Urgent Energy Update – January 21, 2015

Nuclear Explosion on This Timeline Today

Georgi Stankov


Many things have happened in the last 4-5 hours. First my website was down exactly at 1.11 p.m., immediately after publishing the Energy Report of the PAT for no apparent reason. Then I was hit by the most powerful Source wave, since we, Carla and I, created the seven new 4D earths on May 27th, 2013  in Freising, Bavaria when Carla visited me in Germany for the first time.

This kind of wave causes the most profound shock of all human physical systems  – the adrenaline/noradrenaline system, the sympathicus and parasympathicus systems, the limbic system, etc. – are all crashed at once and you are put into a minimal physiological state of survival, with trembling, loss of coordination, collapse of the blood pressure, impaired breathing and chest pain.  I immediately interpreted the shutdown of my website and this sudden wave as a trigger for a massive alchemical reaction that performs a profound cleansing of Gaia through the “turnstile mechanism” of my multidimensional fields on a global level.

We both made a very powerful invocation with the seven sacred flames and separated all negative energies from this timeline.

As there was nothing else to do at home, Carla and I decided to go to White Rock to visit our Infinity Portal. As we drove away, Carla was also hit by the same shock wave and began to tremble with chills and almost fainted. Contrary to me it was the first time that she experienced such a shock wave. She told me that she is in a hypoglycemic shock and needs immediately something to eat or she would faint. We barely made it to a near-by Japanese restaurant, where the waiters were obviously waiting for us to serve us and we had our meals as quickly as never before. Billions of angels were protecting us, otherwise we would not have made it on the highway.

It was the same situation when we created the seven new 4D earths and separated the first 3D earths. I was then in a state of paralysis, while all angels and archangels came to Carla and began to channel her what a great day it was and how happy they were for this huge success to shift Gaia. I could not understand what was going on and in particular why the angels were so happy all of a sudden on that day, while I felt so terrible. Only later on did the Elohim tell us what we had achieved as then reported on this website.

Based on this past experience, I knew immediately that another huge shift had happened today associated with massive destruction due to MPR on near-by timelines. Hence I made another powerful invocation, this time at the quantum level, while driving in the car and cleansed Gaia one more time.

After I composed myself a little bit, I got a vision from my HS that there was a massive nuclear catastrophe on our uppermost mother planet and that in order to protect it from this nuclear explosion we created immediately a new holographic timeline, where this catastrophe took place and then separated this timeline from this uppermost mother planet. This explained the sudden character of the wave that hit us without any warning with such a might. In the restaurant when I told this version of the event to Carla, she got an immediate confirmation from her HS.

After that we went to White Rock to the bookstore, where our friend Julia makes her readings. We have not had any contact with her for a long time and did not expect to find her there. Hence we were rather surprised when she greeted us in a joyful manner as soon as we entered the store. She had been told to wait there by her HS, even though her readings had eerily ended and she was preparing to return home.  Of course we all knew that this meeting was planned by the HR as has been the case many times in the past. We then went to her room at the back of the store and Carla and I told Julia what had happened today.

Julia immediately established contact with Bashar, the excarnated entity whom you may know from the Internet. She is in close contact with this entity for more than 10 years and had a book with his channelings in her hand. “I did not know why I took this book with me when I left my home” Julia said  to us. “But now that you are here, I know it and will give it as a present to you.” Then she used the book as a medium to establish contact between Bashar and Carla, who had not heard of this entity yet. I knew him well from the many videos on YouTube.

Well, what Bashar told us and Julia is surely nothing new to you. He just told Julia in his typical exuberant manner: “Julia, what do you see when you look at these two persons in front of you”, pointing at Carla and myself, “Do they look like humans? Absolutely NO. They are time-travelers and now move very quickly through the dimensions.” Then he turned to us smiling and said: “And you should take care not to blow-up at re-entry. Try to stabilize and recharge your bodies after each time-travel.”

Then when we asked what happened particularly today, mother Earth took over the channeling and told Julia and us that there has been a huge and massive cleansing today and that several timelines had been destroyed by a nuclear war and had to be rapidly separated from her: “You have no idea how devastating these catastrophes are on my lower timelines”, Mother Earth said. Essentially she confirmed what we already knew.

Then Bashar came one more time and when Carla asked him, how long this all will take as we are very tired, he answered: “You are such great magicians. You now create your reality. Create it the way you wish and so it will be.”

As I said, nothing new, except the confirmation of a massive nuclear catastrophe that happened today on this uppermost mother planet and was then immediately severed into separate timelines as not to affect this world. These catastrophic timelines were then thrown into the abyss of the 3D hell. We felt it personally at the deepest physiological level.

Since two days I am telling Carla that I am sensing very intensively a lot of frustration and desperation coming from the collective soul level and that these souls knew that they had not made it and now must go to lower timelines and experience hell. Other PAT members reported similar sensations. This was obviously in preparation for the big event today, which is also a new moon portal and was expected to be a powerful event. Carla knew it from her HS and some PAT members made me also aware of this date. And we were not disappointed, whatever disappointment may mean in this context.

Now that my website is back again, I would like to hear from you what you have experienced today, January 21st, between 1.00 pm and 5.00 pm Pacific time. But it was huge and we are still trembling and our bodies have not yet recovered from this nuclear shock that must have significantly affected our multidimensional bodies that encompass all of Gaia’s timelines and much more as the new Logos Gods.




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