Energy Report of the PAT – January 27, 2015

How I Use the Seven Sacred Flames of Creation

Dear Georgi,

Before I begin, I relax and invoke the Mul Mantar of the Sikh religion. Then, during the hours of Chuang (5 to 7 AM) I recite my declaration to the PAT and invoke all of the colors and their gradients to accompany this declaration to the heavens; then I do the same declaration downward to the Agarthans and inner-Earth peoples. Then to establish or work upon any cities or artificial intelligence on the New Earth, I invoke all the colors and gradients and send them heaven wards to the New Earth, imbued with power and majesty. During the hours of Chien (9 to 11 AM) the hours of the Dragon, I invoke the same colors and gradients and neutralize any Orion manifestations to the PAT preventing our progress. Then I invoke all angels, Archangels, and Djinn to protect the PAT and others involved in Ascension. The colors and myself are then withdrawn. If needed again, during the daytime, these colors and gradients are then repeated during the hours of 5 to 7 PM and during the hours of 9 to 11 PM.

With Love and Light,


Dear George,

Lately the people complain to me a lot about the flu. Suddenly everyone has it, all over the world. And after the worst is over they still complain about constant tiredness. Obviously many people now experience this part of the LBP for the first time.

To answer the question of what/how I’ve used the flames so far: What was discussed in one of the reports, linking the flames to the chakras and when breathing in breathing in the corresponding energy with the chakras, and when breathing out breathing it out. On the in breath the energy is charged with intentions of what to create (and various other energies), and on the out breath it is sent to manifest. My previous essay is also relevant.

My efforts on the global/galactic scale have stayed similar. To finish the work, so finally we can leave this reality and continue from our full perspective. Also I anchor these energies in my body so it radiates them constantly, and lately I’ve been doing some physical practice again. Already after a week I have more energy because of it. Basically the source flames can be used in any situation to great effect.

On the more individual level, really I just want someone to end my long time of loneliness in this place, and this is what I’ve been creating. This is the most important difference I can make for me to improve the situation except for ascension.

Love & Light,
Daniël, The Netherlands

Dearest  George  and  Carla,

The last message  from Carla (on the seven sacred flames) was amazing, as I have experienced a massive shift  and awakening after last night working with the emerald green flame of manifestation and  healing and also using  Christed – Buddha diamond light  to cut  through the distortion and deception of the disconnected OS of the interface  of  the  Anunnaki -Orion hologram and matrix; also went through the usual transmutation, dissolution of fear patterns and cleansing.

Gratitude  and  Blessings
Marco, USA .

Hi Georgi,

I hope you are getting plenty of rest! I think January has been the most intense month for me in terms of the frequency of energy shift. I barely get any chance to recover. I’ve been lying down twice as much as standing up. Many times, I feel very stimulated to where I cannot actually sleep but I cant really move around either. I’m guided to just lay flat and absorb the energies. I have been reading everyone’s personal experiences with January 21st. Honestly, I cannot remember the specifics of that day except that I was horribly exhausted for a few hours and fell into a trance like sleep at some point, which now seems to happen to me at least once, if not twice a day.

Today (25th) was very powerful as well. I could not make it out of my bed until almost noon and I’ve been extremely dehydrated. I wanted to let you know that I just had a dream. It was very vivid. I seemed to be in a type of university and was out in the halls discussing projects with a few classmates. At some point, we seemed to be about to enter a sort of science class which was held in a big auditorium like room…sort of circular shaped with the seats going up in rows…like a theatre, I suppose. The instructor was a male…I feel like it may have been you! You were instructing a few of us to have certain paperwork in order for a kind of presentation we would be giving so that we would be prepared when we addressed the class.

The significant part of this dream, for me, was the feeling of confidence I had. In reality, I’ve always been quite nervous when having to give a presentation in school, but in the dream it was the most natural thing in the world. In fact, I can still feel everyones’ eyes upon me as I walked up behind a female student and waited on her to perform some kind of comedy bit before it would be my turn to speak. I was completely aware of them watching me and yet my face and body were 100% relaxed and I was completely paying attention to her comedy skit and laughing as well. It was a wonderful calm and collected feeling and I felt completely in my element by being next in line to speak. I was mostly impressed by this feeling of confidence I had although I am not even sure what I was going to talk about! I woke up feeling like I should tell you this and wanting to write it down before I forgot, although this one is not fading quickly as most dreams do. There was also something to do with a needle….it was pretty big…the hollow part was. Before we entered class, some classmates were telling me something about getting an IV that would refresh all of our systems if we wanted…like a sort of cleansing process. I was holding the needle and knowing I needed to take it to class with me…was trying not to get it dirty…that’s all I recall of that.

Anyhow, I couldn’t get back to sleep and so I found this article of April’s which references you and the 7 Sacred Flames: Have you seen it? What do you think? I’ve been using the flames a lot lately and I am not sure if I am using them correctly but I just use my intuition and visualize the ones I want to use and then set the intention and sort of bathe my visualization in the flame or combination of flames. I think this will grow stronger as the energies increase. I really feel these are such an important step in our ascension process and it really exciting to work with them.

Love, Kari

Dear Kari,

if you read my foreword to April’s message you will see that your dream precisely reflects our preparation for the impending paradigm shift when we all must come to the fore and teach the people with confidence and sovereignty about the new earth and age.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

My apologies for not responding sooner to your request for information about how we dealt with the energies of January 21st. I am still much weakened and disoriented, though the good news is I am experiencing being in the Now as never before, which could mean that lower timeline cleansing is about finished.

On January 21st I was visiting a friend, who is not aware of my timeline/dimensional work, and at about the noon hour, I was suddenly overcome with what Carla has described as hypoglycemia. I had to eat and eat fast. I frightened my friend in my urgency and we rushed to the kitchen where I managed to get some apple and cheese into me prior to collapsing. I was severely shaken and made up a story to my friend about how I had not eaten yet that day. I knew something was happening, but was unable to confirm exactly what until I left my friend’s place and returned to my home and then could access your site.

I am working with the Green Flame and am advised by my HS that the work I do has to do with Soul processing during lower timeline devastation. I’m not quite sure what that means, but I’m very glad to be able to be of service.

Thank you for all that you and Carla do.


Dear George,

Thank you, I have just finished reading your last two posts. This is very encouraging and informative. I need to let go of ALL linear thinking as you have directed. It is the most difficult when family is involved, but I will do it. I have been working with the Flames since 2008 when I purchased the book. Many “miracles” were granted me. I have increased my focus, but January 19-22 were awful. I was filled with great physical and emotional pain. It was not like when my daughter died a few years ago, I knew that was MY pain. Thank you for explaining what is happening when my HS is AWOL. I am better prepared for the next hit.

Thank you especially for the renewed courage to win this battle.
Namaste, Jennifer

Lieber Georg,

… Ich möchte an dieser Stelle auch noch einmal wiederholt auf einen wichtigen Punkt zu den Heiligen Flammen hinweisen. Seit dem Fall von Mu und Atlantis lassen sich diese herrlichen Werkzeuge NICHT mehr zu egozentrischen Zwecken missbrauchen. Dem wurde damals, wie wir wissen, endgültig ein Riegel vorgeschoben.

Liebe Grüße
Stefan, Germany

Liebe Carla, lieber Georg,

Gestern habe ich mich ganz intensiv der gelben Flamme gewidmet und habe dann die im Buch beschriebene Meditation gemacht. Es war wieder ein sehr intensives Erlebnis, ich war im heiligen Raum der Flamme und Lord Maitreya war anwesend. Es war unwahrscheinlich emotional und die Energien unbeschreiblich. Ich bin gespannt, was mich  bei der Arbeit mit den FLammen noch so erwartet. Und ich bin begeistert, dass ich dies so wahrnehmen kann, obwohl ich die Augen nicht geschlossen habe, da ich ja die Meditation selbst lese. Große Zuversicht erfüllt mich, dass alles auf dem richtigen Weg ist. Danke so sehr für alles.

Alles erdenklich Liebe für Euch zwei.

Eure Annett



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