A Short Energy Update – February 17, 2015

by Georgi Stankov


I would like to share with you a vision Carla and I had yesterday, which has been confirmed by some of you in your latest emails.

And here is the energetic background to this vision. We noticed since several weeks that the MPR on parallel timelines have stopped, which means that we no longer split lower timelines that are then destroyed by this natural catastrophe. At the same time the energies continued to be still very compressing and dense in the last days.

Then yesterday, on the eve of the new moon portal today, we had a vision as if this uppermost mother planet is lifting like a hot air balloon, completely liberated from any dark ballast. All sandbags have been cut and now we ascend freely. It is as if the “mitosis” of Gaia, to use a common term we attributed to the ID split in the past, has been accomplished and we are through the narrow birthing channel and have emerged on the other side,.

I have a vision that this uppermost mother planet now will seamlessly merge with the new 4D worlds (as templates) in the new Golden Galaxy, like two soap bubbles in the air and become one.

OK, these are mere visuals and we hope to get some more information from the Elohim soon. As long as these processes were in full sway Carla was unable to establish contact to them. We always get an information after a major energetic process or event has been accomplished and the result is known to the higher realms. This last episode seems to be very long and started end of January.

But now it looks like as if we have climbed on top of Mount Everest and we can breathe more easily. In addition comes the fact that we have moved since Sunday on a much higher timeline. Here we have blue sky, warm spring weather and spectacular sunrises and sunsets as the one I published some time ago. It feels very much as if this uppermost mother planet has almost reached its final destination in the new Golden galaxy.

This night we performed again some very profound cleansing on humanity and Gaia and I attribute this surge to the full moon portal today. I also have the feeling that most of the dark souls have been retrieved from this timeline and substituted by walk-ins of the new human template. The energetic balance and light quotient is now changing dramatically from within and this will manifest very soon on the surface in some spectacular events.

One of them may be the full surrender of the enclosed 7,000 – 10,000 Ukrainian troops in Debalsevo by the Novorussian patriots. This will be a deadly blow to Kiev and the western cabal, as these are the last remnants of the Ukrainian army that is capable of leading a war. I am making invocation daily that common sense would prevail and these Kiev soldiers surrender peacefully to the insurgents as offered to them and save their lives. It does not make any sense to fight for such a corrupt Nazi regime, that is about to topple down any moment.

Other unexpected events may also happen this month, we are only half way through.

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