False Flag Attacks of the Kiev Nazi Regime Against Civilians in Eastern Ukraine

by Georgi Stankov, January 24, 2015


While the nuclear explosions of the mad dark Western cabal were shed off from this uppermost mother planet and sank into oblivion in the 3D hell, the conventional wars are reaching another peak these days.

It took six days of the fraudulent presstitutes from the Western MSM to admit that the criminal Nazi troops have lost their battle for the International airport in Donetsk. Now they are about to invent another false flag attack in order to blame once again the victorious Russian patriots in Eastern Ukraine for the civilian casualties caused by the indiscriminate shelling of dense populated towns with Russian population by the Kiev Nazi thugs.

This is an invariant fraudulent motif of the dark Western MSM to only quote the lies of the criminal Kiev Nazi regime and to close their eyes for the facts. As this conflict is about to intensify in the coming days with a series of spectacular victories on the part of the Russian patriots, it is important to know exactly what is happening in Eastern Ukraine on the front. The outcome of this battle may determine the ultimate demise of the dark Western cabal and the signs are growing in these last days that they are already hoisting the white flag.

Merkel has just offered Russia free-trade agreement with EU, after the EU has so far rigorously declined this same Putin’s offer from 2010. How desperate the EU stooges of Washington must be to resort to such offers, after all their threats and sanctions against Russia have totally failed and they are not only losing the war in Ukraine, but also the financial war with Russia in supporting this rotten, artificial Nazi country and what is worst, the minds and hearts of their own people? Also NATO is all of a sudden adamant to negotiate with Russia again, after Kremlin decided to halt any futile diplomatic talks with these spineless European vassals of the empire of Evil.

Below I publish an important article from Sputnik news, which confirms that the shelling in Mariupol today were caused by the Ukrainian army and not by the rebels as Kiev is lying one more time and the Western media reiterate these lies without any proof. After all we are now in the final stage of unvarnished truth and transparency.

Missile Attack on Mariupol Result of Kiev Blunder, Says Donetsk Militia

DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko is outraged by Kiev blaming the Grad missile attack on southeastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol on the Donetsk militia.


DONETSK, January 24 (Sputnik) – Kiev has passed the blame to the Donetsk People’s Republic’s (DPR) militia for the Grad missile attack on the southeastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko said Saturday.

“Until this day, we have not been operating near Mariupol. We are saving our energy. But now, after Kiev decided to place the blame for its accidental Grad missile attack <…> on the residential area [of Mariupol] on us, I gave an order to suppress Ukrainian troops’ positions located to the east of Mariupol,” Zakharchenko said, adding that no one was planning to storm the city.

According to the DPR leader, Kiev has gathered its forces near Mariupol over the past few days, with militia’s positions being constantly attacked with Grad missiles and artillery.

“Today there also emerged armored vehicles of the 28th Ukrainian brigade. This has been done to make us bring our forces to Mariupol that are currently defending the Donetsk airport in order to weaken us and drive out of there,” Zakharchenko said.

He noted that the citizens of Mariupol had nothing to fear, as the Donetsk militia were there.

Earlier on Saturday, Mariupol, a Kiev-controlled port city outside of the main conflict zone in the Donetsk Region, came under shelling. According to the local authorities’ estimates, 30 people have been killed in the attack.

Kiev blamed the Donbas militia for the shelling, but the DPR denied its involvement and said that the attack came from Mariupol’s western district of Stary Krym, where the Kiev forces are stationed.


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Keep an eye on these new developments in the Ukrainian war as they will determine the coming big events in the ascension scenario.



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