Breaking News: Killshot Averted by the PAT

by Erick Premiere, February 22, 2015

Due to the growth power and light of the PAT a solar killshot was averted on the last day of the planetary alignment we discussed earlier…. (Planetary alignment: The energies (inner chi) have been spectacular…Incredible times right now! Glorious moon and planets at nightfall February 20 |; we saw this planets-moon constellation and it was spectacular indeed, note, George)

VideoHUGE Solar Blast – ‘Killshot’ will Miss Earth | S0 News February 22, 2015

Comment: Very impressive indeed. It explains why the energies felt so exorbitant in the last several days. Visible sun activity now correlates very closely with the energy waves coming from the Source as our sun is simply a portal for the Central sun.


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