Energy Report of the PAT – January 22, 2015

Nuclear Explosions and Catastrophes on Parallel Timelines During the Massive Shift of Gaia at the New Moon Portal on January 21st, 2015

This is how the sky looked like from our balcony at sunrise (around 08.00 am) on January 21st, 2015 before the massive shift and the nuclear exlosions on parallel timelines took place.

Thanks a zillion Georgi for the breakdown because I too between 1pm and 5pm PST (I reside in California) was utterly blasted by a CC wave arrow… My wife and I ran errands starting at 115pm and I typically drive and could not accompany her into the store due to total physical disorientation…

Fortunately it was a sunny day and the solar rays were permeating every cell (while zero point balanced in my car) keeping me charged and grounded …

During this timeframe  I was totally disoriented yet eerily recharged and became extra sensitive too loud noises.

I too had a profound hunger and anxiety where I was wondering who why and what I was…

On our second errand i decided to accompany my wife in to the grocery store where all the women who were employed at the grocer was sending strong waves of sexual attraction (not untypical for me yet it seemed to be psychic ying/yang protection (?)….

Interestingly all the physical discomfort you described occurred for me around 1am …No circulation from my shoulder to hands…back torso extremely tight…feet circulation almost non existent…I never had these symptoms before and feel based on your info a Nuke strike hit during that (1am PST) during the New Moon portal opening…The 1pm -5pm timeframe was probably a preemptive strike at the enemy where all our collective energy was needed to keep this timeline from imploding….Whew !

Erick Premiere, California

Dear Erick,

thank you very much for this very important validation of what happened today. We may get some more information tomorrow or in the next days by the Elohim.


Dear Georgi and Carla,

This was definitely a potent portal! I felt the first effects of the New Moon Portal on the morning of the 2oth.  My solar plexus really started to hurt about 11 am MST, and this pain was immediately followed by waves of chills accompanied with a shaky feeling. After about half an hour of very intense symptoms, I experienced a cleansing bout of diarrhea. I normally feel better relatively soon after a “cleanse” is finished, but the solar plexus pain, shakiness and chills seemed to continue off and on for a few more hours.

My portal symptoms today, the 21st, were very different from what both you and Carla experienced, but there is a synchronicity in the timing of what I experienced in the Canadian Badlands and what you experienced at the West Coast.  I spent the whole day being overwhelmed with feelings of aggravation and frustration.  At approximately 2:11 pm MST (or 1:11 pm PST), I went for a walk at the edge of the coulees to try to work off some of that negative energy. After walking for a few minutes, I stopped and asked the wind for help in clearing away all of the frustration I was feeling. A strong Chinook wind was already blowing, but a very long and very strong gust of wind blew over me after placing that request.  I felt better, but still had some lingering feelings of frustration.  I headed back home, and about half an hour after I got back I was hit by an overpowering urge to clean the toilet — talk about symbolic!  The weirdest part was that after I started that chore, I was hit by a wave of kundalini energy. The sensation of extreme heat moved all the way up from the base of my torso and out my crown chakra. I was scarlet red from the top of my head down to the middle of my thorax…. and my feelings of frustration were gone. I have had this kundalini energy pass through me many times over the years, but never when cleaning a toilet!  I think my guides must have had a good chuckle over that message!

Best wishes,

Dear George,

What I experienced, starting around 4:30 am Pacific time, while having lunch was horrible indigestion symptoms. I couldn’t continue eating. Whenever I ran to the toilet, nothing happened. This is the first time I have felt something like this. I have only had heartburn so far and not very often.

I had to lie down the rest of the day and drink ginger infusion for the nausea. By 1 to 5 pm Pacific time, I was feeling better. I’m still recovering.

I could tell something big was happening.

Thanks for everything.


Dear Georgi

I just read your text “Urgent Energy Update January 21, 2015” and it was a revelation. I’ll try to explain what happened to me yesterday.

I live in Portugal, so there is a 8 hours gap to the Pacific coast time. Yesterday evening, around 11:00 PM I started to meditate and just in a few minutes I felt a pressure on my heart area and was feeling a bit dizzy. I didn’t take it as something more than related to the meditation. About half an hour after, when I finished the meditation, I got up and was getting ready to go to sleep but I was feeling really strange. I was like floating and I had no strength in my body.

I went to bed and, suddenly, I started trembling. I thought I had a hypoglycemic symptom and, so, I went to eat some cookies. Nevertheless, the trembling did not stop right away, it took a few minutes.

Just now, when reading your information, I understood what really took place yesterday. I feel, now, much more reassured that we are very close to the shift we all expect to happen. In addition, all the effervescence that is running in the economic area is a good sign of the coming changes. I only hope that things can really change in the very near future as living conditions are deteriorating noticeably. I let here, though, my experience as well as my expectations.

In Love and Light
José Carlos Neves, Portugal

Dear Georgi,

You asked us to report about yesterday, January 21. There were no specific experiences for me, but the days before, especially on Monday January 19 in the morning, during and after a guided meditation (the capsules of Natalie Glasson who channels Archangel Metatron) I had a very deep cleansing experience.

When I was sitting in these beautiful realms, in contact with beings of the planet Venus, suddenly the Christ appeared before me. At that moment I felt a cross coming out of my body. He immediately threw the large cross upside down in the fire where it started burning. I was deeply shocked and started crying, due to all the painful experiences and misery I must have had with this cross during many lifetimes and in fact it felt as if they were not only my personal past life experiences but from many others as well. When I kept looking at this burning cross it was as if it revealed the many dark energies hidden inside of it who could not escape their destiny.

I felt how my body was cleansed from dark energies on many places (and I am cleansing and developing myself in many ways for more than 21 years now) and it took a few days to recover from this experience, as it felt like a very deep and profound cleansing as I only had once before. It felt like a worldwide earthquake inside of me and it certainly was a huge step in coming closer/higher to my self. So I was wondering whether these experiences would reflect in this reality as well; it could be that they are indeed related with what you reported about the 21st of January.

Tuesday January 20 felt very heavy and sad the whole day and like many times it was as if it were not (only) personal feelings. January 21st felt much lighter.

So this is my story of these last days and I am ever so glad and grateful to you and Carla for all you are doing, teaching and going through on behalf of humanity, Mother Earth and the universe. Thank you so very much!

With love,

Dear Nel,

this profound cleansing of your body, emotional fields and spirit throughout all incarnations during your meditation proves the enormous healing power of the emerald green flame that is now permeating everything at the quantum level. I think that your experience was also associated with a profound cleansing of humanity which we always do as light warriors when we undergo such powerful waves and shifts as yesterday.

Besides your vision of Christ coincides with the appearance of Christ image in Island as I published it that day. In addition I can confirm that the opening of this new moon portal and shift began 48 hour earlier with massive collective grieve, utter desperation and emotional depression, which is how any profound healing manifests at the emotional level.

I first made this kind of experiences in 1972 when I experienced a huge catharsis due to the descent of my HS into my body at the age of 21 and did not know what happened to me at that time as there was nobody to explain to me the energy of the soul. Now the young crystalline generation is in a better position as they have a lot of literature on this topic.

With love and light

Hello Georgi,

I experienced very dramatic dreams the night before i saw your latest ‘nuclear’ report, but unfortunately I couldn’t remember many details. one thing that i can still remember very clearly is that i had a rifle in my hands and was supposed to shoot out the ‘bad guys’. It was a very anxious and urgent moment, and i fired about 4-5 shots, but missed and mishit a few of them. (i hit the wrong persons!).

I’m not really sure what that all means, but my main purpose in writing to you was to share this news article with you.

The straits times is the number one mainstream media outlet in Singapore (we are a small nation with little freedom of press, so there are very few papers). The straits times is the de facto most respected, most widely read newspaper in Singapore and for as long as i knew, they have always followed the western narrative (in my opinion, mostly out of habit and ignorance due to our colonial past rather than being manipulated or tightly controlled  by the cabal)

For them to have come out and published something that suggests that the ISIS Japanese hostage situation was staged/faked is quite a new development that i never expected. and yet, here it is! to me, this is a huge sign that the beginning of an informational-narrative shift in Singapore has begun, and it will certainly make my facebook postings (where i often shred apart the western narrative) much more credible.

Junnies, Singapore

Dear Junnies,

thank you very much for making me aware of this article which shows that the tsunami of revelations cannot be stopped anymore and that the people and journalists begin to open their eyes and report the truth.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Under the present intensity of energies it is rather difficult to work out what has been truly happening in a precise manner during the time frame you have indicated in your latest report. On a human level, I’ve been having pretty much the same sensations as you have described, daily chills, immense anxiety, disorientation etc. What I know for sure is that I’ve been active on many realities simultaneously. I went to the local food store a few days ago, and when I looked out of the window, I actually saw myself walking home on the other side of the street. It is a most absurd and surreal sensation, and rather agonizing from a human viewpoint amidst the energy intensity of this new moon.

Actually the intensity yesterday peaked in my case somewhat earlier, around 7:30 PM local time, which is 10:30 AM PST. At that time I  read out loudly the soul contract revocation concerning media manipulation,  as presented by Andrew Bartzis, which targets the elimination of fineprints from the soul contract and recovering human soul energy from the public media, among others. I immediately felt a great relief and a sense of empowerment afterwards, though it did not remain for long, as the energy kept on flowing, however the evening was somewhat smoother later. It is my impression, that this revocation had an impact collectively, not just for myself, as I have done this many times before.

Considering the topic on nuclear war, I had a vision about a month ago, I saw the typical cloud of smoke and fire when a nuclear bomb explodes, and then, as if time would begin to run backwards, the cloud disappeared again, and there was no devastation. This may indicate that we put a halt to this devastating discharge, or created new holograms for it to happen, as you have described. I can only assume that this was indeed the case.

I hope you and Carla have recovered by now, the energies today feel no less intense over here.

Yours truly,


Yesterday, January 21 I had extreme chills during the afternoon. My mind was discombobulated and I was extremely tired. Many of my normally pleasant coworkers were nervous and snappish. At sometime around 3:00-3:30pm CST all our phone lines and software shut down. I work for a large college and this rarely happens with one system, let alone two. It was shutting off and on for at least twenty minutes and then it came back online unexpectedly. The technical team was puzzled. The shutdown seemed to lighten the mood and after that everyone was pleasant again. That evening, I was exhausted and went to bed very early. I have been having very vivid dreams since the first of the year. Last night, I was surfing the waves,always riding above the water line in different conveyances. I was with different groups of people but all were happy and I felt we were all headed for a common destination.

Love and Light,

Dear Sheryl,

thank you very much for your energy report as of yesterday. The shutdown of the computer systems is parallel to the shutdown of my website for no apparent reason and it came back again a couple of hours later. I still do not know what happened, although I wrote immediately to my server service but have not received any response yet. I assume that we have crossed some lower timelines when they were destroyed and this has affected the Internet and the computer systems for a while until we have moved to higher timelines.


Dear Georgi,

I’m writing to confirm the events of last night.

My Cousin and I arrived at a friends house to make an exchange. Afterwards we chit chat for a few minutes and the conversation turns south from my perspective.  At that very moment (around 8:30 pm CST) my chest/chakra starts pounding and I get short of breath. I figure it’s because of the cigarette smoke I’m sensitive to and so I try to make my way outside to get some fresh air. I became so light headed I had to lean on the building. The next thing I know everything is blacked out and I can here my concerned Cousin calling me back to my body. At first I had lost all orientation and could not understand where I was. When my vision slowly returns my Cousin is holding my hand and I’m sitting in the dirt. Cold sweats and pale skin, I couldn’t even stand up for about 10 minutes because I would get the feeling that I was going to pass out again. before getting me back in the vehicle to head home I puked up all my dinner, but began to feel better.

It came out of nowhere. I was fine one second and then I was down on the ground. I called upon the gradients of ascension the best I could, but I was so disoriented all I could do was visualise myself wrapped in light.

Cory James
Oklahoma City

Dear Cory,

thank you very much for this dramatic report regarding the yesterday’s event. You have had the same physical shock with collapse of all major regulative systems as described by myself and your soul must have gone away for a while, while participating in this massive cleansing event and shift of Gaia to higher dimensions.

I hope you are feeling better today.

With love and light

Dear Georgi and Carla,

Yes, Big things have occurred for sure now this very morning the USA Stock Market is showing what should be a complete crash but always is so orchestrated,  but so far the ECB is showing big catastrophe. To which goes right along perfectly with what you were told of a nuclear war on our upper timeline yesterday. I had many blow-outs personally since Monday the 19th.  But I have come to understand my living situation as a complete micro-version of this world environment that we are changing daily and to which is why I live here. I understand our selves and our cleansing patterns very well as they will along with your own body like you describe will tell you so much of what is going on. I had an extreme intensification of negativity hit me later afternoon on Monday as I could feel the need arising in me at that time the use of our own Alchemical systems to eradicate it and so I did. I have come so far Georgi in my true knowing of who I am and how I have always been handling my life and how my most beautiful emotions are my greatest asset of all. Now isn’t that funny when you are told your whole life about how you should stay so on an even keel so to speak,  MY ASS,  OUR EMOTIONS ARE OUR GREATEST POWER EVER,  AND DO NOT LET ANYONE EVER TELL YOU DIFFERENT AGAIN!!!.  Sorry I felt a need to scream that but not that you need that learning,  I am going to teach this and so much more to so many still.

But so going back to so much of what you have been writing lately and how I resonated so overly with so many different words that have come from you either by my dream state or daily awareness.  So back to using the Flames and how I have been wrapping them around Mother Earth so as to Heal,Protect and Love all of Humanity at this time of great change and squeeze the truth into all the minds of who would be able and ready to absorb it.  And yesterday I am in the middle of what I first perceived as going to be an annoying day but to which I turned into a very nice day at least around me,  by way of moving energy sources,  but the negativity still wanted badly my attention until I just completely blew my top ( AKA–NUCLEAR FUSION) and of course removed it out of my arena once again you might say.  Our Alchemical Energy is to me the greatest gift from the Source of All that Is as I have always been living my life on two speeds only,  be them greatest love and complete destruction to which I always operated when need be.  Of course our personal Nuclear Energy is of the Highest Light and so it carries with it not bad but only high Light Radiation.  And Yes Georgi I was trying so desperately to get on your site around 4ish to possibly 5pm Eastern Time and couldn’t do it and was highly annoyed and surprised but also let me know immediately that something was UP!!!

Oh and by the way I had either yesterday morning to which I believe is the correct time or if not was Tuesday morning during my morning purifying and wrapping of the Flames I could feel us moving very well upward and it usually knocks me out somewhat of my concentration as it is always a profoundly awesome feeling as we know we are ascending to higher ground.  Ok I will end this because I can’t ever seem to cut these short but Georgi again YES to what you were told of being a Time Traveler,  Yes that is exactly who we are.  I have also in the last 6 months become very aware of that thought as it has hit me a few times but that you have completely confirmed my instincts.  These are fantastically, powerful days of the Highest Light and Levels ever on this Mother Earth and just really so much more to say but will end this here.  Remember one of your readers recently seeing an atomic bomb being dropped over Russia I believe he wrote and asked if at all this was a possible,  you responded with it could be possible but of course from or on lower timeline.  Monday later afternoon and into the night was surely a mover and a shaker of a day for sure at least on my end of the world but was depicted to me by way of personal happenings that correlate fabulously with all of how you described some happenings. The End.


Hallo Georgi,

schon seit längerem habe ich das Bedürfnis über diesen Weg Kontakt mit dir aufzunehmen, und so hat sich mein Erlebnis zum gestrigen Ereignis angeboten.

Kurz über mich, hier heiße ich Merlin und wohne in Offenbach bei Frankfurt am Main, sitze also an einer der Hotspots der „Finanz“wirtschaft““…

Mein HS bestätigt mir, dass ich zu der „Verstärkung“ des PAT gehöre, Du begegnest mir oft in Träumen und Visionen, telepathisch stehe ich mit dir in Kontakt in unzähligen Gesprächen über diverse Themen.

Nun aber zu gestern und heute Nacht, im Laufe des Abends habe ich mich immer weiter von der Realität entfernt, es fiel mir immer schwer mit der Außenwelt zu interagieren, doch hatte ich das Bedürfnis in der Außenwelt zu bleiben und so habe den Abend lesend verbracht.

Mit meiner Seelen- und Aufstiegspartnerin Jenny konnte ich kein Wort mehr wechseln, da ich kaum noch Anwesend war und selbst praktisch nicht mehr reden und denken konnte.

Wir haben uns dann um Mitternacht schlafen gelegt, und sind um 5 Uhr früh wieder aufgewacht, ich war leicht durchgeschwitzt und hatte mich ramponiert gefühlt, eine Stunde später haben wir uns wieder hingelegt um weiter zu schlafen, in meinen Meditationen vorm Schlafen habe ich oft Visionen oder leichte außerkörperliche Erfahrungen und bin deswegen oft noch lange wach bevor ich einschlafe. Diesesmal bin ich ungewöhnlich schnell weg gewesen und in meinem Bett sitzend beim Kartenspielen mit Jenny aufgewacht. Sie hat die Karten gerade verteilt, ich hatte einen unglaublich starken Energiefluss in mir, ich hatte schon einige Aufstiegstestläufe und andere sehr starke Energieflüsse, doch dieser war so viel stärker, das ich mich benebelt und „zusammengepresst“ gefühlt hatte, ich versuchte dann Jenny zu sagen, dass ich nicht spielen kann und mich hinlegen muss, doch die Worte waren nur noch so leise, dass sie sie nicht verstehen konnte, ich bin nach vorne umgekippt weil ich mich nicht mehr sitzend halten konnte und habe noch als letztes Bild im Kopf wie Jenny die Karten aus der Hand fallen, im nächsten Moment merke ich wie ich wieder in die andere Realität liegend im meinem Bett zurück gezogen werde, darauf bin ich schnell wieder eingeschlafen. Heute Morgen, nachdem ich deinen Bericht gelesen hatte erklärte mir mein HS was passiert war.

Im Laufe des Abends wurde ich in eine Realität weiter unten gezogen, deswegen meine geistige Abwesenheit. Mein „Ausflug“ zum Kartenspielen war die Realität in der ich mich aufhalte wenn ich in meiner Kraft stehe und mich wohl fühle in meiner Haut und meiner Umgebung, habe ich auch daran gemerkt, dass ich mich sehr viel besser ging als den Abend über.

Doch war der Energiefluss so stark dass ich unter ihm zusammengebrochen war und umgekippt war, so hatte mich mein Ausflug nach unten also davor bewahrt zu stark davon getroffen zu werden. Auch wenn ich heute so etwas wie einen „Energiekater“ habe.

Mein HS erklärte mir außerdem, dass dieser Atomschlag in unserer Nähe deswegen stattfinden musste, weil viele der Lichtkrieger die Möglichkeit einer militärischen Eskalation und einer Zerstörung dieser Welt durch den 3. Weltkrieg im Kopf hatten, da dieses Szenario bis vor kurzem noch wahrscheinlich und karmisch notwendig erschien und erst wenn man das Wechseln der Zeitlinien begreift, verstehen kann wie dies abgewendet werden konnte.
Abschließend möchte ich dir noch für deine wunderbare Arbeit danken, ohne dich, der es schafft spirituelle, politische und wissenschaftlich Themen in einer wunderbar konkreten und einfachen Sprache zu verfassen wäre unser aller Arbeit hier auf Erden ungleich schwerer, also

Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße,
Merlin, Deutschland (Germany)

Dear Merlin,

ich danke dir vielmals, dass du Kontakt zu mir aufgenommen hast und auch für deinen ausführlichen Energiereport zum gestrigen Ereignis. Ich kann deine Interpretation, dass diese nuklearen Katastrophen stattfinden mussten, weil viele Lichtkrieger und Menschen an diese Möglichkeit glauben, voll bestätigen. Als Ahnahmar zur Carla vor einigen Tagen kam, bestätigte er ihr, dass zum Beispiel am 21. Dezember 2012 als viele Menschen glaubten das Ende dieser Welt kommen würde, sie auch dieses Erlebnis tatsachlich gemacht haben, wie wir wissen, auf anderen Zeitlinien.

Ich danke dir auch für die Wertschätzung der Beitrage auf der Webseite. Ich bemühe mich in der Tat eine klare und rationale Betrachtung in die verworrene Welt der Esoterikszene einzuführen, die unabdingbar ist, um die Komplexität und Multidimensionalität der Ereignisse ein wenig zu strukturieren und den Menschen begreiflich zu machen, was tatsachlich abläuft. Wie viele, die nicht wie wir voll im LKP und der Bilokation sind, das wirklich begreifen, vermag ich nicht einzuschätzen, aber es dürften sehr wenige sein, wenn überhaupt. Zu weit auseinander gehen nun die individuellen menschlichen Erfahrungen und die Welt expandiert mit atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit jenseits der üblichen Wahrnehmungsgrenze des homo sapiens.

Liebe Grüße

Lieber Georg, liebe Carla,

meine Partnerin und ich können Euere physischen und emotionalen Empfindungen absolut bestätigen. Wir wussten allerdings nicht, was genau geschehen war. Uns erfasste diese Welle bereits am Abend des 20. Januar MEZ. Unsere Körper vibrieren immer noch.

Was mich betrifft, hatte ich angeordnet, diese unsäglichen und unerträglichen Kindergarten- und Schachspiele auf dieser obersten Ebene jetzt schnellstens zu beenden. Egal, wie stark unsere Körper dadurch noch einmal an ihre Grenzen gebracht werden. Ich hatte einfach wieder das Gefühl, dass der zu erwartende Nutzen die gleichzeitig und fortlaufend entstehenden Kollateralschäden nicht mehr rechtfertigt.

Wer diese Art Spiele noch will, bitte schön, aber NICHT mehr HIER! Genug ist genug! Basta!!!

Herzliche Grüsse
Stefan Leute

PS: Nach meinen momentanen Empfindungen spielen sich nach diesen nuklearen Katastrophen bereits die nächsten grossen Umwälzungen auf nahe liegenden Zeitlinien ab. Möglicherweise Naturkatastrophen in Folge der Ereignisse. Bin mir aber nicht ganz sicher. Bitte um Rückmeldung. Danke!

Gruß Stefan

Lieber Stefan,

Ich glaube, dass diese Katastrophen bereits begonnen haben. Was ich aber auch vernehme, ist, dass sich die Ereignisse hier beschleunigen werden.



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