Play is Your Lesson Today… and Forevermore

Brenda Hoffman, February 12, 2014


Georgi Stankov

I have decided to publish this message because it addresses a leitmotif in all my articles – you are Creator Gods, you are incumbent Logos Gods, you are the Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy, you are the Planetary Ascension Team that is making this ascension possible, you are all this and much more.

Do not close your eyes for your power and do not reject the true nature of what you are. And please do not pretend to be normal human beings and care what other blind humans think and talk about you. Now is the time to come forward and demonstrate your divine nature and to begin enjoying life from the fulcrum of your heart.

This is what I am doing now in the few free moments, when I do not edit this website. But as long as I enjoy this activity and cherish the rewarding communication with you, this is my way to experience a joyful fulfillment.

Do now whatever you like to do and simply enjoy life in a playful manner as Gods in human gestalt for the last time. You have ascended thousand times already and you are now moving through the dimensions like a shuttle beyond the speed of light. There is nothing that you need to achieve anymore in a human vessel and if your ego-mind tells you something different from time to time, know it is only because the ego is afraid of its inevitable elimination during our impending final transfiguration.



Dear Ones,

You’ve endured, you’ve rested and now it is time to bask in the sunshine – something you have neglected for so long. It is as if you hid yourself in a very small closet so others could not guess who you really were. You dressed as they dressed. You walked and talked as they did – but you are not them and never have been. You merely pretended to be them for eons on earth.

Who are they? Anyone but yourself.

But fitting in and following rules so no one knows your truth is becoming a problem as you realize you no longer have to worry about others or put others first – even though that is your first inclination.

You have yet to internalize that you are a god or goddess.

In the past few days, you most likely noted a thought, sensation or feeling that expressed to you – by you we must add – that you love yourself. A major hurdle indeed and one that you yet often lapse at fulfilling, just as a chemically dependent person might lapse and return to their drug of choice. Your drug of choice is hiding your true being in a dark closet. Such action will not create a new you or New Earth – at least how you experience New Earth.

For New Earth is happening whether you participate or not. You, along with your light team, ensured that New Earth was reality in terms you could understand with your physicality, as well as your other dimensions.

Now it is time for you to concentrate on yourself. Climbing your mountain was arduous, but somewhat natural in that you have long punished yourself to maintain your small closet existence. The piece that is truly a new lesson for you is to claim yourself and your new god/goddess role.

Even though you might be rolling down the hill to the promised land, you have not yet given yourself permission to come out of your dark closet. You are comfortable learning to love yourself. You are comfortable learning that all are one in this wondrous transition. But you are not yet comfortable knowing that you are the star in your realm of expertise. You continue to tell yourself that you are good in a certain area or you are interested in a certain area, but you cannot yet admit to even yourself that you are THE STAR in your area.

Perhaps you believe that there are scores of others as capable as you in your chosen field of joy. Such is not true. Think of how many personalities and career paths are available in 3D earth. Quadruple that number and quadruple it again at least hundred times and you will begin to understand how many unique individuals will populate and are populating earth. All unique individuals with extremely unique roles.

This is not time for you to be coy or shy. Who are you? What gifts do you bring earth? That is your role and only your role. Do you not understand that few individuals in humanity totality are now awake? And do you not understand that those individuals – including you – were/are lighting the way for others as they climb their mountain? That is, it was you primary role until now. You have evolved to living your unique role.

You gathered those segments most needed for that role(s). You climbed your mountain of pain hoping for a joyous finale. But now that you can claim yourself fully and with joy, you scamper back to your closet when anyone notes your unique being.

You say to yourself, “I’m not that talented or wonderful. I’m not that kind of leader. It’s just better for me to fade into the woodwork and wait a few days, weeks, months or years until I’m fully whole.” Which will never happen if you continue to protest your skills and abilities.

You are a god/goddess of the highest degree. You have the skills you need to fulfill your role(s). All you have to do is claim your skills, acknowledge your role and play as your role develops.

Many of you are surprised by that last statement for playing as your role develops feels wrong. Where is the work? Where is the arduous climb to whatever peak you feel necessary before proclaiming your true worth?

It is done. You have completed all you need in preparation. Allow yourself to be – especially in joy/play. For that is where your role will begin showing itself.

Work in whatever form is 3D. Joy in all forms is New Earth. And the first piece of joy to express in New Earth is loving yourself – which has begun.

Many of you now feel the need to process self-love for a few months to ensure you do not return to 3D thoughts. Enough already with “working the new you.” You are there. Allow yourself to play much more (self-love) and work (group-thought) much less and you will automatically fall into self-love. Continue to believe you require more knowledge, more skills and more physical beauty in whatever form it takes in your mind and you will remain at the top of the hill watching others having fun rolling down the hills and finding their sparkles of joy.

Play is your key word forevermore. Work is yesterday’s word.

Allow yourself to find your play areas. And you will know your play areas just as you did as a child – perhaps softball was not that fun for you, but you played to fit in – no more. Perhaps dolls were your joy and you played with them when you could. So it is now. Play, Play and play some more – that is your skill development lesson for today and always. Allow yourself to be. So be it. Amen.


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