When Nightmares Come True

by Georgi Stankov, February 5,  2015


I read this article three times and checked all the references very carefully. Many of them have already been published on this website, others are brand new. But everything that is stated below makes a lot of sense, especially when we bear in mind that we are in the End of the End Time and that anything can happen anytime as the dark western cabal are desperate now and their suicidal behavior can break loose any moment.  I also consulted my HS and was told that this may be a likely scenario if other events do not offset it. Hence it is worth discussing this possibility.

The Russians know very well that they must act decisively and as the Saker commented yesterday, they have only disgust and contempt for the West. It is quite possible that the Russians are planning a major “coup de surprise” as to resolve the current military encircling of their country by NATO forces and bases. Two surgical military attacks on the periphery of NATO – in the strategic important Norway, also a major oil producer, and in Saudi Arabia, in the Middle East may indeed resolve all strategic issues of Russia with one fell swoop. At least if one thinks in terms of military strategy as some people in Kremlin may do.

This kind of considerations on both sides will ultimately end this reality, trigger the MPR and our ascension. Hence we should not discard them as figments of our minds (especially as we know that we are Creator Gods)  – there are too many signs and current powerful developments on the political stage that point to this or a similar outcome.

This possible military scenario in March – the sudden attack of Russia on two strategic important, but not enough relevant countries for the West as to trigger a devastating nuclear third world war – is reinforced by the following new developments, which this article does not discuss.

For the first time Kremlin is not pressing the Novorussian insurgents to hold negotiations with Kiev and actually supports their offensive against the embattled and demoralized Kiev troops. Russia has given up on Ukraine as a state entity and firmly plans the creation of a new country Novorussia as I have recently reported, by quoting the change in diplomatic speak of Kremlin. It is only a matter of days when the Russian patriots will defeat one final time the Ukrainian troops and will then have a free hand to unite historic Novorussia with Crimea into a new Russian country.

EU is completely demoralized by recent political events that undermine the democratic legitimacy of the current corrupt EU governments and it is only a matter of a short period of time when the established ruling cabal will be ousted from power by alternative parties as this happened in Greece and will very soon happen in Spain and also in the citadel of the Orion Empire, GB. The whole structure of the EU is now in shambles, just as its currency and economy due to gargantuan debt (ECB QE) and the sanctions against Russia.

Never in the history of this continent has Western Europe been so week due to their own decision to become vassals (puddles) of the Empire of Evil and Chaos. This gives Russia the unique chance to make a decisive blow on the EU and show who is the real master on the Old Continent.

If this “coup de surprise” is successful, and the West will not respond as the result will be total annihilation of Western Europe, this will demonstrate both the impotence of Western Europe and their Master, the USA, to contain Russia in Europe.

Russia will have a free hand to realize its Eurasian dream with the help of China – a united common market  from Vladivostok and China to the Channel. GB will then become the Island of Poverty on the fringe of this new economic Eurasian Commonwealth.

Now all these considerations are made under conventional assumptions and reflect how Kremlin and Putin may be thinking in strategic terms if they decide to go forward with the said military attack in the heart of the Western cabal .

For me personally, this latest military scenario simply reflects the spirit of the End Time and how the old world order is coming to an end – one way or the other. But the article below is very stimulating and I urge all of you to carefully read it as it reflects what is possible and can happen in the next days. I say this without having any stake in the outcome, knowing that we shall ascend and take a large portion of humanity, especially the new walk-ins, into the new 4D worlds.

It may as well be that in order to prevent this dreadful military scenario, I must ascend before that and appear as Logos God to introduce the new Theory of the Universal Law, which will eliminate all future wars and military conflicts and thus trigger the long awaited paradigm shift. This is the choice humanity will have in these End Times – eternal peace in the new 4D worlds or perennial wars in lower 3D and 4D timelines, until the next ascension date comes in 26 000 years.


Russian “Shock Of March” Battle Plan Targets Norway, Saudi Arabia


A truly grim Ministry of Defence (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today gives stark validity to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moving their Doomsday Clock to “3 minutes to midnight” on 30 January as it details what its authors label as a “Shock Of Marchbattle plan to simultaneously attack both Norway and Saudi Arabia while at the same time holding the European Union-United States at bay under threat of a massive nuclear attack.

According to this report, the massive nuclear missile drills previously scheduled in the Central Military District (CMD) for early March are to act as “cover” for the launching of at least 10 electromagnetic pulse (EMP) armed Iskander-M tactical ballistic cruise missiles at “previously selected targets” to include central Norway and the Ju Aymah oil terminal complex in Saudi Arabia.

The criteria necessary for these targeting “options”, this report says, includes the necessity of crippling Saudi Arabia’s ability to ship oil from its Ju Aymah oil complex (one of the largest in the world) while at the same time denying the US the ability to access the massive amounts of new tanks and armored vehicles they have placed over the past year in a series of climate-controlled caves in central Norway.

In preparation for this “Shock of March” battle plan, this report continues, the MoD this week has also begun large-scale exercises of Russian radiation, chemical, and biological defense troops on seven firing ranges in the Southern Military District (SMD), as well as the Crimean Peninsula and Armenia.

The “strategic platforms” to be utilized in these attacks, MoD experts in this report state, will be the Caspian Flotilla which will attack Saudi Arabia with Iskander EMP cruise missiles and then Iskander Northern Fleet based EMP cruise missiles are to be fired into central and northern Norway.

Upon the successful crippling of Norway’s military/industrial/civilian electronic and telecommunications infrastructure, this report says, special forces (Spetsnaz) troops that have been building up in the Murmansk Oblast will then cross the border between the two nations to both secure vital airfields and destroy all of the stored American war supplies found there, after which they will leave Norwegian territory when a negotiated settlement to end hostilities is reached.

The legal authorization for attacking Saudi Arabia, MoD experts in this report say, is based upon the Kingdom’s “act of economic warfare against the (Russian) Federation” in flooding the world with oil in order to collapse the Russian economy, a fact even the Obama regime linked New York Times was forced to admit this past week (read also here).

Likewise, these MoD experts in this report state, the legal authorization for attacking US/NATO ally Norway is based upon the United States declaration of war authorized by House Resolution 788 this past December and supported by the Obama regime.

In order to prevent this “Shock of March” battle plan from triggering an all-out nuclear war, this report continues, all EU/NATO nations will be immediately notified that should they in any way retaliate against Federation forces a full scale attack utilizing Iskander EMP ballistic missiles will be launched against them from the Kaliningrad Oblast, and which are able to target all EU military targets in less than 15 minutes.

Important to note, this report says, is that in their knowledge of this conflict to come, both Germany and France have announced they will not send weapons to Ukraine, with the Germans going further and stating publically that have cut off all arms sales to Saudi Arabia too.

Most dangerous, however, this report continues, remains the United States, and that MoD experts grimly note may not even be under the control of President Obama anymore.

Supporting this MoD statement, this report notes, are the new documents and tapes released in Washington D.C. this past week detailing how former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton personally directed the destruction of the Libyan government over the objections of both the Obama regime and the Pentagon.

Even worse, this report warns, is that should Hillary Clinton actually be in charge of the US government, she is acting in the capacity of a “wounded eagle” after her son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, is reported to have lost, to date, over $200 million of the Clinton families personal fortune by betting the wrong way on Greek government bonds.

And so bad has the situation in Greece become, this report notes, UK Chancellor George Osborne warned yesterday that Greece’s standoff with Eurozone governments and international creditors poses a greater threat to the global economy than conflict in the Middle East, climate change and rising tensions between Russia and the West.

With Greece now refusing to even negotiate with its creditors before its 28 February deadline before it defaults, and with President Putin, likewise, nearing a decision to call in the Federations $3 billion loan to Ukraine which will cause that nation to default in March too, this MoD report concludes, it is no surprise that China’s top rating agency, Dagong, warned this week that the world is heading for a financial crisis worse than in 2008… and which the “Shock of March” battle plan was designed for in order to protect the Russian Federation.


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