Georgi Stankov, February 10, 2015

This morning (Feb 9) at 08.00 a.m. Pacific Time I found out that the dark secret services have obviously shut down my website and server because of the latest highly sensitive articles on Ukraine. Merkel is today in Washington and the dark western cabal alliance is now falling apart.

Two days ago a reader of my website published the article “How to Put the Pieces Together” in “Before It’s News” (BIN) and more than 22,000 people have already read it until now with a lot of positive comments.

This success must have also contributed to their decision to block my website.

I immediately informed the server-service and received at 13.35 p.m. a confirmation from the server-service that my website is indeed shutdown by external manipulations and that they will try to find out the technical cause and eliminate it.

While we were pondering as to how to evaluate this shutdown this morning, Carla connected all of a sudden to the Elohim and they told her that my “website has fulfilled its function” and that the dark cabal are now so scared by the coming revelations, which this website has triggered in this 3D reality and in the higher dimensions, that they are in panic and have decided to shut it down temporarily, although they know all too well that they cannot save their asses. And that this fact should be considered by myself is a compliment for the energetic effects which this website, the PAT and all its supporters and readers have unfolded in the last days and hours on this uppermost mother planet.

After that I attuned to my HS and also got the information that everything is in perfect order and that the events are now beautifully unfolding. I had a very optimistic vision of the coming breakthrough. The HR want me to rest now for a while and meditate in the coming days in anticipation of the Feb 11th portal, which will be huge by all means and it has already commenced. Other events, as expected by us, will also unfold very rapidly. We must have faith now and patiently wait and see what will happen next.

I thank you all wholeheartedely for your invaluable personal support in the last 24 hours in form of emails and energetic work with the seven sacred flames to eliminate the shutdown of our website by the these futile electronic manipulations of the dark ones to suppress the truth. I heard that other alternative websites have also been attacked, which points out to a peak in their last-ditch heinous activities before their final demise.

This insidious attack on the free speech by the dark ones is one more reason for you to support now “energetically” this website, so that such critical and enlightened voices remain strong to the very last moment, which is now very close.

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