Happy New Year, Georgi… and the US Banks Are Crashing

by Kari, the Sunshinegirl and Georgi Stankov, January 2, 2014


Happy New Year, Georgi!

Hi Georgi,

Great posts, as usual. I feel a lot of energy right now… feels like little pieces of information will suddenly come to me… greater clarity, more confidence, deeper peace held for longer periods of time. Of course, I still have periods of utter exhaustion or negative thoughts but I do notice that it is for shorter periods of time and that I am able to focus on the “silver lining” easier these days.

Today I went shopping with a friend of mine because she told me there were a few sales going on and since I don’t follow these things, I just listen to her to find good deals. We went to an outdoor mall and it was a very weird experience. I haven’t been to a mall in many months and so I was overwhelmed by just how much shit they sell and how the human ego has invented things of no use whatsoever just to perpetuate this fake ass economy.

For one thing, we went into Victorias’ Secret because I needed a new bra and after I went into the dressing room, a girl knocked on the door to tell me her name and tell me that she’s a “bra specialist”. OMG… corporate programming at its best. She was a nice enough girl but I blame the ignorant masses for accepting these positions in the first place. I just never could take any of it serious enough to stay working for these corporations. I remember this one job training I had in Detroit, Michigan…. I bursted out in nervous laughter several times during it. It was hard for me to believe that others weren’t joining me.

But seriously, a bra specialist? The idiocracy has to have reached its last plateau… please god, tell me. Then we went into this other store called Pandora… because her husband bought her this necklace for christmas that you collect expensive charms for. This is the adult version of a charm bracelet and apparently it makes people feel important. I guess it’s not enough to be a mom, have a new baby, like the color green, or have a soft spot for kittens. Now you have to where your life on a bracelet or necklace in order to display these characteristics. Yikes. There are literally hundreds of these charms… tucked away beneath glass counters and displayed upon velvet cushions. All the wasted material for something that looks like you could win it out of a gumball machine. It was a bit depressing I must say. For a minute, I did a gut check wondering if maybe it bothered me because I don’t have any of these tokens of mainstream, cool, society but no… it really is just stupid.

Anyhow, to focus on the positive and the exciting… I can really feel some momentum picking up and I am truly ready to get on with this show. The insanity cannot withstand this tsunami of celestial energy much longer and it’s a truly beautiful thing. I’m so proud of us for keeping it real and being unmoved by the ignorance around us. I agree with some of your recent posts that there is nothing for us to do but to rest and remain as peaceful as possible. We are simply spectators now… about to witness the unveiling of a play that we both wrote and starred in.

From my heart,



Dear Kari,

thank you very much for your latest observations on the various aspects of human insanity and why this illusion must come, and will come to an end very soon.

I also feel a kind of Olympic serenity since two weeks, notwithstanding the intensity of the waves and cannot get even properly excited or angry, although there were some events that would have normally triggered such an emotional response. I cannot recognize myself. But this inner calmness is very much welcome as it points to our rapid and swift shift to much higher frequency levels now.

Carla connected to Alcyone this night and she told her of the coming huge wave of peace and joyful calmness that now engulfs humanity and this world. This is the most important message now.

With love and light



Wow Georgi…

I feel it. Let me explain what JUST happened. I was dead asleep. I heard my phone ring. I answer it from my bed and it’s my boyfriend. He tells me that all his bank accounts are showing zero! I feel calm and unmoved. I ask him to repeat it. He says, I tried to use my card to get gas but the pump would’nt take my card so I go inside to pay and my card didn’t work. So I log in my account and it all shows zero. Then he says, “what do you think? Identity theft?!”. I didnt even feel phased. It is like I expected to hear this. I have been telling him that the economy will collapse and the banks have no real money. He has been arguing with them for days. They owe him $30,000 because of his loan to build his house. He’s been building a house for over a year and is now at stage where his bank is supposed to give him back some of the money he put up himself, initially.

I don’t know how it works…because I refuse to try to understand it all anymore. But I do know that they don’t have the $30,000 to give him and have been giving him excuses all week which has further delayed some things in his life and now, apparently his bank accounts all show zero. I did not say anything to him about ascension because I chose not to repeat myself and plus this may just prove to be a mistake today but a real sign that it is very close! He is going to the bank now and I will update you soon.

However, here is the main thing. I have no emotional reaction to this news and…somehow… And somehow neither did he. He was very calm. As if what he was saying to me was a story he heard. He was not panicked whatsoever. He probably expects it to be a mistake and to be rectified here shortly. However, perhaps this was our preparation. I am so glad you feel calm too.

Love, Kari


Dear Kari,

this is extraordinary news and may indicate that the US banks have began to rob the private bank accounts. Here is an important article and video from James Corbett, I read yesterday, that highlights this next step of the bankrupt US banks. It is called “bailing in” and was first tested in Cyprus as I wrote last year:


It is a old project of the dark cabal and banksters how to expropriate humanity in the End Time and install the NWO.


The experience of your boy-friend with his bank may indicate the beginning of this planned massive robbery of the private clients’ bank accounts to bail in the banks for their huge losses in derivatives and other speculative investments, which have now crashed under the very low oil price, e.g. the bursting of the shale fracking industry bubble:


There is no doubt that we shall experience very soon the bursting of many more bubbles of the fraudulent Western Orion monetary system (all bubbles burst at some point in time), now that the West has totally failed to crash the Russian ruble end of last year and has only fostered the Eurasian alliance with China.

While 2014 was the year of resetting the Orion minds of the people at numerous levels, this year will begin with a firework of revelations as the energy of truth – the green flame of healing, truth and science – are now flooding this timeline and humanity in an all-pervading manner.


With love and light





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