Pig-Faced Western Insolence

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, February 9, 2015


The attack on President Putin by British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond and the laughter and jeering during the intervention by Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov underlines the notion that the West, in general terms, is governed by cliques of incompetent, insolent upstarts who in the private sector would be unemployable.

As for Philip Hammond calling President Vladimir Putin a “tyrant” then going on to speak about dictators, then there is one word in response: Resign! Whatever his personal views, which can interest nobody, the British Foreign Secretary is head of his country’s diplomacy and gratuitous, unfounded quips like that underline the notion that he is worse even at his job than his predecessor William Hague.

President Putin’s popularity rating is somewhere near three times that of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s. So much for democracy, but then again Mr. Hammond represents one of the three prongs of the FUKUS Axis (France-UK-US), the clique that sided with terrorists on their own lists of proscribed groups to topple the Jamahiriya Government in Libya, sided with terrorists carrying out chemicals weapons attacks in Syria, to incriminate President Assad.

So much for Hammond. A vapid, lightweight wannabe, a nobody on the world stage, a pith-headed, clottish, ill-mannered, insolent upstart with zero substance, a squeaky, fussy little nonentity whose real vocation in life is to hide behind the skirts of an Anglican priest in the belfry of some moldy church basement somewhere in rural Wales. He finds himself in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Same thing.

As for the guffaws of laughter vomited forth by some Western officials at the International Security Conference in Munich while Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Lavrov was delivering his speech, how rude. But then again what to expect from the West but sheer, barefaced, pig-headed insolence, bad manners, nastiness, spitefulness, lies, skullduggery, meddling, intrusion, utter disregard and disrespect for human rights as civilians are murdered, as babies have their faces blasted off and their families blown away by some NATO coward in the sky imposing democracy from 30,000 feet?

So, let us take a look at Western policies in the last decade and a half and see if they are laughing. So, ha ha ha ha ha, what about Kosovo? You know, where Albanian terrorists trafficking human organs and shooting at the police were destabilizing Kosovo, the Serbian Province which was, is and always will be, the very heart of the Serbian nation? Ha ha ha ha ha, funny, isn’t it? And what about those Ushtria Çlirimtare ë Kosovës terrorists slicing the heads off Serb bank workers and parading them around grinning like apes? Hilarious, I suppose?

And Ha ha ha ha ha, the Iraq fiasco was the cherry on a putrid sh*t-filled cake, wasn’t it? I mean, ha ha ha ha ha, they attacked a sovereign nation outside the auspices of the UN Security Council (war crime, in the absence of any attenuating factors), they strafed civilian structures with military hardware, ha ha ha ha ha, they murdered up to a million civilians, ha ha ha ha ha, they totally destabilized a State, threw most of the population out of work, ha ha ha ha ha, and rendered large swathes of the country poisonous. Ha ha ha ha ha, half a million to a million kids born dead or deformed, ha ha ha ha ha, eh?

And speaking about the ha ha ha ha West’s ha ha ha ha foreign policy, we had the concentration and torture camp at Abu Ghraib, you know, ha ha ha ha ha where American heroine Lynndie England and her co-torturers were “just having fun” sodomizing detainees, peeing in people’s food, throwing snakes at people, raping prisoners, setting dogs on them and forcing Moslems to eat pork. Like, what a blast?

And now that western officials find it so hilarious to listen to Mr. Lavrov’s balanced, wholly credible and honest delivery, what about the ha ha ha ha concentration and torture camp at Guantanamo Bay?

So the fun-packed journey continues through the Libyan fiasco, a country rendered chaotic after NATO’s ham-fisted and illegal intervention, ha ha ha ha ha supporting terrorist groups on the FCO’s own list of proscribed groups, eh Mr. Hammond? Freakin’ hilarious, eh whatty what? Ha ha ha ha ha…

And then we have Syria, ha ha ha ha ha, where planned false flag chemical weapons attacks were outed in this column numerous times before one actually took place in an area crawling with Syrian Arab Army forces. And the fun fair stops in Ukraine, where a democratically elected President was ousted in an armed insurrection and removed without any of the legal precepts for such being in place.

Poroshenko (not his father’s family name) and his murky connections from the past rule the roost in Kiev, not in Donetsk and not in LuGansk, with a properly pronounced G after Fascist massacres were committed forcing the citizens of Eastern Ukraine to take up arms. Five thousand souls later, the legacy of the west’s intrusion, the rebels are on the offensive, while Russia pushes for peace, as Moscow has done from the beginning.

Moscow pushes for peace, the west? Let us take a look at their foreign policy over the last decade and a half…and… Ha ha ha ha ha! There are two sides to every coin and both sides can laugh. But they say the one that laughs last…



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