Clearing Human Semantics

by Georgi Stankov, March 7, 2015

The outstanding characteristic of these last days in this 3D holographic reality is the total chaos and confusion of human minds. We see it in the MSM as well as in the alternative media. Humanity is now entangled in two major wars in Ukraine and in the Middle East and in numerous other conflicts around the globe. These destructive events penetrate the very edifice of Western civil society, where you have 50 times greater chance to be killed by an US cop than by an alleged Islamic terrorist, notwithstanding the fact that the first exerts his job only to protect you from the second type of people.

What is crazier in this world – human doing or thinking? Why not dismiss all US cops and show all potential Islamists that you do not care about them. But this could only be a humble beginning of a correct human thinking.

It has been a maxim of all my writings that first comes the thinking and only then the doing. What is the major blunder in most human minds and in particular of all politicians and world leaders that causes the current chaos and destruction of all civilized structures of human life worldwide? It is the concept of rivalry, of the existence of enemies – the foe image (Feindbild) among all humans. We have been witnesses of the demonization of Putin and Russia for the last two years by all Western MSM that was used as an alibi to start a bloody and devastating war in Ukraine.

Incredible madness has taken possession of all human minds – of the mainstream and the alternative scene, of the masses and the few intellectuals and almost nobody seems to be able to leave this End Time cesspool. It is indeed so painful to observe that even such outstanding thinkers like Dmitri Orlov, the Saker and Paul Craig Roberts are not capable of rising above this morass of collective madness and still wander blindly in the current 3D maze. They all miss the Ariadne thread, about which we have talked a lot in the past.

I have always expressed the simple acknowledgment that the incarnated human personality is a very deficient energetic system in terms of perception and cognition. But it is the human mind that fucks up the entire human thinking and being. What is the most common, fundamental blunder all humans, including the few critical thinkers, stubbornly perpetuate on a daily basis? It is their total rejection of the soul and the leading role of the HR in shaping this world. The acknowledgment that each human being is a demiurg of his own reality and destiny and that there is no other to be blamed for it.

The most deeply ingrained, flawed idea of most humans is that they perceive themselves as separated biological organisms that are only capable of surviving if they are engaged in a mortal battle with their imagined foes. If we look closely for the primary cause of all evils we now encounter on this planet – wars, civil wars, other brutal social conflicts, innumerable injustices coming from the current economic, financial, judiciary and social systems – they all derive their energy from the concept of humans being essentially enemies, which one needs to combat in order to survive.

This argument is then forwarded at the individual level to allow you to kill anybody who enters your home (in the USA) or to invade and destroy another country that is deemed to be an enemy of yours, as the USA has done with virtually every country that has dared to have an independent policy and not obeying the hegemonial dictate of the Empire of Evil.

In this mortal battle – human against human – it is a universal blunder that your enemy is always the evil one and that you are in possession of all moral, legal and ethical rights to destroy him with full impunity. Whereas morality and ethics play only a marginal role even in the arguments of all alternative thinkers when they criticize the establishment precisely for this perverted kind of thinking. Even the most outspoken critics show no desire to delve deeply into moral issues and develop some universal principles of human conduct that could eradicate all wars and conflicts by changing first the minds of the people and then making them act in a more ethical and moral manner than they have done so far.

We all know that the major blunder in collective human thinking is to overwhelmingly reject the existence of the soul, her immortality and subsequently the Unity of All Life and Souls within the all-pervading harmony of All-That-Is. Vice verse, the primordial notion of  total separation from the Source leads to the most insidious idea, namely that human life is organized according to the “survival of the fittest”, where the fittest is defined as the most brutal individual who is able to get rid of all his enemies or at least to enslave them. This is the kind of thinking and doing of the dark ruling cabal that is now destroying their own foundation of power and existence by trying to implement this flawed thinking in a new energetic environment that no longer supports such vicious ideas of separation.

But then why do so many intellectuals follow this same flawed pattern of thinking, even when they say “white to white and black to black”? You only need to read all the articles of the above mentioned authors to understand my total frustration with humanity – with their inability to use their minds in a logical and consequent manner and create a more congruent vision of their reality.

The moment humans realize that all incarnated souls build an energetic unity and that their human foes are soul mates from the same or closely related soul family and that in reality there are no Zionists and Arabs, no terrorists, be they of Islamic origin or sitting in Washington D.C. at the Capitol or in the White House; that there is no death and true elimination of your enemy as he is your eternal soul buddy, then they will also begin to see through the illusion – what a farcical life they have created on this planet – and maybe then they will be paralyzed with shame and disgust for many eons of time to come.

I am discussing this issue today, as very soon this will be the key topic for all humanity when human minds will be finally cleared from their vicious ideas by the seven sacred flames from the Source and will begin to perceive the true reality behind this 3D holographic facade.

Hence if we now live in the time of “Apocalypse”, where this Greek word simply means “revelation”, uncovering of the truth, the first and foremost fact we must acknowledge is that all human minds have fucked up  – that of the masses and the MSM representatives as well as of all so called “alternative” thinkers without any exception.

Well, I hear you saying at this place that I was also engaged in this dualistic presentation while writing on political issues in the past. This is true, but under the explicit assumption that you all know that this duality is coming to an end and that any mental engagement in human conflicts and wars on my part has only one purpose – to show you when the insanity will reach its peak, before it disappears for ever.

Contrary to the Saker, Dmitry Orlov, Paul Craig Roberts and many other alternative thinkers, I have never pretended to save humanity as it is, as I know it is about to destroy itself in the current End Time so that we, the new Logos Gods, can create a completely new human race. By the way this is what we are mainly doing – Carla and I created the new human template last year and these new souls are now massively populating the human bodies on this timeline as walk-ins, just as we created the new 4D worlds for the new Golden Galaxy in 2013, which many of you now shape as Guardians of this galaxy.

But the “Fall from Grace” of the human mind has now reached such a dizzy depth that I personally do not see how a remedy can be achieved under the current conditions. There is virtually not a single foundational idea of the collective human mind that is true and correct and will survive the coming ascension. And by this I do not only mean ideas associated with social life, but also such basic scientific ideas that deal with this physical reality. This has been a leitmotiv of all my elaborations and observations in the past and I must admit that I am somewhat disappointed that only a very few of you have jumped on this topic, while the rest of you preferred to dwell in and contemplate on your daily human beingness, although you all know that this reality is coming to an end very soon.

Here is one topic, which is representative of many other topics I would have liked to discuss with you in more depth, but “it takes two to tango” and I hate to lead monologues. This only deepens my inborn loneliness as Elohim among human beings.

An here it is: How can we understand the true reality of our existence and of any sentient existence, if we do not even have a proper knowledge of the basic properties of physical matter, which we have created as a Great Illusion from the fulcrum of our HS? Because the greater the illusion, the more precisely its “natural laws” must function as to keep this illusion alive. We are the greatest illusionists in the whole omni-verse at the soul level by creating the most improbable reality on this earth.

We are all physical entities that are subjected to gravitation and electromagnetism. These are the only two fundamental forces we can directly experience and respond to. The other two forces in the standard model – strong (nuclear) and weak forces – are of theoretical nature. While the role of electromagnetic waves in human life has emerged strongly in the last few decades with the introduction of numerous gadgets with dubious functions, gravitation has chained our bodies to this material planet since the beginning of this civilization.

That is why we are now all so fascinated with the idea of ascension and overcoming the limits of gravitation in the first place. And this is where the litmus test of faith for all humans now lies – only truly evolved souls are able to believe that they are much more than their physical body and can overcome space and time, which are mere illusion, and live in many realities at the same time. The other less evolved souls, such as the Internet trolls, reject this vehemently and project their own dreamed insanity onto us. Projection is the universal method of hiding one’s own deficiencies in thinking. Read Jahn’s latest messages and you will know what I mean by this.

Now think about this, how can humanity overcome gravitation if it does not know what gravitation is? This is the well-known theoretical deficiency of present-day physics and if somebody claims the opposite, he is an incurable ignorant. Then comes another huge deficit in human scientific knowledge that deals with the properties of gravitation. Why is gravitation only an attractive force, while electromagnetism is both attractive and repelling force? Equally charged particles repel, while oppositely charged particles attract.

Interesting question, indeed. Have you ever heard that a scientist discusses this obvious fact to everybody? No! And why not? Because the humans are the most dumbed down species in the whole universe and have no desire to learn anything, not even about the most obvious facts that affect their very being.

Why is the fact that gravitation is currently considered to be only an attractive force, while electromagnetism manifests both as attractive and repelling force, so important? Because precisely this discrepancy between gravitation and the other three fundamental forces that display charges prevent it from being united with these three forces in the standard model. That is why we have no unified theory of physics and no theory of gravitation at all, but only partial laws that describe the free fall or the gravitation of celestial objects.

You see how such simple and self-evident facts are not explained or even tackled in science and cause a profound confusion in human minds, and not only the more obvious, flawed idea that humanity is an assembly of enemies that one must eradicate as to survive… where? In the hell, created by humans themselves with such false ideas.

Given all these fundamental blunders in human thinking that profoundly affect life which humans create for themselves, it is appropriate to ask, where should one begin with all the revelations as to rectify this derailed human thinking and cognition? With the most obvious blunders at the social and political level or with the basic flawed scientific ideas that prevent humans from understanding the physical illusion they create and live in?

I, for my part, pledge to begin with the full clarification of all basic scientific concepts and terms as when they are cleared once and for all, then so much will also change at the level of collective human thinking that all other social, political, ethical and moral blunders will be swiftly resolved, respectively wiped out, in the process of this human Apocalypse.

In order to satisfy your curiosity at the end of this essay, let me tell you that the idea that gravitation only manifests as a force of attraction is so obviously wrong that I still do not have any explanation how scientists could have missed this fact.

Gravitation appears to be a force of attraction only when we observe the special case of a free fall of an object on the earth’s surface. In that case the object falls perpendicularly to the earth’s surface and the gravitational force of attraction points to the center of the planet. However when we observe the general case of gravitation between celestial objects, for instance between the sun and the earth, we immediately recognize that gravitation leads both to attraction and repulsion, depending on the point of observation. It is well-known that the earth has an elliptical orbit and that the sun is in the focus of this ellipse. This means that the earth’s orbit has a perihelion and aphelion: “The perihelion is the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid,comet or other Sun-orbiting body where it is nearest to the Sun. It is the opposite of aphelion, which is the point in the orbit where the object is farthest from the Sun.” (Wikipedia)

Hence when the earth moves along its orbit, it is repelled from the sun when it moves from the perihelion to the aphelion and attracted by the sun when it moves from the aphelion to the perihelion. The closed elliptical motion of the earth consists of a period of attraction and another opposite period of repulsion. This case holds true for all celestial objects and this is how gravitation occurs in the visible universe.

The free fall at the earth’s surface is a special case, which points to another unresolved central theoretical problem in geometry and from there in science – the famous parallel axiom (parallel postulate), which is also part of the Euclid’s Fifth Postulate. All ancient and modern geometry is founded on this postulate. If the parallel axiom is proven to be wrong, and it is wrong, almost nothing remains of modern geometry and mathematics. In other words, is it possible to extent straight lines ad infinitum as current geometry sustains or do they tend to cross somewhere in the distance?

This is another basic theoretical problem in linear mathematics and in classical geometry that has not been resolved in the past and proves how flawed these exact scientific disciplines actually are. I was the first scientist to prove in an immaculate manner that all motions in All-That-Is are closed rotations, which are never ideal circles but in most cases ellipses, so that we always have a period of repulsion and a period of attraction. This holds true for all gravitational celestial objects, as well as for all electromagnetically charged particles.

The free fall near the earth’s surface is thus a limited particular case based on unanalysed scientist’s consciousness. When we bring an object for instance 100 km high in the stratosphere of the earth, it does not fall to the earth’s surface, but begins to rotate as a satellite around it.  This is the general case.

Hence by resolving the fundamental gnostic question that gravitation is not only a force of attraction as Newton’s law of gravitation describes it, but also a force of repulsion as the three Kepler’s laws actually show, we have resolved with one fell swoop the problem of the standard model by uniting gravitation with the other three fundamental forces and thus uniting physics for the first time. In addition, we have resolved the central parallel axiom in geometry by proving that all motions are closed rotations and that any straight line as defined in geometry is a pure abstraction of the human mind that has no correlation to the real physical world.

Herewith, we have resolved in a playful manner so many theoretical questions of science and mathematics that if they are fully comprehended and implemented by humanity, we have already achieved a dramatic leap in collective human consciousness and ascension would have come immediately.

I only wanted to show you here what a huge abyss of ignorance now gapes in the human minds and why it is impossible to fill in this huge mental black hole of humanity with some pieces of knowledge, before the final ID shift and ascension come. Hence we must wait until ascension, before we begin to convey to humanity these basic pieces of knowledge and before humans will be allowed to do greater things and even begin with their personal creation, as we are now doing on a global scale from the fulcrum of our HS.


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