The Energies of Crucifixion

by Georgi Stankov, January 31, 2015

There is no doubt that we are in constant upward spiral of relentless Source energies that burn out the old Orion matrix with all its dark patterns of emotions, thinking and behaviour and substitute it with a new template of light. It is like the mythical Phoenix that rises from the ashes.

Apropo Phoenix – could it be that the super bowl may turn into a nuclear mayhem. Carla had this vision a few days ago when we both stood in an empty desert earth (landscape), very much like the one in Arizona. Then we observed the incredible nuclear explosion that was triggered by the dark cabal. We were completely devastated and our tears began to flow and drop upon this desecrated dry earth. In this sublime symbolic moment the atomic wave reached us and we beamed ourselves to a higher dimension. This vision has been also confirmed by other members of the PAT, for instance by Mariusz Ugoda from Warsaw, Poland:

Now during the recent PAT energy report I am amazed to hear about your experiences with nuclear war. 2 or 3 nights ago I had dream in which I was with my brother in a house which survived the blast. Only a local TV station was still broadcasting something about emergency state, others were already down. House was slowly filling with the radioactive dust. We (I and my brother) went together to shop to collect some food suplies. The strangest thing was that I remained untouched. Area was hugely depopulated making it very peaceful (I felt much better there than with usual Warsaw city pressue when awoke).”

Now you may argue that this was a vision of the nuclear explosions on parallel timelines we experienced in the last 2-3 days with another physical shock reaction as the one described on Jan 21st. Maybe, but Carla had another personal dream, a forecast of an event I vowed it would never occur. But it happened today and so the Super bowl may as well go nuke tomorrow, just as Ukraine can go nuclear and near-by Poland may also be destroyed as Mariusz saw it in his dream; read this superb analysis from a Russian author on the likely future of Ukraine:

And Hell will follow them…

The following article in Veterans Today discusses this distinct possibility for Phoenix, Arizona and many of the arguments are very convincing and well-known to us. On the other hand, the American Veterans are great fans of Doomsday prophecies. After all how could they be more optimistic when they have lost as soldiers and cannon fodder every single war the USA has started in the last 70 years (more than 50 non-declared and clandestine wars of the Empire of Evil according to the experts):

You must resort to such catastrophic visions as an American veteran, completely neglected by your criminal government after you have sacrificed your life for this doomed FEMA-Gulag country.

Now I do not personally believe that we shall experience anything similar in this crumbling holographic continuity of linear time on this uppermost mother planet, but I bet that the Super Bowl will go – or has already gone – nuclear on many near-by parallel timelines. Since this night I have a massive cc-wave with a severe headache, this time on my right side, and this is another proof that something big and destructive has already started.

This is all part of the “energies of crucifixion” which Kuthumi’s message below discusses. Now, human language is a very clumsy medium of communication, especially if one is incapable of any logical thinking as this is true for the vast majority of humans and most New Agers. Nonetheless, I think that this message elucidates quite well the energetic inner-soul dynamics that transforms profoundly the archetypal structure of the incarnated personality in the End Time.

Old and some ripe souls use this cleansing transformation to raise their frequencies in the LBP and ascend, the others, the overwhelming majority of unripe incarnated souls decompensate and experience their dark patterns as external dramas as explained by myself a few days ago. Hence the term “crucifrixion” has a different meaning for different groups of people.

Essentially, there are three groups of incarnated human personalities with respect to their soul evolution and response to the current energies of crucifixion that are now profoundly transfiguring the human race:

1) The tiny group of the light warriors of the first and the last hour, the PAT, who barely exceed the number of 3000 worldwide as I estimate it and we have been told by the Elohim. These are the new incumbent Logos Gods, ascended Masters, and Guardians of the New Golden Galaxy – the natural leaders of the new humanity within the infinite spiritual hierarchy of All-That-Is. Cricifixion on behalf of humanity is the essence of their life. These are the people to which Kuthumi refers as follows in his message:

“For those who feel they have overcome the energies and cycles in the past which now come forth to meet them, it is possible that due to your previous experience and release of a cycle such as lack, judgment, fear, doubt, or unworthiness, that your previous success has allowed you to now release on behalf of humanity. Signifying you are no longer working at a personal level, you are working at a planetary level to support the shifting and breaking down of stagnant energy with the consciousness of humanity. Be conscious that the rising of thoughts, energies and emotions bubbling from within are chosen by you to experience as everything is your choosing and yet they may not belong to you and so an air of detachment is needed.”

This has been a leitmotif of our discussions on this website since its opening.

2) Then we have the bigger group of second wave ascension candidates, which we, the PAT,  initiated for the LBP by opening their 4th heart chakra and 5th throat chakra (the centre of truth) on October 29th as reported on this website. Their number is several millions and much less than the self-proclaimed NewAgers as most of these ascension candidates  are not even spiritually interested or focused on esoterics, but live up in a modest manner to their basic human virtues. This cannot be said about most self-proclaimed New Age gurus, who believe to be so enlightened that no longer need to observe any principles of civilized and honest human behaviour based on classical virtues, such as honesty, honouring of other peoples’ opinions (utmost tolerance), courage (cowardice is the most common vice among most New Agers that discredits them as spiritual beings and prevents them from ascension; this includes in the first place their fear to enter any kind of open and critical discussions and to expose themselves to basic truths about their personal character), etc.

It is worth awhile to raise the importance of basic human virtues, as we experience now such a degradation of human behaviour among many light workers and self-proclaimed gurus that this must be the most clear sign that this reality is coming to an end.

This group of old and ripe souls are now entering their LBP and will not experience any of the “crucifixion energies” we have to bear since many years on behalf of humanity. They are now fully engaged in exploring their own dark sides which they for the first time discover with great astonishment and dread, and are so overwhelmed by this revelation that their instantaneous reaction is to shut down their senses and minds and resort for a while to total deafness and blindness, similar  to what we observe in the animal world as “play dead reflex” (Totstellreflex).

Of course this is no resulution and all of them are nowadays expelled from this self-induced cataleptic state of anesthetized crucifixion by a bad awakening for the true reality of All-That-Is. In this sense they also experience their first crucifixion in the hope that they can follow our steps as ascended masters of Christ consciousness in the distant future.

These entities will only ascend to the new 4D worlds, from where they will ascend to 5D after a long period of slow awakening. We will be their Guardians and Mentors during this time and many current gurus will become students of their current young followers, the crystalline children. This role reversal will be very healing, especially for all those gurus who now suffer from high esteem.

3) The vast majority of humanity will experience the current energies of crucifixion as external catastrophes and this topic has been discussed so much in the last years that I need not delve into it anymore.

Read please this message below, not because it tells you anything new, but because it discusses exactly what we have been talking now for years and nobody outside the PAT ever gets it, because these New Agers are so much immersed in their pisspot of unprocessed feelings and weird ideas that they do not see the forest due to the many logs in their eye (Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye. Matthew 7.5):


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