More Revelations on the CIA Sponsored Snipers Responsible For the Maidan Massacre

by Georgi Stankov, February 12, 2015

The fraudulent western narrative on the Maidan sniper massacre has started to unravel with a great speed on the same day, the Minsk ceasefire agreement was signed. This is the more important current development as this agreement has been already torpedoed only hours later by Poroshenko, who is a stooge and an agent provocateur of the dark US government. He has already rejected on Facebook the agreed federalisation of Ukraine in Minsk, which is the key point of this treaty.

Hence this agreement is probably dead, before the ink of the signatures has dried on it and will only have the function to become a catalyst for more revelations, predominantly on the part of the Europeans. The latter now fear that the USA will quickly undermine this peace agreement with all means in order to stoke the war in Ukraine and subjugate whole Europe under its hegemonic foreign policy of installing the NWO as Pax Americana, as Poroshenko behavior already indicates. Hence there are many levels of development that are now unfolding with great speed in a most beautiful manner.

The German state TV program “Monitor” is the most renowned political program in Germany, comparable to “60 minutes” CBS in the USA. It was allowed to report the truth about the Maidan massacre soon after this happened and before the dark cabal fully shut down the German MSM. This even ultimately led to the current bloody war.

Such kind of revelations will undoubtedly transform the medial and political landscape over night. The moment the MSM presstitutes in the West decide to get rid of their Orion pimps, the crimes of the latter will start to pop up like shit in the water. We are now in the middle of such dirty revelations. You cannot cleanse humanity if you avoid dirt, this is what we personally experience as cleansers of human dross for years now.

While BBC tried to frame the event as valiant demonstrators’ “fighting back” against the Berkut officers as I reported today, the simple admission that Maidan leaders covered up involvement in the killings is nothing less than extraordinary, especially coming from this moothpiece of Orion-Zionist propaganda from the British island of Reptilian darkness. However, the BBC failed to pursue the story to its logical conclusion—that the official narrative of the sniper attacks is full of holes. The British presstitutes are not there yet.

Now some of the most damning evidence of Maidan involvement in the massacre comes from an extremely thorough, on-the-ground investigation by the German state television program “Monitor”:


This television report makes a very convincing case that most (if not all) of the sniper victims were shot from behind—and from buildings which were completely under the control of Maidan protesters (the Conservatory and Hotel Ukraina, among others). The German investigative team interviews a forensics expert, a doctor who treated wounded protesters and police, and even a lawyer representing relatives of the victims—all of whom raise serious questions about the official narrative (a handful of blood-thirsty Berkut officers operating under orders from Yanukovych, who had just cut a deal with Maidan leaders).

Furthermore, the Monitor’s report is consistent with an academic paper  “The “Snipers’ Massacre” on the Maidan in Ukraine” authored by Ivan Katchanovski, a Professor of Political Science at the University of Ottawa and formerly a visiting scholar at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University. Some of his findings include:

  • A video taken by the BBC depicts snipers who fired on protesters from the Hotel Ukraina, and the shooter was then identified as wearing a green helmet as those worn by Euromaidan protesters (p.7), traces and bullet holes also indicate the shooting came from the hotel (p.8).
  • At least 12 public buildings were occupied by snipers or spotters. The new Ukrainian Government’s investigation did not address these issues (p.5).
  • Snipers fired on both police and protesters (pp. 6-7). A commander of Berkut said that snipers from the hotel fired at his people (pp.8-9)
  • A radio report of the Alfa police commanders states that about ten people from the Music Conservatory went to the Dnipro Hotel with their arms hidden while another ten went to Hotel Ukraina.
  • This is confirmed by other radio exchanges (p.11). Radio exchanges were later juxtaposed by Euromaidan activists with other photos to present SBU snipers as responsible for the shooting (p.12).
  • However, the public video did not include other radio transmissions of police units regarding civilians who were carrying weapons in bags (p.12).
  • It appears that snipers targeted international journalists but not Euromaidan film crew (p.17)
  • Shortly after shootings carried out by snipers, representatives of the far-right Svoboda, Fatherland and the Radical Party, spoke at Maidan and accused the Yanukovich government of carrying out the massacre (p.19)
  • According to a statement by a EuroMaidan figure, 11 members of the “Berkut” police unit were wounded by snipers who fired from the Music Conservatory building. (p.21)
  • Witnesses claim that groups from West Ukraine took over the Music Conservatory building that day on the same morning and that some of them had guns (p.24)
  • The exact identity of the snipers or those who hired them is still unknown (p.26)
  • While video depicting Berkut police firing was used by Maidan as evidence that they fired at protesters, Ivan Katchanovski writes that “the analysis of the publicly available evidence is inconclusive whether Berkut and Omega killed any of the protesters, specifically unarmed ones, because there were other shooters killing the protesters at the same very time” (p.27).
  • There is no evidence of Yanukovich ordering police forces to shoot at protesters nor have radio transmissions of various police units suggested this , commanders of various police groups denied receiving such orders (p.27)

In the face of so much convincing evidence that the current Kiev junta is a criminal regime that should be held accountable by the international court of justice, and in view of the recent admission of Obama in a CNN interview to have brokered the Kiev putsch on that day of massacre, although the USA were officially not part of the deal with Janukovich:


this criminal openly admits that in fact ‘ he brokered this power transition’ in Ukraine with the help of CIA-paid snipers, after Victoria Nuland had already admitted that USA has spent 5 billion $ in Ukraine to prepare this coup d’etat).

Hence the only aggressor in this war is the USA and it bears the full responsibility for this crime, now and in all times according to the law of karma, which is both collective and personal. That is why I see little chances for most Americans to ascend to the new 4D worlds, as they need another painful incarnation cycle of 26,000 years of separation from the Source to learn their soul lessons.

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