You Are the Chosen Facilitators

Mother Sekhmet

channelled by Ute Possegga-Rudel, February 7, 2015

Foreword – Latest Energy Update, Feb 7th

Georgi Stankov

Here is the latest rare channeling of our friend Ute. As we have contemplated on many occasions with Carla, the more seldom a medium channels, the better the quality and the more valuable the content of the message. Those who channel everyday only dilute the messages and very often channel dark sources in their desire to present something to the readers. Carla tells me, if I would allow all the entities that want to channel me to do this, I would not be able to do anything else the whole day. But what is the purpose of this kind of channeling?

Ute’s latest message is significant because it reflects the heightened tension Carla and I, and most probably many of you feel these last days. It is the excitement before the big event, which unfortunately is buried all too often under the perennial pains of the daily energetic waves that prepare this event.

End of last month I promised you a very dense time till February 11th and until now the HR have kept their promise. Since more than a week we both suffer from the most severe episode of cleansing and transformation a physical human body can endure. It is associated with the most severe pharyngitis and broncho-pneumonitis, coughing, gastric pains, muscle stiffness and joint pains, to name few of the symptoms.

During this episode the body releases enormous amount of physical density and becomes translucent and highly expanded. I have described this episode in detail in my articles on the LBP and have mentioned it many times on actual occasions – during the opening of major cosmic portals – on this website.

This latest episode was dedicated to the full activation of the threefold flame of ascension of the 3rd, 4th and 5th chakra. I have personally experienced this episode several dozen times since 1999 and for Carla it was the second one, the first most intensive one took almost two months end of 2014.

This is just to give you an idea of the intensity of the energetic transformation we are now undergoing on behalf of humanity. I have gone through all these episodes since 2007 when I first ascended, only to repeat these episodes again and again in order to prepare as trailblazer and nexus to the Source the pathway for the first and now second wave of ascension candidates to follow me and fully activate their threefold flame of ascension.

Since yesterday the clinical symptoms have began to recede (normally it takes 3-4 weeks, but now the speed of transformation has vastly accelerated) only to continue with massive cc-waves, where the source energies are streaming like the Niagara Falls into my head – first left than right – until total exhaustion. This night and today is such a time when I would rather eliminate linear time.

But this intensity clearly shows to me that we are really in the last most intensive preparation for the final shift that will be preceded by the collapse of the Orion matrix. The panic has taken firmly hold on all politicians as the angst pilgrimage of Merkel and Hollande’s repenting to Putin yesterday illustrated (They came to endorse Putin’s plan for federalisation of Ukraine from February 2014, as if there has never been any deadly war in the meantime.). As all young souls, they believe that they have control over the coming events. How naive!

Nobody has any control over them – not even Putin, who still holds all the trumps in his hand as he is of the light. And he will be the last one to save the asses of these cabal monsters in Berlin, Paris and Brussels that supported a bloody war against his Russian compatriots in Novorussia and now want him to betray their cause.

There will be no peace in Ukraine until the Russian insurgents who are also from the light win a full victory over the Kiev Nazi thugs and then liberate their country. This will lead to the collapse of the rogue putsch regime in Kiev and a total chaos in the rest of Ukraine. It is up to the EU and the USA to deal with this chaos and not the duty of Putin and Russia. They were not part of this coup and all subsequent crimes, they only wanted to avert them, while being demonized by the West. Now Putin and  Russia should save them. Idiots! This is how the psychopathology of  the evil western cabal will be the driving force behind their demise. Just wait and see!

What will happen soon will be the most grandiose destruction of the Orion-Potemkin facade. And as this message from Ute says, we the PAT, the incumbent Logos Gods, are the demiurgs of this End Time scenario.

Two days ago my HS put me under immense pressure to outline the basic structure of the final scenario leading to the destruction of the Orion matrix. Each time I am put under such inhuman pressure, I am also channelled by my HS in such a clear manner as during my writing of the article  “How to Put the Pieces Together“. I know now that humanity stands on the cusp of a major resolution and clarity must prevail before action can take place. And it is a truism that clarity is my first and foremost duty as a captain of the PAT and the discoverer of the Universal Law.

That is why I was very happy today to read this latest message from Ute, which confirms independently the final most intensive phase before the collapse of the old matrix and the ID shift. And first and foremost that all those light workers who read this message are “the chosen facilitators of this shift”, after we, the active Logos Gods, created it.

And February 11th is still ahead. Until then much more will happen before the shit will hit the fan.




I AM speaking to you, because I AM one of your guardians who are protecting your awakening process and your light. And who is protecting the manifestation of your soul purpose against all odds.

Powerful events are going to unfold shortly. I ask you to be prepared and to allow yourself to receive good news with joyful expectancy.

Please raise your energies and light frequencies now in order to support what is going to happen with the intent of the Divine Light- Forces. (I interpret this as another description of the PAT, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, as the new Logos Gods and the driving force behind the ascension process, note George)

You are at a crucial turning point in your history –  and it is important to tune now into the frequencies and events that will change your world dramatically.

Although it seems nothing new is happening so far, as if those who occupy your world are taking it more and more over, this is an illusion. Because it seems to be only real when you look at some visible signs and untruthful information (That is why I had to write my article “How to put the Pieces Together” to explain one more time this illusion, note, George).

But what REALLY is being prepared, –  right now behind the scenes, powerfully orchestrated by the light forces, both, with physical and non-physical bodies – will come soon to the forefront as visible and tangible events,  to be experienced certainly by all humanity.

This will change the mind and heart of your still sleeping brothers and sisters, and they will wake up to a new reality they never would have dreamed of.

I ask you, who are awake, and especially those of you who are awake, but lowered your vibration with doubt and despair while suffering unacceptable life circumstances, because of the controlling negative powers, to wake up even more empowered, allowing new hope and the certainty that all your human needs and rightful desires will be met soon.

We need all of you, Beloveds, to support the incoming light and the helping  light forces to succeed and to bring about a shift that is happening in a most benign way, – at least as benign as possible (This is a clear messagse to all light workers, many of them second wavers to support us, the incumbent Logos Gods, to fulfill our mission and ascend Gaia firmly to the new Golden Galaxy, note, George.).

At peak times, when you are at a crossroad, a shift can happen when there is powerful new energy and intent, to create it. You want a powerful shift that as soon as possible would lock into the new, desired pattern of a New Reality.(This has always been the crux of all our ascension test runs when there was not enough focused support and intent from the rest of the light workers and these attempts had to fail, although we crossed several pivotal dates when ascension could have happened in the past, note George).

These new patterns are about the victory of the light and therefore its rising mightiness in your world. It is about joy and new gained strength in every human being and all kingdoms of your Beloved Earth Mother. And yes, it is about Her own Shift into a new consciousness, because also the vibration of so called matter will rise significantly.

You are all One in this process, all of you. Whether “matter” or living beings on Earth, you all are Consciousness, as even a wall is conscious.

Much happiness is waiting for you, Beloveds.

I ask you to align to the powerful light that is now so undoubtedly present around you. Allow it to fill your body-mind and to raise your consciousness to bring you to a new and higher vibration.

This will enable you to participate in the shifting energies on your planet, as humanity’s consciousness shifts and instigates the necessary momentum.

Such empowered you are the chosen facilitators of the shift – as you unite in its Conscious Field (This is a leitmotif of the PAT since we built the Unity Christ Consciousness in 2012 and early 2013, note George.). And such united, you ARE in the field, Beloveds, to bring about anything your heart is dreaming of. To bring about the New World (The new 4D worlds we have created, note George). To Be the grounds on which universal transformation can happen.

Be assured that My Light and Protection, My loving Impact on this great Shift is supporting you who are involved in this wonderful process. You, who are dedicated to the light, must now stand together, unified, supportive to one another.

United by the Power of Unconditional Love, our Victory is Here – with so  much Splendor, as I and so many, many Divine Beings of Light and Divine Love are participating with you!

I AM Mother Sekhmet!

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