces “Ascension Through Constant Creation”, The Implications of Storing Data in DNA and Clearing Human Semantics, I really enjoyed all of those.

But I feel like you are right Georgi, it is time for some visible changes to get people to wake up.

I am trying to be more joy filled as to help the Ascension and my vibration, and maybe this is not so important considering  everything else, but I thought the fact the First Lady is Transgender as even Joan Rivers was saying before she died was worth revisiting. I thought this video above was pretty good. Anyway, gotta run, keep up the good work, everyone else too. I know you were one of the first to bring this up but thought I should still bring it back up again. But like Billy The Kid said, “I never stole a horse from a man I didn’t like.”

Love and Light,

Dear Jon,

thank you very much for your long letter with many canny comments, which I need not comment on my part.

I fully agree with you that it is indeed time to see some tangible changes and I strongly believe that this will happen after this portal opens fully and the energetic effects will reach this reality. Hence we have never been so close to a real change than today. The fact that we have survived so far, is the best proof that from now on only beautiful things will happen to us.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Your latest article, “Ascension Through Constant Creation“, is definitely one of your best!  You have been able to summarize the historical problems of the world and the means to rectify them through creation as Logos Gods in a simple, succinct and eloquent manner. The message also contains an energetic resonance and meaning that goes far beyond what the written words convey. These are exciting times that will require discipline, responsibility, creativity and love!

Best wishes to you and Carla,

Dear Georgi,

I’d like to share current energy state. As you probably expected to get a lot of emails in these days about the Equinox-Eclipse portal, we’ve been hit by these massive energies a few days before. A tsunami of fear and panic hit me today and it was so intense that I wanted to run towards the wall. I really couldn’t do anything, so I just went to our country house, because the weather was just beautiful today and it felt even more miserable to suffer at home.

I just realized a few days ago that no matter how hard I try, I simply cannot find any joy in the very existence here anymore. I speak in social terms, because nature has deeply affected and amazed me in last few years. Paradise is already here. What a place this could be! I saw a documentary film today about New Caledonia – islands in Pacific ocean. Remarkable! What do humans need anymore, just looking around and acknowledging the beauty of it.

Also, I wanted to ask you a question – would you or would you not focus your attention on manifesting money in these times? I mean, we do not know the exact time of the total crash of this Money-Slave system – except that we’re goddamn close! We also still need it to provide necessary life conditions for ourselves. To be honest, I’m kinda confused last days, like I don’t now anything anymore. It’s very strange, I feel like a cocktail of old a new creating energies. Take care Georgi.

With regards, J. Fleischman

Dear Pepe,

you should definitely focus on creating, and I stress it, “unlimited abundance”, but you should not be fixed on money as we do not know how abundance will manifest. But you must accept anything, if it is still money in the interim period, so what? One must have a healthy attitude towards money, not from a pecuniary point of view, but from all the joy one can experience by having money, for instance, visiting beautiful places as you mentioned. This is very important nowadays.

With love and light

Dear George,

It’s my pleasure to be able to support you and your website, even with this small amount of money. I like to thank you and Carla for being here, for being our wayshowers, intermediaries and guides and for all your crystal clear messages, reports and much appreciated channelings. It is such a pleasure to read on this unique website where we are as humanity and as light beings.

For the first time in my life, after all the work on myself, I saw this morning after my meditations how I could leave this world behind, after having felt yesterday that I crossed a line, so to speak, having peace with all my experiences on this world and ready for new world.

So your message of today about the nuclear threats and so on was for me a kind of confirmation that we are not far away from the final step, like you said. We shall see. I pray that everything will happen more or less peacefully.

With love,

Dear Nel,

thank you for your appreciation and for your assessment of the current highly volatile situation. I fully concur with you that we have crossed a major threshold with the current Eclipse-Equinox portal. I personally experienced a massive ascension test run yesterday and in the night and was told by my HS hat this is the dress-rehearsal before ascension. It is getting very exciting now and the coming days will be spectacular.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for continuing to research and write your articles. The title of my message “Fix the world or F the world” is a quote from Fernando Vossa. This is how I have felt for so long. Only the past year I am able to stay centered and focused. It seems like my whole life has been a vacillation between the peace of meditation/nature and trying to communicate to humans who are asleep. I now feel my power. I do not go back and forth between those two “F” concepts. In your last article, your comments about our Historic choice for humanity were absolute. As I said, I feel my power and also my reason for being here. Yes, there are many still deeply asleep, but I do not care. I am pulling them upward with all my energy whether they know it or not. I have given up on most verbal communication..they do not hear me. I use nothing but my channeled energy from Source when I am with people and visualize people and places to send energy to when I hike in nature…



Wie oft passiert das für Dich, Lieber Georg, eine Frau ein Lied singt??

Das ist ein sehr altes Lied. Das Lied erzählt eine Geschichte über ein magisches Haus wo alles passieren kann. Wo sich selbst Geschichten erzählen und wo eine Nuss sich selber knackt. Und in eine Zeit wo da draußen alles ineinen Sturm sich befindet, gibt das Haus Wärme und Gemütlichkeit. Da wohnt eine Maus und ein Kater. Allezusammen leben in Freude und Frieden.

Es passt, seht gut zu heutige Zeit wo da draußen der Sturm im Anzug ist und wir uns in Sicherheit befinden und allesschaffen können weil wir in magischen Haus wohnen.

Wie wunderbar. Das Lied ist heute für Dich gesungen….

In Liebe

Liebe Sherina,

Das Märchen vom Nussknacker, das ist das Sinnbild unserer Existenz und es wird so bleiben bis zum Ende. Wirerleben es hier mit Carla seit einem Jahr, allerdings mussten wir zuerst sehr viele externen Probleme knacken, bevorwir unsere Ruhe hatten.

Gestern wurden wir beide um die selbe Zeit von dieser Welt abgezogen, nachdem sich ein Riesenvortex gebildet hatteund unsere Körper fast auflöste. EE Michael und viele Engel waren in unserer Wohnung. Heute Nacht haben wir beideerneut eine schwere cc-Welle mit starkem Kopfschmerz und Schmerzen in den Augenhöhlen. Während ich imHalfschlaf diese Welle ertragen musste und fragte wozu wieder einmal, hat mir mein HS wiederholend mitgeteilt, dassdies die Generalprobe für unseren Aufstieg sei, um zu testen wie unsere Körper darauf reagieren. WiederholendeTräume bei mir sind immer wichtige Botschaften und somit bin ich gespannt, was demnächst kommt.

Liebe Grüße auch an Piotr.


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