Energy Report of the PAT – February 14, 2015

Hello Dr. Stankov and Carla:

January 25, 2015: Dream:

I had a dream January 25, 2015, which was before the dream of February 10, 2015 in regard to the “platter of crystals” however, now, I know they were tied together, but did not know if before you commented on my dream of February 10, 2015 in re: the Gold-Amethyst purple crystal.

Dream: January 25, 2015: I am at this office location, and my job is to deliver solid, gold bars.  In the dream, I picked up a sack of gold bars. I select one and is looking at the front of it, as well as the back, to determine if it is pure gold, and it is. It is my job to deliver the gold bars to the public. This goes back to your explanation: When I initially had this dream, I did not think it was relevant; I figured, it was, perhaps, indicative, that, maybe “good fortune” might be coming my way, otherwise, I would have shared it with you and the PAT. Now, I know, it ties directly in with your explanation of the gold and purple rays. See Dr. Stankov’s definition below:

 “The sixth, gold-purple ray (flame) of resurrection embodies the perfect blueprint of all our bodies – the physical, emotional, mental, etheric, spiritual, and the life of the Ascended Masters’ Purity and Love.

The gold bars reaffirms what is happening in re the “completion of ascension” with the gold & purple crystals.

Another dream last night, not particularly sure of its relevance, but you decide:

Dream February 12, 2015:

My father has fashioned a brand, new commode, unlike, any, ever fashioned before. He calls me and shows me his new invention. It is gorgeous, and the design is like none in this world that I’ve ever seen. It looks as if he chiseled it from stone. The commode seems to be cut and fashioned according to exact specifications (whose, I’m, not sure). The designs on the commode protrude with a 3D like appearance, in that they reach outward. On the commode are designs of “Greek Gods”  whose attire is indicative of being a Greek God. The commode has a pattern of rose, colored, flowers on it and the patters flows exactly like “bougainvillea” plants that cover buildings. In the dream, my husband and his sister were also there admiring this new and different type of commode. Now, my father died in 1980. My husband passed in 1991, along with his sister, who passed in 2009. In the dream, my father was very proud of this new and beautiful design, and again, it was, unlike any I’ve ever seen.

According to “The Mystical, Magical, Marvelous, World of Dreams by Wilda B. Tanner” a dream of a “commode”:  signifies the release of old feelings, emotions, ideas, prejudices, problems, getting things out of your system, letting go. Dreaming of a “bathroom” in her book signifies: place to cleanse, release, relieve, let go of all that is no longer useful. Represents cleansings of ideas, emotions, problems, old hurts, old habits. A room to refresh and renew.

In view of the new Source Energies that are permeating our bodies, I believe this may be significant, at least, to me, in what I’m experiencing, if not to all of us. In any event, I thought I should share it, and you decide if is worthy of being shared with your audience (PAT).

God Bless you and the PAT.
Shirley A. Garmon

P.S. Forgot one other item in re the dream of the commode:

I told my father that it was perfect but it lacked one thing: “I said now it needs to be “fired” so that it has that beautiful new shine to it. Similar to how pottery is made from clay and then fired to have a nice shine.

Dear Shirley,

all dreams we receive are multidimensional in nature, that is to say, they consist of multilayers and allow many interpretations, all of them valid depending on the point of view. The most valid interpretation is however the one, which the dreamer makes himself as the dream is meant for him.

Besides during dreaming one always receives additional knowing as intuition which an external person does not have and hence cannot consider.

Now if we consider all these limitations in the “Traumdeutung” (dream interpretation, Freud), I would like to suggest that your dream may as well indicate the new life in the new Golden galaxy in the 4D worlds and also on Gaia-5 in the 5D, where we shall go as ascended masters. As I have written in the past, there will be no money on all new 4D worldsas this system of payments has already been abolished by us. Instead there is already full abundance and innumerous other treasures there, which the gold bars symbolize. You are giving these treasures to other people for free, which symbolizes that you as an ascended master are teaching these people in the new 4D worlds new precious abilities how to create and progress on the ladder of ascension as to become creator gods themselves and create such treasures on their own. This all happens on the new 4D worlds, while we have ascended to 5D and higher and visit these worlds in physical vessels to guide the new humanity.

Your second dream is a continuation of this one. You father comes to you and shows you his unique creation – the beautiful commode – which symbolizes the new 4D and 5D worlds, which we are now building together with all human souls, who have incarnated in these End Times and even earlier, and who are now in an excarnated state and help us from the HR. They create Gaia 5 and the new 4D worlds from the 5th and higher dimensions and we do this from this reality and from the fulcrum of our higher selves, where we are always together with our deceased beloved ones.

Your relatives are proud because they have co-created this world with us and expect us impatiently to ascend and join them to enjoy this beautiful creation (the new commode) together. That is why they have come to you to show you this creation so that you know this and begin to enjoy it now, as I wrote yesterday. Many of these excarnated souls already live in these new worlds and prepare them for us to join them, when our final transfiguration and ascension will take place. I remember to have had a similar dream with my relatives some time ago, who are dead and they showed me proudly a new house they have built for all of us. These dreams are an invitation in anticipation of our imminent arrival.

Now I am dreaming the last two days all the time that I am meeting innumerous souls and advise them or even give them orders how to arrange the final energies for our ascension. My orders are very abstract as I tell the souls how to use these energies in the best possible way in close coordination with me and all other souls. I also manipulate actively from the above some of these new energetic constructions. The general feeling I have is of tiresome energetic dream work, but the emotional perception of what we accomplish is one of great satisfaction and success.

Hence I think that we are now making the final preparations for our ascension and your dream, meeting your father and relatives and your father showing you the new commode he has created, indicates the coming of this event and their excitement and joy of meeting us half-way when we shall ascend. They have shown you what we have created together as Creator Gods – hence the figures of the Greek Gods on the commode. Because we are integral part of these new creations as our energetic fields are now intrinsically linked to the new 4D worlds and Gaia 5, we actually build the new web of light.

As I said above, this is another possible interpretation and there are surely much more, but I think the whole narrative fits very well into what we energetically experience now and have an intimate foreboding – namely we have entered the final phase in the ascension process and now for the first time also the political and societal events on the grounds confirm this final stage.

With love and light

Thanks, again, very much for this in-depth interpretation.

God bless.

Hi George,

I trust you and Carla are both well – I’ve been feeling slightly better the last two days than I had prior, but the exhaustion is still the same and the ear ringing is louder.

Thought this might interest you – something has been percolating in my mind the past few days but I couldn’t put my finger on it, but today it dawned on me what it is.  Lately people just don’t seem to hear what I’m saying either at all or correctly.  This is happening whether I’m ordering food or talking on the phone or whatever, for example I’m explaining to Maintenance that there’s a problem in a room on the 3rd floor and they keep saying, “the 2nd floor?” or I ask for no mayonnaise and they say “extra mayo, right?”  I’ve realized that now we actually are separating worlds and I’m not getting through to them very well anymore or they cannot hear me and there is a definite drifting apart in consciousness.

This has never been a problem for me before as I’m very outgoing and I think well spoken, but there’s been at least 6 instances of this in the past 3 days that I can think of.   Sometimes the people are right in front of me like taking my order and just look at me totally blank (and stupid I must say) like I’m speaking a totally foreign language and I’m thinking, what is wrong with you, snap out of it!

At the same time, there have been a few instances where I interact with a stranger and we just click and have a fine little conversation that seems to mean more than polite conversation used to feel like.

But on the whole people are just annoying me more than ever and I don’t even care enough to want to shake some sense into them like I used to.  People I work with are getting snarkier too, I think because I just don’t join in their petty complaints and gossip and they don’t know how to handle it, not being able to look at any situation from a higher viewpoint that maybe, just maybe it’s not worth the energy to think about such mundane lower energy nonsense.  I often wonder if there is even one person in my city that thinks about any of the stuff I think about nonstop!

Especially mind boggling is my sister, who has obvious major ascension symptoms just pooh poohs away any spiritually inclined ideas that might be affecting her health, though don’t take her angel cards away from her because then who would tell her what to do?  And then her fear sends her back to the doctor week after week worrying she’s having a heart attack or a stroke etc.  So I don’t talk to her much anymore – thankfully she and my brother are the only family I have left (wouldn’t this sound horrible to say to most people?) so I don’t have much family drama to avoid anyway.

Anyway, sorry to go on so long, just want to add one high note of my week – one of the professors here has a great big dog that I love and he was walking down the hall the other day with the him and some people, and I called to the dog and he ran to me so happily and I cuddled him up and said “Oh I love you too” and one of the woman said “I swear he’s trying to tell you the same thing” and I think he was, I could tell I made his day too.  :)  It’s things like that that keep my spirits up even when this place tries to drag me down.  Too bad I can’t afford to quit but hopefully that will be a moot point soon anyway!  I’m only really happy when I’m home with my “boys” – my dog and cat – and I don’t have to deal with anyone .

Take care of yourselves and thank you for being here!


Dear Katy,

I am glad that you have addressed this issue. I am coping with this same energetic incompatibility with my environment for years. It happens that people do not see me, hear me, understand me, constantly, so that I have almost given up on any superficial and casual communication.

The reason for this is that we now vibrate so high that we no longer are able to establish energetic interferences with the rest of the people who are fully closed for these powerful energies from the Source and hence do not resonate with us anymore. Every form of communication is based on compatible frequencies within a common spectrum, bandwidth. But this communality which held humanity together in the past in a form of consensual reality, is no longer present on this uppermost mother planet, shortly before the final ID split takes place. It has started some time ago and is steadily progressing step by step. With the opening of the February 11th portal, this ID shift has hugely widened.

In addition, we are moving so fast between the timelines that we often simply vanish from the sight of the people. Today, for instance, I was waiting outside the bank for Carla to make some transactions. I was simply walking up and down in front of the bank entrance and the place was completely empty. Then she came out of the bank and simply did not see me. She could swear that the place was empty. Only after 10 seconds or so when I turned my head, I saw her and called her and she was flabbergasted as I was only a couple of meters away from her.

During this time I was thinking about the “Liars Press” in Germany and was planning to write an article on it. I must have bilocated at this moment in Germany as I lost track of time. I am doing this all the time in the last months. This must have coincided with Carla coming out of the bank, where she must have dropped her frequencies for a while in order to communicate with the bank clerks and she must have been on a lower timeline than me when she came out of the bank. We were for a while on different timelines and could not see each other before our HS could match the timelines again.

But this is essentially old stuff and we have discussed this issue extensively as early as 2011, when we prepared ourselves for the opening of the stargate 11.11.11. Now of course this incompatibility with the old matrix is much more pronounced and the effects more spectacular, until it really begins to get weird and everybody will notice that something is not right. This is all part of the crumbling illusion these days.

With love and light

Hey Georgi,

I have been meaning to write to you for a while now but every time it seems like I start writing, I get interrupted. Hopefully I can get this one out.

First off, I wanted to thank you and Carla for making us all aware of A.J Jones book, the Seven Sacred Flames. I read it and thought it was wonderful.  A few things that stood out that I thought were promising were the fact that in the book they mentioned that in the last hundred years, there have been several thousand people to ascend.  And I quote from page 177 ” There are several thousand people in the last century who made their ascension by invoking the Violet Flame every day for years and years. They invoked it with much love and fervor in their hearts without ever really knowing what they were transmuting. They allowed all their shadows to surface to their awareness, without ever judging them, but surrendered the energies by bathing them in the Violet Fire.  These dear souls did not  have access to all the tools and information you now have. It was through faith and consistency that they continued until they could breathe their last human breath.” I also thought it interesting when St. Germain was talking about conducting ascension ceremonies and having a juice, apple or orange preferably, there that they could “bless”  during the ceremony and thus positively affect your vibration. I thought it was interesting to know and have the laugh out loud when he said that if they wanted to they could bless the drink so that we would have ascend immediately, but they won’t do that because they need us here on the ground.  LOL, of course they do.

Another thing that really stood out to me was the previous incarnations of many of the Masters of the various rays. For example Serapis Bey was previously incarnated as the famous Spartan King, Leonidas (which absolutely gave me chills, as I get them whenever I watch something about the 300) and also Saint Germain having been previously incarnated as Francis Bacon (Shakespere) and also Roger Bacon (13th Century Alchemist who wrote, among other works, “The Root Of The  World”)

Another nice thing that I noted, was that their version of the Christ story match our own when they said that Jesus is real name was Yeshua Ben Joseph. The other things I picked up on when reading the Seven Sacred flames (SSF), was the mention of a book called sons of God by Christine Mercie who was the lady that according to SSF was a lady who ascended via being thankful. Of course I am not doing this book any justice with these brief comments but I would highly recommend to the PAT reading this book.  I have not finished reading the book yet, but thought you would like this quote from page 74.

“Those who have considered themselves the very sanctified of Earth are fighting it harder than most others. This light is taking the power of God and placing it back where it belongs the great power it flows unrestricted between God and all mankind, unless blocked by the usurpation and bigotry of leaders. Those who have stood to block the flow of this power to all our being, or will be shortly shoved aside.”

I also wanted to mention a dream I had a little over a month ago. In the dream I am in the outer reaches of our solar system in some sort of a spaceship, I am in trouble and need help. In the midst of my desperation, my vision all of a sudden changes and I am viewing the comic superhero Magneto flying through space will in iron cage around him. The cage seems to be protecting him and deflecting space debris as he moves towards the ship I am on. The weird part was that even though I was looking at Magneto from outside of that body, I almost felt like I was him. So it was like myself was coming to save myself, if that makes any kind of sense at all. The reason I thought this dream so odd was because I don’t think I have ever had a dream where I was not on planet or simultaneously being two people.
I am no expert on dreams or anything, but it seems like this is saying that we all have it in us. That as you have been saying this whole time, and then Brenda Hoffman’s email today that we are indeed creator gods capable of saving our selves and is ascending this planet.  I could fully relate with her email about having to hide who we are.

Everyday I feel like an actor trying to hide what I really am. Sometimes I think about just saying what’s on my mind at dinner but then I think come what are they think if I tell them I’m building a Crystal City in 5 D over top of our town. I would likely get put in the nut hut.

As to Braco’s gazing, I really liked it, and felt/feel him of the light.  I finally got a chance to watch one of his gazes, and was glad I did. That said, I would probably get beat up if I referred him to any of my friends, lol.I also wanted to mention that I really liked Javars piece you posted a little while back and great job on How I Put The Pisces Together, that was an awesome article.

I better wrap it up here, but just wanted you to know I am using the Flames everyday and am getting in the habit of invoking the flame of the day every morning. In the back of SSF there are short prayers for each one of the flames.also, I really liked Carla’s advice about wrapping them all together and have incorporated that into my lightsaber.

Love and Light,

P.S. you may already know this, but Edgar Cayce said Russia would be the light of the world.

Dear Jon,

I am happy to hear from you again and thank you very much for all the comments. I do remember well most of the quotations you refer to and I think that much has changed since then and that now we are in a completely different energetic situation. But the light work remains essentially the same.

As I pointed out today in my foreword, we now do not need to do much or anything particular as the light work is done and we can begin to enjoy life. It is enough to bear this low vibrations and live in this dense world when you vibrate yourself so high and this is the actual sacrifice we now do for humanity. We could have ascended long time ago…

With love and light

Dear Dr. Stankov,

As you have so many years of experience dealing with Source waves/LBP and their many negative symptoms… have you ever wondered… if those distressing signals they cause are not necessarily a byproduct of some “pure divine light”… but symptoms of Cabal’s Scalar Wave Weapons which are directed to the key people who are a threat to them (aka PAT) and why these non-threatening people are not having these symptoms/”not in LBP”?

I’m not saying LBP isn’t real, or that there isn’t constant flood of Source energies to Gaia, but in my experience at least, there really is something fishy with all these endless negative disorders which are “just supposed to be Ascension symptoms, let’s just bear with this shit and not question it’s origin, it has to be essentially a good thing, we are sacrificing ourselves because of All-That-Is”

There is a good deal of info about it, and the symptoms you could cause with them are similar to LBP-symptoms (intense tiredness, feeling nauseous, headaches, neck pains, diarrhea etc etc. anything that will retard your normal life and awakening).

I don’t know what is the case here, that’s why I’m asking for your opinion, but saying that the Cabal is NOT using that shit on us would be a little too naive, don’t you think?

And yes, I have too many experiences when I start to feel incredibly tired (typical Source wave symptom for me) and have to go to bed in the middle of the day to integrate that energy. But when lying down to bed, I lose my vigilance and start to get these psychic attacks, like they somehow “lured” me in there, and I was feeling great before that “Source wave” and now my whole day is ruined… Oh but I’m sacrificing myself because of humanity… Yeah right.

I don’t want to sound arrogant here, but I think you get what I’m after here!

Kind regards,

Dear Teemu,

I cannot share your doubts for one simple reason – I experience all these vibrations daily since 1999 and they come directly from the source. If you experience these vibrations, you will know it for certain.

Now from a broader point of view we are indeed cleansing the dross of the dark archons on a global scale and this is a dirty job that has its toll on our physical bodies. But to consider this as being attacks of the dark ones is to succumb to the mentality of victimization. We are untouchable and we can be harmed only if we allow this to happen at the mental level.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

since my origin is Macedonian (FYROM) our languages are similar but not all the same so English will have to do…

First thumbs up on your view on the Putin – EU – USA situation, as I was aware of it, but explaining to the “zombie population” it is even more frustrating than the situation itself.

I am following your site for quite a while but why i am writing to you is to “warn” maybe the word is to harsh or to make you aware that 95% of all the channellings are all hacked (at the moment for the past 9 months) and the chanellers are not aware of it or they simply can not tell the difference between the negatives and the good guys. Something big happened in the upper realms and the good guys needed to back off for a while (as above so below). Specially be aware of the channellings that give dates, don’t ask me how i know that , just  keep that in mind and make your own conclusion (in simplified terms if it doesn’t make sense then it must be fake)… I want to share you a link from , i don’t know whether you have ever heard of him, Montague Keen, who interestingly talks about the same topic as you do…. but the problem is that from what i have gathered from my sources, they can not positively confirm he is trustworthy even though what you will read it might make sense…

Here is his last message and make your own conclusion:

Keep the good work, and please don’t trust all channels many many many “lines” are hacked


Dear Ljupcho,

thank you for establishing contact with me for the first time and I am happy to hear that you regularly read the post on our website.

I fully agree with your assessment of the quality of the current channelings and I have written for many years about their deficiencies. And I agree that one should no trust given dates, when ascension is concerned, although we have received valuable information on pivotal portals and ID shifts in the past that helped the PAT prepare for them.

Whereas we all know that such shifts and openings of portals begin much earlier and the actual peaks for the light warriors of the first and the last hour who carry these shifts are several days before the announced date, as is the case with the current portal Feb 11th. Most of the light work has already been done during the last week or so.

Where do you live in Macedonia? I am a Macedonian too – my father’s and mother’s families come from Janiza, respectively Thessaloniki and have a long tradition in the MVRO  when it was still a revolutionary movement for liberation from the Turks and the Greeks and before it degraded to a terrorist organisation.

With love and light

Hi, the truth was I not expecting such a quick response and thank you for one. Well like any other Macedonian I live abroad, i live in Slovenia (former Yugoslav Republic), but origins from a small town called Makedonski Brod in Western part of FyroM…

Now on my way to check your updates on your site…. hope Canada is everything you have expected….

Love , peace and light

Time is an Illusion

Dearest Georgi,

Just as you posted your latest column I was sitting in the bathtub thinking about how disappointed I was in many of the Eastern based religious gurus who insist on sticking to the Kali Yuga estimation of dates when time is an illusion.

They are in fact imposing a false and prohibitive construct on our minds about time when we have the ability to change time and the timeline of events whenever we want as Logos creator Gods.

We are not bound by any prophecies of any kind. And for those still stuck on the Judeo Christian idea of prophecy, I would remind them of the multitude of instances within the Bible when timelines changed.

Time is an illusion and we must put all restrictions of what can happen when out of our minds in order to finish our Ascension.

Thank you for all of your hard work..  I can’t wait to for Putin to release the 9/11 information as Veterans Today has reported.  Truly, the revelations will be the biggest game changers.

What an exciting time to be incarnate on this earth.

Peace to you,

Lieber Georgi,

der aufmunternde Beitrag von Brenda Hoffman kam genau zur richtigen Zeit. Die letzten Tage schweiften meine Gedanken wieder und wieder zu meinen Lebensstationen, ich ging sie immer und immer wieder durch. Ein riesiger Berg war zu erklimmen und immer wieder Geröll weg zu räumen. Oft tauchte auch diese Frage in mir auf: Hatte ich so viel schlechtes Karma in der Vergangenheit angehäuft, dass ich so viele Schwierigkeiten bewältigen musste in diesem Leben? Vorbei ist nun diese Zeit. Keine Fragen mehr, denn sie wurden durch Verstehen ersetzt. Ausruhen, in ruhe abwarten ist jetzt angesagt und spielen. Langsam beginne ich, mich daran zu gewöhnen. Lasse schon mal die Tür zum Schrank-Versteck ein wenig offen. Sicher hat Brenda vielen Weggefährten mit ihrem Beitrag aus dem Herzen gesprochen.

Seit ein paar Jahren schon wird u. a.  in der Zeitschrift “Lichtsprache” und dem Internet- Sender darüber aufgeklärt, dass Deutschland noch immer ein Besatzungsland ist und keineswegs souverän. Viele haben deshalb ihren PERSONAL-Ausweis bei der Behörde abgegeben, eben weil sie nicht mehr das “Personal” der BRD sein wollen. Das zieht natürlich auch steuerliche Konsequenzen nach sich und wirkt sich ebenso auf richterliche Urteile aus, die schon lange nicht mehr namentlich unterzeichnet werden und so weiter und so fort.

Nachdem deine Webseite lahm gelegt wurde, war auch mir gleich klar, dass die Dunklen dahinter stecken. Sofort habe ich deinen PC in die violette Flamme gehüllt und eine Anordnung gesprochen. Es ist so wundervoll zu sehen, wie nun alles zusammenwirkt.

Dir, lieber Georgi und auch Carla alles Liebe und ganz viel Licht von

Liebe Helga,

ich danke dir für deine Spende und ich freue mich sehr, dass du nun auch den Weg des Verspieltseins gewählt hast. Wir alle haben einen sehr langen und beschwerlichen Weg der Herausforderungen und Entbehrungen hinter uns. War das alles notwendig, damit wir alle diese negativen Erlebnisse, Gefühle und Gedankenmuster in einer alchemischen Reaktion vom kosmischen Ausmaß aufarbeiten und reinigen konnten, zuerst für uns und dann für die ganze Menschheit (als die Ausputzer vom kosmischen Dienst), so sind wir nun berufen, die Vorfreuden der neuen Erde als ihre Wegbereiter auch zuerst zu erleben, während die alte Erde sang- und  klanglos zu Ende geht.

Mir sind diese Entwicklungen in Deutschland, die du hier beschreibst, bekannt, auch wenn ich mich nicht damit im Detail beschäftigt habe. Da ich aber 14 Prozesse in Deutschland durchmachen musste, fast alle von anderen Menschen und Instanzen initiiert, weiss ich sehr genau, wie es um die deutsche Justiz steht – sie ist genauso willkürlich wie zur Nazi Zeit und sogar noch perfider, weil sie sich als demokratisch rühmt.

Daher habe ich immer die Auffassung vertreten, dass man eine radikale Änderung nur erreichen kann, wenn alle diese Institutionen abgeschafft werden und nicht erst einen langen Marsch durch die Instanzen zu fuhren, wie die ’68 Revoluzzen vor hatten, denn sie wurden alle auf halbem Weg dorthin zermürbt und aufgerieben.

Liebe Grüße

Hallo Georgi,

ich wollte dir kurz erzählen wie es mit meinem persönlichen Krimi (unbändige Wut…) weitergegangen ist.

Gestern (Feb 12) hatte sich das Ganze noch gesteigert da ich einen Vollstreckungsbescheid der Krankenkasse wegen ca. 250 Euro von Mitte Nov. letzten Jahres, sprich also noch keine 3 Monate alt, erhalten habe.  Ich habe echt Sorge gehabt dass ich nicht mehr Herr der Lage bleibe, habe auf Gott und die Welt gefl…  Ich kann´s dir gar nicht mit Worten beschreiben. Bin in dieser Verfassung in´s Bett und hab dann irgendwann einen schwarz-goldenen Strahl erhalten.

Und der war´s, das hat mir so geholfen nachdem ich alle und alles in meiner Wut geistig in den Boden gestampft habe. Ich wusste gar nicht dass es den auch gibt.

Ich merke es ist noch nicht ausgestanden aber es hat definitiv einen Durchbruch zu mehr Frieden und Gelassenheit gegeben. Und ich habe in diesem Atemzug mehr Klarheit über meinen Auftrag bekommen.

Die geistige Welt ist einfach genial und wir sind es auch bald, wenn nicht jetzt schon?!

von Herzen alles liebe

Liebe Conny,

ich kann unabhängig davon bestätigen, dass die Energien gestern (Feb 12) Wut und Empörung ans Tageslicht gefordert haben, damit die letzten emotionalen Reste von unseren Feldern entfernt werden. Bei dir hat sich das als eine alchemische Reaktion entladen mit Hilfe der HR.

Liebe Grüße

Lieber Georgi,

ich heiße Alina und seit fast 2 Jahren lese ich deine Internetseite. Ich bin in Kiev geboren doch seit 22 Jahren lebe ich in Deutschland, Ich bin Diplomingenieurin und besitze einen eigenen Friseurladen in Dresden – danke dir für deine tägliche, Großartige Arbeit, mit der ich im Einklang bin. Mein Gefühl sagt mir das wir die gleichen Seelenanteile besitzen?!

Auch ich habe als Herakles auf dieser Erde gelebt! Du sprichst mir, mit deinen klaren Wörtern und dem Mut zur Wahrheit, aus der Seele. Ich schicke dir finanzielle und energetische Unterstützung, Es werde Licht im Herzen.

Deine Alina.

Liebe Alina,

ich danke dir vielmals für deine großzügige Unterstützung und ich freue mich sehr, dass dir die Publikationen auf meiner Webseite gefallen und dir Mut zusprechen.

Alle Seelen tragen Anteile der sieben Grundenergien, auch bekannt als Flammen oder Strahlen, und eine davon ist die dominante. Daher können wir uns damit identifizieren. Was besonders wichtig für uns alle, die Lichtkrieger der ersten und der letzten Stunde, ist, dass wir diesen unbändigen Willen haben, das Böse auf dieser Erde zu bekämpfen und auszuradieren und wir können den Lichtschwert nicht eher ablegen, bevor wir alle Dunkelheit von dieser Erde entfernt haben. Dies zeichnet den richtigen Krieger aus und auf diese Weise erkennen wir uns gegenseitig. Wir sind aus der Energie der Quelle erschaffen und einzigartig in diesem Multiversum.

Ich kann mir vorstellen, wie es dir zumute ist, die Zerstörung deiner Heimat durch die jetzige Nazi Junta in Kiew zu erleben. Die Ukrainer und die Russen sind friedfertige Menschen, wie auch alle Slawen, und ich kann es nicht verstehen, wie die dunklen Kabalen des Westen es geschafft haben, einige Ukrainer für ihre gemeinen Zwecken einzuspannen. Lassen wir uns hoffen, dass die Vernunft der ukrainischen Mütter am Ende obsiegt und sie diesen mörderischen brüderlichen Krieg stoppen können.

Wie du vielleicht weisst, habe ich ein Buch in Russisch auf meiner Webseite publiziert, aus dem Jahre 1997, das die bahnbrechenden Entwicklungen aus der Einführung der neuen Theorie des Universalgesetzes in diesen Tagen vorwegnimmt. Insofern ist dieses Buch hoch aktuell und ich kann mir vorstellen, dass du als Ingenieur es gerne lesen würdest.

Liebe Grüße

MH17-Abschuss, deutsche Alternative Presse und Lügenpresse

Lieber Georgi,

das hast du bestimmt auch schon irgendwo mitgekriegt. Aber falls nicht, hier die neuesten Informationen zum MH17-Abschuss.

Zwei Tage, bevor ich deinen letzten Post übers Genießen gelesen hatte, habe ich schon damit angefangen.
Wie gut, dass es Telepathie gibt.

Liebe Grüße

Liebe Renate,

erstens ist das Video entfernt worden. Ich habe es dennoch gefunden

und es stammt von August 2014. Die Nachricht ist nicht neu und ich erinnere mich, dass sie damals diskutiert wurde aber nicht bestätigt werden konnte. Ich wundere mich, warum diese Webseite diese alte Nachricht wieder aufwärmt.

Liebe Grüße

Lieber Georgi,

das tut mir leid, dass ich dir so altes Zeugs geschickt habe. Ich hatte im August nichts davon mitgekriegt, obwohl ich meinte, alles zu verfolgen. Irgendwo hat man doch immer mal ‘ne Lücke.

Das verwundert mich aber auch sehr, dass diese Webseite so etwas Unsinniges macht. Ich komme gerade von meinem “Bewusst-Treff”, bei dem wir darüber diskutiert haben, dass diese neuen Sender, die jetzt so ganz groß rauskommen, höchstwahrscheinlich die neue Medienmacht nach der Machtübernahme der NWOler werden wollen. Es ist wirklich alles mit Vorsicht zu genießen, aber interessant ist es schon, dieses Spiel zu beobachten, vor allen Dingen, wenn man weiß, wer der Sieger ist.

Mein Schlachtruf für diese Gruppe, in der ich die einzige bin, die vom Aufstieg weiß – die anderen basteln alle an ihrer 4D-Karriere rum – lautet: Venceremos und ist eine Reminiszenz an meine Jugend, in der ich dieses Lied rauf und runter gedudelt habe.

Nochmal, tut mir leid, ich werde in Zukunft besser aufpassen.

Liebe Grüße

Liebe Renate,

macht doch nichts.

Für mich war doch sehr interessant zu sehen, dass die deutsche alternative Seiten auch nur mit Wasser kochen und ihnen den professionellen Zugang und Überblick zu den Ereignissen fehlt. Normalerweise lese ich sie nicht.

Ich habe mich immer wieder gewundert, wie niedrig die Qualität des deutschen Journalismus war und ist  und, dass ich als Einzelperson schon damals in den 80er und Anfang 90er Jahren mehr Kompetenz besass als die gesamte deutsche Presse, wie SZ, FAZ, etc. Ich hatte ja auch für FAZ geschrieben, damals als medizinischer Journalist und die wollten mich sogar als Journalist einstellen für die Ärztliche. Aber ich erkannte, dass diese Zeitung Pleite gehen wird, was auch in 1987 geschah, und ging vorher in die Pharmaindustrie, wo ich zuletzt als medizinischer Direktor für Boehringer Ingelheim gearbeitet habe, bevor ich mein eigenes Institut für klinische Forschung in 1991 in München gründete. Ich habe schon einiges an Erfahrung mit Deutschland insgesamt, aber ich will mich nicht zu sehr damit vertiefen.

Liebe Grüße

Lieber Georgi,

es wird jedes Jahr das Wort und das Unwort des Jahres gewählt. Und Lügenpresse ist dieses Jahr das Unwort. d.h. das ist ganz, ganz böööse. Und das Wort ist ganz besonders böse, weil es – nach Meinung der Lügenpresse – aus der Nazi-Zeit stammt, was aber absolut nicht stimmt, denn es tauchte erstmalig(?) in der Weimarer Zeit auf, wurde zur Nazi-Zeit von beiden Seiten benutzt und war 68 auch wieder in aller Munde.

Die Lügenpresse ist richtig gehend beleidigt, dass man es wagt, sie – die sie doch so treu und brav informieren – so zu diffamieren. Hier war die Hölle los in den Talkshows und anderen zum Kotzen animierenden Sendungen der Main-Shit-Medien. Und obwohl in einer relativ guten  – und auch oft gesehenen – Kabarett-Sendung (Die Anstalt) darüber aufgeklärt wurde, kommt es in der Masse leider nicht an.

Aber es war ja klar, dass nur ein kleiner Teil aufwachen würde. Was rege ich mich also auf? Aber ich kann es so schwer akzeptieren, dass Menschen aus meinem engen Umfeld so gar nichts mit der “Wirklichkeit” zu tun haben wollen. Soll ich wohl lernen.

Zur Auflockerung: kennst du den genialen, oft bitterbösen Kabarettisten Hagen Rether?

Und wenn du viel Zeit hast, dann lohnt es sich auch, sein letztes Programm anzusehen/hören.

Liebe Grüße

Lieber Renate,

ich weiss, aber wie soll man “Unwort” ins Englische übersetzen und das erläutern. Ich schau mir diese Satire an.


Huch, bist du schnell.

Aber da du die FAZ erwähnst, die läuft im Moment zu Höchstform auf:

Wahrscheinlich hat der Schmierschreiberling diese russische Satire in den falschen Hals gekriegt, wie Propagandaschau vermutet:

Kann man Unwort nicht übersetzten? Das wußte ich nicht.

Liebe Grüße

FAZ ist widerwärtig und die Satire ist köstlich. Nur wenn man so sicher und souverän ist wie die Russen, kann man sich darüber lustig machen.





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