Kremlin Changes Its Tone on the Ukrainian War. A Political Analysis of the End Time Scenario

by Georgi Stankov, January 26, 2015

In the last several days there has been a remarkable shift in the wording of Kremlin with respect to the escalation of the Ukrainian war after the Nazi regime in Kiev started with a massive attack on the Novorussian liberation army and bombed in an indiscriminate manner many cities in Eastern Ukraine causing severe casualties among the civilian population. This offensive happened immediately after Putin proposed Poroshenko two weeks ago a withdrawal of all heavy weapons from the front lines according to the Minsk’s agreement, but the latter discarded Putin’s offer with Western support.

In the meantime the Russian patriots are winning all battles and taking large numbers of Ukrainian soldiers as prisoners, many of whom voluntarily defect to the enemy as they no longer want to fight. Also the Ukrainian population is now actively opposing the new wave of mobilisation as the people do not want to be a cannon fodder for the Kiev Nazis heinous goals on the Eastern front, where the Kiev army is experiencing only humiliating defeats. For further information read here:

and watch also this latest video news from the front line:

Why are these facts so important? Because they have caused a radical shift in Russian strategy with respect to Ukraine and the Western cabal, who instigated this proxy war to destroy Russia and establish the NWO.

This began on 23rd January 2015 when the Russian Security Council met. This is the Russian government’s key decision making body on questions of foreign, defence and security policy. As President and Commander in Chief, Putin chairs it. We do not have a full account of what was said. What we do know is that the situation in Ukraine was the topic under discussion. Putin’s website has provided us however with an extract from the address he made to open the meeting. It repays quoting this extract in full:

“Good afternoon, colleagues.

We are witnessing a dramatic deterioration of the situation in southeastern Ukraine, in Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic. In this connection I would like to inform you again that a week ago, on Thursday, I sent a letter to the President of Ukraine, a written proposal to withdraw heavy weapons – artillery and multiple rocket launchers – to such a distance from which it would be impossible to fire at populated areas.

I would like to inform you further that this proposal almost completely coincided with the requirements of the official Kiev. You know that there may be one disputed area along the line of separation between the parties to the conflict. So we suggested that weapons and heavy equipment should be withdrawn to the line that Kiev authorities themselves consider fair and corresponding to the agreements reached in Minsk on September 19, 2014.

Unfortunately, we received no clear answer to our proposal; in fact, we also saw the reverse action, namely the Kiev government has given an official order to launch large-scale combat operations along almost the entire perimeter of contact between the opposing sides.

The result: dozens of dead and wounded, and not only among servicemen on both sides, but, even more tragically, there has been loss of life among the civilian population, including children, the elderly and women. The artillery, multiple rocket launchers and aircraft are firing indiscriminately, directly at densely populated areas.

All of this is happening to the accompaniment of propaganda slogans about the quest for peace and the search for those responsible. The responsibility is borne by those who issue such criminal orders. The people who do this should know that there is no other way to solve such conflicts but through peace negotiations and political means. We often hear, including from today’s official Kiev, that this is their preferred method of addressing issues, but the reality is quite different. I hope that common sense will eventually triumph.

I would like to call for a moment of silence to honour the victims, including those who died at a bus stop in Donetsk.

(Moment of silence.)”

The western media has focused on that part of this address where Putin refers to the “criminal orders” of the Nazi regime in Kiev that have led to the indiscriminate bombing and shelling of civilian areas by the Ukrainian military. Those are indeed important words. They are not however the most important words in this address.

The most important words in the address are the ones where Putin refers to the political leaders in Kiev not as “the government of Ukraine” or “the Ukrainian government” or even “the Ukrainian side” but as “official Kiev” or “the Kiev authorities”.

For the first time Putin also refers to Novorussia with the names which the Russian insurgents have given themselves: “the Donetsk People’s Republic” and “the Lugansk People’s Republic”.

This is the closest Putin has yet come to treating these republics as legitimate political entities. Taken together with his words he used to describe the Ukrainian government, it suggests that Putin in his own mind no longer thinks of the Ukrainian government as the legitimate authority of Ukraine and Donbass.

This is extraordinary language since it calls into question for the first time the degree to which the political leaders in Kiev represent Ukraine as a whole. Obviously Moscow is now intensifying the pressure on Kiev because it believes that this criminal regime is in its last throes and may collapse anytime.

Since the criminal Nazi putsch of the elected Ukrainian government in February 2014, it has always been the goal of Russia to topple down this criminal regime, which this superpower cannot tolerate in its proximity. For that reason the diplomatic tone of the political chess master Putin has changed abruptly in the last days. This U-turn reflects the sweeping victories of the insurgents who are about to liberate the whole Donbass from the Kiever occupation and to establish a new political status quo against all acts of aggression of the Western cabal against the Russian population and this country.

And now Putin has went one step further as RT reports today

“The Ukrainian army is essentially a ‘NATO legion’ which doesn’t pursue the national interests of Ukraine, but persists to restrict Russia, President Vladimir Putin says.

“We often say: Ukrainian Army, Ukrainian Army. But who is really fighting there? There are, indeed, partially official units of armed forces, but largely there are the so-called ‘volunteer nationalist battalions’,” said Putin.

He added that the intention of Ukrainian troops is connected with achieving the geopolitical goals of restraining Russia. Putin was addressing students in the city of St. Petersburg.

READ MORE: Ukraine military ‘to boost forces in the east’ as Poroshenko calls to stick to Minsk accord

According to Putin, the Ukrainian army is not an army, but a foreign legion, in this case a foreign NATO legion, which, of course, doesn’t pursue the national interests of Ukraine.”

Kiev has been reluctant to find political solutions to the crisis in eastern Ukraine and only used the ceasefire to regroup its forces, the president stressed.

“Unfortunately official Kiev authorities refuse to follow the path of a peaceful solution. They don’t want to resolve [the crisis] using political tools,” Putin said, adding that first Kiev authorities had first used law enforcement, then security services and then the army in the region.

“It is essentially a civil war [in Ukraine]. In my view, many in Ukraine already understand this,” Putin added.”

The fact that Putin now officially equates the Ukrainian army to a proxy army, a “foreign legion of NATO”,as all the facts on the ground and at the political stage clearly show (read here, here and here), is highly significant. Only in December last year Russia changed its military doctrine and explicitly identified the USA and NATO as its major enemies, as I have already reported on this website.

Now Putin has deliberately chosen to define the Ukrainian army as a “foreign legion of NATO”. Which means that Russia has the legal right and authority to start a direct war of national defence against its enemy Ukraine and eventually occupy it as to achieve a regime change.

This only in theory, but it is already a grievous escalation of the war conflict in the heart of Europe when the EU is about to crumble any moment after the sweeping electoral victory of the leftist block in Greece is menacing the Eurozone.

The most likely development will be that the Novorussian liberation army will defeat the Kiev troops and nazi thugs batallions and will proclaim independence of the two Russian republics. Moscow will immediately recognize them as it now officially considers the Kiev regime illegal and not representing the will of the Ukrainian people. It will be a big mistake of Russia to directly engage in this war as the Saker convincingly explains.

But we must be prepared for another escalation of hostilities at the political stage between Russia and the West in the coming days, before the latter will hoist the white flag.

With this analysis I only want to show you how heated the current global political situation is and how little it takes to instigate a global conflagration. The current graveyard stillness is very deceptive and does not reflect the enormous tensions between the rivaling parties and especially within the ranks of the losing Western cabal. As I am personally linked to these dark entities telepathically in order to cleanse and eliminate them with my turnstile mechanism, I very intensively and closely sense their desperate aggression and suicidal determination to go under in an act of global destruction, no matter what.

This all may unfold between now and February 11th as the energies coming from the Source are exorbitant and all-encompassing and they eradicate all dark negative patterns in the incarnated human population that is now massively receiving souls from the new template as walk-ins. This is the so called “fifth column” of the HR, with which they eliminate the dark cabal from power in a most elegant manner, and I urge you to watch very carefully for signs and symptoms of this occupation by the light of all dark positions the world over. Only in this way can you appreciate the grandeur of the current End Time scenario, which we now create with our unity Christ consciousness on behalf of humanity.


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