The Big Events of Transformation Have Reached This Uppermost Mother Planet

Georgi Stankov, January 24, 2015

The Big Events of Transformation have reached this uppermost mother planet on January 21st, 2015 when we physically experienced the nuclear apocalypse within our multidimensional fields and physical bodies as a shock to our major physiological systems. Make no mistake about this. We have reached the final, most dramatic stage in the ascension scenario, which we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, now gestalt with incredible precision as the new Logos Gods of Gaia by employing the seven sacred flames of creation. Everything we do and experience now is closely linked and is of multidimensional, cosmic character.

The nuclear apocalypse happened on this uppermost mother planet, and not on parallel timelines as was the case in the past, as some people here had overridden their soul contracts. They were immediately ripped apart from this timeline and experienced a veritable inferno.

This is how our ascension happens now – through escalation of confrontation and resolution through separation of negative timelines from this constantly ascending uppermost mother planet. The resolution does not take place at the societal level, for instance in form of revolutions or sudden collapses of  the dark elite governments, although this will also happen in the coming days. The resolution is of cosmic, mutlidimensional proportions and it is orchestrated by us as the incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia and the bearers of the light quotient on this uppermost mother planet, where we are present in our full soul essence, while still dwelling in physical vessels.

All individuals who are in contempt of life and Gaia are now severed from this timeline and experience their nuclear Apocalypse. At the same time this uppermost mother planet, together with us, the true PAT, is ascending in leaps and bounds, like a champagne cork when the bottle is opened.

Ascension is simultaneous ID split and  ID shift and is happening now. January 21st was a pivotal day and a huge portal of choice for humanity in this process of colossal proportions. To say that nothing happens on this planet is a great disservice to reality. We must now for ever drop the linear thinking and concentrate on the multidimensional processes that shape the destiny of Gaia and humanity.

It is important to keep in mind that this nuclear inferno happened on this uppermost mother planet and that this crime was committed by people who lived here before they were thrust into the inferno of collapsing worlds, while we smoothly continue with our ascension to our final destination in the new Golden galaxy.

Ascension is Rupture and Rapture at the same time.

This is the dialectical character of  All-That-Is and this knowledge is foundational for your proper understanding of the current ascension dynamics that has reached an unprecedented peak this week on January 21st. Sluggish negative energies, including the dark cabal, their stooges and all dark archons still involved in one or another way with this humanity are now given the chance to make their final choice between life and death. The moment they decide to commit a major crime against life, Gaia and humanity, for instance by triggering a devastating nuclear catastrophe, they are instantly ruptured from this uppermost mother planet and thrust into the abyss of the 3D worlds of hell and total separation from the source. In this way they are rendering the fuel for our ascension as presented in my propulsion multistage rocket example from 2013.

Hence the “theater of war” between the forces of light, such as the PAT, and the forces of darkness no longer occurs in the linear time axis of this crumbling 3D Orion reality, which as we all know is an illusion, but at the multi-dimensional level of Gaia 5.

This level can be perceived by all light warriors of the first and the last hour in a very physical, palpable manner as our fields are now of cosmic proportions and have already encompassed Gaia 5 with all its infinite timelines. This experience is however not available to the rest of humanity and this is where the rupture takes place as well. We are the few enlightened human beings, who know exactly what is happening as we have transcended our limited human existence and have transfigured to multidimensional Creator Gods.

Hence there is no point to even menton this knowledge and information to other people as they are completely blocked and their soul fragments have most probably already descended to lower timelines and entered their dreadful incarnation cycle of total separation from the Source.

At the same time, with each massive rupture of negative timelines and dark beings, this uppermost mother planet raises its frequencies in leaps and bounds and is merging with the new 4D worlds of the new Golden Galaxy and with the already fully existing template of Gaia 5, which is an amalgamation of all past and future civilizations of the light, such as Lemuria, Atlantis, Shamballa, now full redeemed from their past catastrophic timelines.

This is also how the merging of the surface earth with the Inner Earth of the Agarthans is happenning now, first within the energetic framework of our multidmensional fields as Logos Gods (as reported by Carla, myself and other PAT members) and then slowly within the new 4D worlds after the final ascension.

I personally expect a few more big events as the one on January 21st, until we reach the threshold of ascension when this uppermost mother planet will fully merge with the new 4D worlds, while we shall be raptured, that is to say, transfigured into our full multidimensional might as Guardians of the New Golden Galaxy. It will come suddenly as the nuclear shock devastated our physical vessels on January 21st and without any warning whatsoever.

The next auspicious date is, to my estimate, January 26th /27th, when I am sensing another massive ID split and ID shift. I can only hope that this time it will not be triggered by a nuclear explosion as was the case on January 21st.

In the meantime we must continue using the seven sacred flames to create whatever we wish at the collective, global level as well as at the individual level, because this is the only way as to how we shall ascend this uppermost mother planet to heaven and accomplish our mission.


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