Energy Update – February 1st, 2015

Massive Wave of Old Souls as New Walk-Ins

Georgi Stankov

The energy thrusts have been relentless these last days and many of you have felt them and reported accordingly. I will be short today and focus on one very important new trend that now determines the ascension process in a most profound manner.

Yesterday was another massive descent of source energy into this uppermost mother planet that caused another significant ID shift to higher frequency levels. I experienced it as usually as a huge cc-wave that started the night before and lasted the whole day with excruciating headache again, gastric pain, muscle stiffness and right shoulder pain, and even the skin on my face was burnt in the evening. Carla was hit even harder with the most severe form of acute pharyngitis and broncho-pneumonitis as she suffered for almost two months during November and December last year.

We do not complain, we only try to quantify the intensity of the current waves and the severity of the symptoms they cause. Not to speak of the devastating negative patterns from the collective we are now cleansing in one fell swoop. Hence if you feel exhausted, debilitated, angry or even mad at this reality, know that it is due to the massive cleansing we are now doing in this last most intensive phase of ascension on behalf of humanity and that this has nothing to do with you as a person, as I have explained in my last publication on the “Energies of Crucifixion“.

Why then the importance of this report as everything we experience is the repetition of the repetition? Because in the last 24 -48 hours there was a massive influx of old souls and souls from the new template as walk-ins in human bodies. This huge wave of new ncarnations has a twofold purpose:

1) To increase significantly the light quotient on this planet and give it the final boost for its transition into the new Golden galaxy.

2) To give these souls, who have just started with their new incarnation cycle on the new 4D worlds the possibility to experience first hand the ascension process, which is a unique event in the whole omni-verse and very few souls are privileged to make such rare experience.

Now, this huge influx of highly evolved walk-ins was possible only because the energetic conditions allow this. This uppermost mother planet has been now firmly anchored into the upper 4D by the PAT and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy, so that these souls can begin with their new incarnation cycle under most favorable conditions without having any intensive, detrimental contacts with the still rather sluggish and dense low-frequency energetic patterns of the old Orion matrix, which is now being fully dissolved.

The second reason, why these souls have now incarnated in such large numbers, is to prepare humanity for the final revelations at the political and societal level. Hence expect some dramatic changes in the coming days.

Now you may ask yourselves, how do I know all this? Well, let me tell you that much. Yesterday, triggered by a private event in Carla’s family, we discovered that all her relatives are now walk-ins of old, highly evolved souls from the new template we created last summer. We know these energies and emanation very well as her mother is a walk-in of this new template since four months. Now here is some background information for you to observe carefully when you look for such walk-ins in your families.

The new soul templates can be immediately recognized as walk-ins compared to the old soul fragments by their brilliant, scintillating high frequency aura. In the case of Carla’s mother when the new soul came in during the night – most of the walk-ins come in the night in the dream state and the person appears completely transformed the next morning  – she was emanating yellow, and gold-white Christed light from her heart chakra and her face and eyes shone like a second central son. It was so beautiful to see this new soul that had entered this old human vessel, which was so much rejuvenated at that moment. It was a veritable miracle!

Then you must bear in mind that these souls incarnate in a personality structure that is still very much influenced by past dark beliefs, emotions and unpleasant patterns of behaviour. It is very difficult for such souls to change the old character overnight and make it more loving and amiable. Hence what you initially observe is a big discrepancy between the loving nature of the incarnated walk-in soul and the still negative past expressions of the old character.

But it is also obvious that these features are no longer supported by the new soul and this old, at times unpleasant behaviour has no power and no energetic roots anymore. You no longer feel this behaviour as bad as you also sense the loving energies of the new soul that tells you: “It is not me, it is the old personality and I can only do so much to improve its character.”

The positive changes occur over a period of several months and then you have a completely new personality – a new human being, mother, father, brother, sister, etc., in case they were unripe souls and their soul fragments have now been retrieved. Can you imagine this? This dramatic change is felt from the very beginning and this is the miracle I am talking here about.

Also many of these walk-ins are channelled by their souls from the very beginning by eliminating the remnant ego and they utter all of a sudden statements you would have never expected to hear from the old unripe soul, which are wise and very loving and understanding because they come directly from the new old soul.

What does this all mean for your personal life? In case of Carla, she has now a complete spiritual overhaul of her whole distant family and the new walk-ins are much more loving and understandable overnight, so that all past problems and frictions, which they had created with their negative patterns, were wiped out in the last 24 hours. Believe me this is nothing short of most amazing miracle when I compare it with the past situation.

This is how we now create our reality from the vertical multi-dimeinsional perspective as we both asked our HS for this solution months ago. We no longer need to convince or transform anybody, we simply decide not to share a common reality with him anymore and his soul fragment automatically moves to a lower timeline, while the same body is incarnated by a new old soul as walk-in.

This new development is so dramatic and transformative that it takes some time to realize it in the full scope, as we are used to resolve all our issues in the clumsy old linear 3D way, most of the time in a confrontational manner. Now we have a massive substitution of soul essence on this uppermost mother planet and subsequent retrieval of old dark soul fragments to lower timelines. These latter were simultaneously destroyed by nuclear explosions and MPR in the last days as already reported on this website. At the same time we have now moved much higher into the upper 4D levels and the effects of this huge ID shift will be felt in the coming days.

You will observe these new walk-ins in your families, which will change overnight for the better and many personal problems that seemed impossible to resolve so far, will disappear all of a sudden. The new walk-ins have a very selective memory at the beginning and have forgotten all past negative experiences that have motivated their bad behaviour. This is necessary, so that the loving nature of the new old soul comes to the fore and can express herself.

However, as I said, it is a gradual and painful process and relapses into old patterns of behaviour happen when there is stress for the new walk-in souls. You must be patient in such situations with these souls as they need your support as more experienced warrior souls in this toxic reality.

This same soul transfer has now happened on a global scale and many politicians have finally agreed the planned soul exchange they until now had vehemently rejected. This will cause some spectacular revelations and fissures in the old Orion facade of political charade in the coming days as this is now already happening in Greece and from there in the EU. This will open all of a sudden new venues for the resolution of many conflicts worldwide in a most beautiful and elegant manner.

And what is most important, the new massive influx of old soul essence of the new templates on this timeline will increase the light quotient in leaps and bounds, so that we shall very quickly reach the threshold of the final paradigm change – the tipping point in the history of humanity when the new scientific theory of the Universal Law will become the only acceptable transcendental point of view. We have never been closer to this paramount event as today.



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