The Poems of Dianne Robbins

Carla Thompson, January 21, 2015

It has been said that the ancient civilizations of Inner Earth can be accessed from the surface through cave entrances that lead into a complex tunnel system below the surface of our Earth. Mount Shasta is said to be the entrance and an honorary protectorate of the ancient city of light, TELOS.

As we wander on our spiritual journeys seeking truth about ourselves, Humanity and The Creation of All-That-Is, we come across certain individuals who have a gift, a gift to grace our lives with unusual knowledge, wisdom and insight into alternate expressions of reality. Dianne Robbins lives very close to Mount Shasta and has a deep connection to the spirit of this sacred mountain. I present here two very beautiful poems that Dianne has received from the spirit of this mountain.


The Mountain of Mt. Shasta

I Am calling you home
Dear children of Earth
Wherever you are
On our dear Planet Earth
I Am calling you home now
For your rebirth

You are my children, Carrying the Light
And your hearts are lit up, And blazing so bright

I Am your Haven, I Am your Home
No longer will you wander, Forlorn and alone
But know I am calling, And will not stop
Until you are standing, On my Mountain Top

Where I will embrace you, In my heart of love
And beckon you inward, From Heights above
Where all you experience, Will be the Mother’s Love

For I Am your Mountain
You are not alone
And I will guide you unerringly
To your new home

Your home is waiting
Do you hear Me call?
For the Mountain’s love
Is meant for all

Mt. Shasta will bless you
With all her gifts
Your names are written
On her cliffs

And her pathways are woven
With your names
And you will hear her calling
As you walk the terrain

The Spirit of Shasta
She signals from within
Telling us all
That we are her Kin

The City of TELOS

My Mountain is covered with diamonds and lace
When the snow is etched upon my face
And all rests quietly in a State of Grace

For hidden within me, your eyes shall soon see
Is a City of Splendors of ALL that can be
This City is hidden and tucked away
Until all who are called, return here to stay

Its name is TELOS, A name from the past
When all of California, Was larger and vast

The people within, Await your arrival
While the Mountain herself, Guarantees their survival

Oh, the Marvels and Splendors, That are hidden within
Shall soon be revealed, To you and your Kin

We will bring you inside
On vehicles that glide
That don’t touch the ground
And emit no sound

Oh the Wonder of Wonders
That will be found
As you walk on footpaths
Without touching the ground

You will be so amazed
At all that you see
And your eyes will open
To All that can be

And you will carry it with you
Into Eternity

Dianne Robbins wrote the 1st TELOS book ever published in 1992. Her Telos book opened the way for people worldwide to make their own connection to Adama and the City of Telos.

The messages in her book were dictated by Adama, word-for-word, and never edited. Each sentence carries the pure flow of energy from Adama that connects you to Telos through Adama’s own vibration.”

Her website is

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