The Energetic Dialectics of the End Time Scenario of Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, February 20, 2015

The energetic dialectics of the End Time scenario follows the simply logic of constructive and destructive interference, which are the Laws of Creation and Destruction of All-That-Is. What we now observe is the constructive interference of all negative factors and parameters that overlap and create a reverse energetic peak, the result of which will be the total implosion of the Orion matrix. This is what destructive interference always achieves. It is basic knowledge from the new wave theory of the Universal Law that can be also applied to economy, finances, military, political and social order.

All these areas are now in a free fall. The Western cabal have tried everything to install the NWO and have failed in every single major area of human life. It is important to always keep in mind that everything the dark cabal in the West attempt is guided by their ultimate plan to install the NWO at any price because this is their only chance of survival. And by this I also mean the destruction of the earth as a holographic model and an interdimensional timeline, as this has happened numerous times on lower 3D and 4D timelines.

Some of us have observed this destruction on many occasions, as has been reported on this website since June 8, 2013 when the first MPR took place on the lowest 4D earth. Now is the turn of this uppermost mother planet, with its conglomerate of parallel timelines, to experience this final stage in the ascension scenario when the whole Orion matrix will implode.

It will not be allowed that the dark cabal would explode this world into a new world order by a nuclear war, but only to implode their own power, while trying to achieve this same goal. The difference here lies in the enormous superiority of the forces of light, first and foremost of the light warriors of the first and the last hour, who hold and raise the light quotient higher and higher each day.

Also yesterday, when we performed another massive cleansing of collective dark patterns and contained successfully a massive attempt of the dark ones to unleash another nuclear war on a lower timeline belonging to this uppermost mother planet. I am sure that many of you have felt this dark attack on us and how successfully we repudiated it in the course of the day before we moved to a higher timeline in the afternoon (PST).

Last night and today there is massive descent of Source energy after successful cleansing of human dross yesterday. This is a recurrent energetic pattern these days – cleansing, infusion with light, cleansing again… to the very end. Hence it is quite normal if your moods are fluctuating up and down in a crazy roller coaster. Remember, it is not personal.

In order not to lose sight of the forest for the many trees in this highly compartmentalized End Time world, let me summarize the major factors that are now overlapping and building a huge and powerful energy peak of destructive interference that will very soon bury the old Orion order.

First, we have the resounding military and moral victory of the Russian people against the dark Western cabal and their proxies in Ukraine, the Nazi Kiev junta, in Eastern Ukraine. This has already changed the balance of political power in Europe and this fact will emerge much stronger in the collective awareness in the coming days.

Ultimately, the people in the West will realize that NATO is a paper tiger and that they have no chance to win any kind of conventional war against Russia and the rest of the world. The USA has practically lost every war it has unleashed after WW2, and this war was essentially won by the Soviet army. Here is one cogent analysis why the USA army has subscribed to constant defeat:

Is American Warfighting Doctrine Hardwired for Failure?

This acknowledgement is lethal for the dark cabal, as they are now losing their last hope to install the NWO and save their asses. You should not forget the psychological dimension in all political events you now witness on the world stage, as we have entered the epoch of immediate creation where human thoughts easily materialize, especially when they are shared by many people – the negative as well as the positive ones.

Second, the Empire of Evil and their Arabic stooges wanted to hit Russia financially in order to save the petrodollar as a world currency by crashing the oil price and by massively manipulating the currency markets to crash the ruble. Only at the end of last year the doom and gloom prophets in the West did not get tired to announce the imminent collapse of the Russian economy due to these malicious attacks on Russia, as Obama also officially, and very stupidly, admitted in several interviews. Only two months later nobody is talking anymore about this wet dream of the dark cabal.

The idea to “starve the Russians” as a British political cretin recently announced, is so out of this world that such thoughts have only one effect – to undermine the power of the dark Western cabal for ever. No idiot has ever managed to stay in power for a long time on this toxic planet of dumbed down people. One still needs a modicum of intelligence to keep the power from other likewise greedy for power people. For further reading I recommend the classical work of Machiavelli “Il Principe” (The Prince).

Russia has announced yesterday that they are expanding their own SWIFT system of payments to further 91 financial institutions. Originally Kremlin planned to launch its own SWIFT system in May. Obviously the Russians are ahead of their ambitious plans to de-dollarize their economy and become independent from the constant financial blackmail of the West.

At the same time the low oil price has already dried the US revenues based entirely on petrodollars (as this country does not produce anything anymore and has more than $700 billion trade deficit) and has also crashed the American oil fracking industry.

As I have written on many occasions, the financial and economic situation of Russia is more stable now than at any time in the past. This is also due to the fact that this same situation is now highly volatile in the West, where its fraudulent financial and political system of gargantuan debt (governmental, corporative, banking, private and towards the rest of the world, e.g. China alone possesses more than one trillion $ US bonds) can crash any moment from now on. Especially now when Russia and China are dumping their US treasure assets.

When the West hysterically predicted Russia’s economic and financial collapse by the end of last year, these morons simply projected their surging collective fears onto this improbable outcome, only to hide their deep-seated angst, knowing how precarious their own situation is. This kind of irrational, escapist behaviour is an invariant pattern in the current End Time. You can observe it both in the behavior of whole countries and their ruling cabal, as well as in each and every individual as poor Lin recently demonstrated (I have spared you the whole email correspondence with her as it was very negative and unpleasantly fearful. Why deal with so many negativity?).

Now the energies are so incredibly strong, all-pervading and transforming that nobody can be exempted from this seemingly interminable onslaught. Many people have began to react in a most irrational, almost suicidal manner, in particular the dark ruling cabal as it becomes more and more evident each day.

The financial sector of the West is on the verge of total collapse. Today we shall know if Greece will leave the Eurozone. All signs point to this outcome as there is no rescue for Greece. This is now an undeniable fact. The moment Greece leaves the Eurozone and declares bankruptcy officially – it is already bankrupt since 2008  – more than 280 billion € of Greek debt are wiped out from the EU banks’ accounts.

As Europa is already in a deep recession, also because of their idiotic sanctions against Russia to punish this country (as if such a big power can be punished by dwarfs, it is like lilliputs throwing arrows against Gulliver), the Greek default and exit from the Eurozone will aggravate dramatically the economic and financial situation in the EU.

The Germans have already lost their war in Ukraine and are now losing also their austerity war against the rest of EU. In fact Germany lost its austerity war, the moment the ECB decided to print more than 500 billion € out of thin air for its latest QE, allegedly to fix the ailing economy, although four such QEs of the Fed since 2008 have achieved nothing in the USA. The One Orion Bank won over Germany one more time. This is the kind of Diadochus wars we now observe in the West that augment the fragility of the Orion system and prepare its global collapse.

So far we have a military and strategic fiasco of the dark western cabal in Ukraine against the forces of light as this stipulated in the last two days with the resounding victory of the Novorussian army in Debaltsevo. Then we have another fiasco looming on the horizoin that will most probably begin today when the negotiations between Greece and the EU, forcing this country to accept a new debt austerity programm in return of a prolongation of its debt repayment, headed by the German block heads, fully fail. In fact we have the classical battle between David and Goliath for a new world economic order, first in Europe and then worldwide.

What we now witness is “The Chronicle of a Death Foretold” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Everybody knows that Greece is bankrupt and has no chance to repay its debt. Then why play this tragic comedy any longer, as the new Greek government says and shows to the world the cul-de-sac, into which the Ponzi scheme of the Orion monetary system has driven the world economy. “Better an end with dread than an endless dread” (Lieber ein Ende mit Schrecken als ein Schrecken ohne Ende) as the Germans use to say. Merkel and Orion Co should be reminded of this famous German saying before it becomes too late.

Hence we have within one week two most severe blows on the heinous plans of the dark Western cabal. They lost the military conflict with Russia in the heart of Europe and now they have lost their last possibility to perpetuate their Ponzi scheme based on gargantuan debt and financial fraud. To understand this latter aspect, I will publish a very important article separately that explains why the game is over for the dark cabal.

The third major area within the Orion matrix that is in dire conditions is the real economy. It is in a deep depression since 2008 and no increase in public debt and printng money out of thin air in form of endless QEs and zero interest rates by the bankrupt central banks could jump start it. Keynesianism is dead long time ago. The unemployment rate in the USA and Europe has steadily grown since the last Depression in 2008 and has reached astronomic heights (or better depths), between 15% and 25 %  or even more, notwithstanding all rigged Orion statistics. Poverty now reigns in the two dark Orion-Reptilian citadels, in the USA and GB, and has also encompassed many of their victim countries, such as Canada, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and  France, to name few of them.

At the same time China has surpassed the Empire of Evil in GDP and is the factory of the world since the beginning of the Third Millennium. In union with the greatest producer of oil and gas, Russia, which is also leading in space and military technology, the two world powers build a powerful counterweight to the crumbling Empire of Evil.

It has happened so suddenly and so soon. Only an year ago the clever financial experts predicted that China will surpass the USA economically not earlier than 2025 and that Russia is just a big gas station and one only needs to shut down the gas tab to defeat this world power, as the criminal John McCain loudly proclaimed.

When so many fundamental and existential factors come together and go south, there is no way that the old system will continue to exist as if nothing has happened. It has existed too long already for my taste. But now this is the end of the game (Feierabend).

The last most decisive factor leading to imminent implosion is the total emotional, mental and physical decompensation of the dark ruling cabal, whose low vibrating body systems are so deeply engrossed in their dark heinous ideas to destroy the world as to save their asses, that they have forgotten to notice that this world has profoundly changed long time ago due to our light efforts and has now ascended so high that the only thing they will surely destroy is themselves in their utter madness. Watch carefully what will happen in the coming days.


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