The Elohim on The Mega-Shift of January 3-5, 2015 and the Proper Use of Source Flames

by Carla Thompson, January 8, 2015

I have been aware of a large message coming in from the Elohim for over a week now, but because of my work with The Central Sun – Alcyone, I have not had the time, nor the energy to be honest, to pull this one through. Even now I know that it is only half complete, I will nonetheless start with this first part about our evening at the hockey rink, where the Mega-Shift occurred

This message is very exciting because it is also linked to the appearance of the Green Flame of Healing and Knowledge of God’s Natural Science. This means that the groundwork for the appearance of the New Theory of the Universal Law has begun and I know that if I am excited about this news, you (Georgi) are going to be ecstatic about it!

Here is the message:


” We are the Elohim and we come in this moment to share in your inquiry about the event you are calling the “Mega-Shift”.

This was indeed, a magnificent and profound event, catalyzing wondrous reactions upon the multi-dimensional canvas of infinite realities.

Your experience of raising lower timelines upward, has been the common effort of many Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour, as you refer to them, although these warriors may not always notice this work as the Third Dimension continues to enforce its unrelenting pressures and distractions.

This lightwork of raising lower timelines is first initiated by the Light Warriors on the ground who anchor their energetic fields into the lower timeline, followed by their natural connection to their Soul Monad in the Higher Realms which brings about the lifting of these expressions through the universal principle of Energetic Gradients.  The energetic gradient is activated between the lower timeline, connected to you, the light warrior [Below], and the Monad [Above].  There is an instantaneous reaction to bring about the reclamation of a specific timeline that has met the energetic requirements or higher frequency thresholds of upper fourth dimensional expressions.

All the timelines that are now being brought upwards to higher expressions, are those of the upper fourth dimension that now become the foundation of the New Earth in the multi-dimensional layers of reality.

Once the timeline reaches the higher frequency, those of humanity are then also gifted with an expanded awareness, beyond their previous experience.  While one may not be instantly aware of any expansion, know that the arrival into a higher frequency means an experience of higher consciousness is facilitated once the timeline is fully integrated into the new energetic landscape.

We completely confirm the arrival of the Green Flame, the great flame of Healing, to the upper expressions of the Fourth Dimension. [On December 27th as I was driving through the tunnel, I noticed that there were dense billowing green clouds that flooded the tunnel – it was awesome! Note, Carla] This Flame not only carries the power of healing for the physical body, it also has the ability to heal all other bodies including the emotional, mental and ethereal bodies.

The Green Flame is introduced at this time as it is a powerful tool to cleanse the human mind of patterns of limited thinking and therefore clear the minds of Humanity for new ideas, such as new knowledge, especially new knowledge within God’s realm of natural science.

This is a prerequisite for the upper fourth dimensional worlds, where the existence of the Theory of the Universal Law has become the foundational awareness for Humanity’s expansion into understanding their very essence as Souls and the multi-dimensionality of their Beings, as the great Truth that has until now evaded you!

We are the Elohim and we have more information for you on the great cosmic flames flooding your worlds now, and how you shall learn to use these flames.  As the Masters, you move forward along your paths of evolution, and the wisdom of these great flames is being imparted to you, one flame at a time. It is with great love that you have opened your hearts to these divine rays of God-Source, for it must be remembered, and honoured, that the sacred teachings that unfold as light transmissions through sacred colours, are the key to your multi-dimensional creationary powers.

We remain forever by your side, holding you in the Gold-White Christed light of unconditional love and peace!”


I have another message discussing these powerful flames and we will publish it as soon as it is complete.

The most important message for us as Logos Gods:

We have to learn to HOLD light and to MOVE light, because we ultimately CREATE WITH LIGHT.


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