Energy Report of the PAT – January 13, 2015, Part I

On Central Sun’s Energy Burst, Code Transmissions and the Use of Source Flames for Immediate Creation

Dearest Georgi….

I am enjoying all these articles on colors! Colors, I love them. I am an artist, so painting has always been a love of swirling, mixing and playing with how light and color create images. On my path I did attend a workshop where the teacher talked to us about color healing. She went through it very fast, giving basic colors and how they can work. This was the seed that got me to take colors further than my artists palate.

During those days, I had chronic tonsillitis/strep throat and had already gone through a botched surgery to remove them when I was nine years old (doctor cut my throat, nearly bleed to death) So I decided never to tell my parents when I had a sore throat. I took lots of meds  for years and they just seemed to stave it off for a short time. One tonsil was so swollen that it blocked half of my wing pipe.

Disgusted/scared with allopathic medicine, I decided to meditative and try out color healing on my throat. I used forest green for the infection and royal blue for the pain. I sat about 5 minutes breathing these colors in and out of my head, throat, all cells, energy fields and the spaces in between. I did this for about three days, only 5 minutes a day. My chronic throat problems never came back. I did later remove the thought and emotions that created it in the first place much later on. But from that point on, I was interested in color healing! I use it often when the situation calls for it, for personal assistance or filling rooms with colors.When I look at our human form and how the chakras are emitting colors, to me, it is like the Light is shining down through our crown energy center and is refracting a lot like a prism, so we look like rainbows! Might be real or just a sweet metaphor.Now as we evolve in to higher frequencies, so our auric colors do change.  I see very different colors on some people these days! I do not believe colors as simple frequencies, for they are more. Yet this is a study that keeps adding and subtracting from my knowledge base.

In the Elohim’s confirmation to Carla that the Green Flame is here, I understand that as being a rarified form of green, not the 3D green. We cannot call our 3D colors “flames”.… unless they are in our fire place a’blazing!

As I feel this new Green Flame today, it is awesome. I cannot describe it. It could be said it is much more vibrant that the 3D green and beyond. I am ready to try it out!

I have been using Golden Ray for years now. The Aquamarine Ray is also one I love to flood rooms with. I have been working lately with the Platinum Ray and that one is very different than others. It can neutralize in many ways. It is also provides a fortress when used for protection.

A story – my son and I spent the night with friends and as we were trying to settle in to their guest room, my son, 2 years old at the time, apprehensively looked around the room than he crawled in between my legs to sleep!? I was thinking now this is going to be hard for me as I roll around, etc., and might hurt him. But then I wondered why! Why is he wanting to be in the middle of my protective aura?

I looked around the room and found that under the foundation of this house was a dark anomaly that felt intrusive. So I go in to my ‘airy-fairy’ stance and called in a loving pink light to surround us as we slept. Out of his deep sleep, my son says “no Mom, use white light”. I was stunned! I also freaked out! To make pink, you need red and white, and minus the red would be white..… oh this entity/anomaly uses red….. ARG! I did use the white light and then could not sleep. I ended up in the living room sleeping on their couch with babe in arms! Yes, my path had many ‘teaching moments’ for me! My son also taught me from infancy!

These days I rarely use white light as there is something about it I find too mutable.  As I have ascended, I have so many other colors on the light palate that I tend to blend the metallic colors in to white before I use it.

Yesterday I had my aura photographed, by a real Kirlian camera. (I do not like the computer programs for they are not accurate.)  I have collected aura photos since 1987. This latest one was really quite beautiful! I am about 15 weeks in to my Light body transformation, which my Oversoul said it takes a minimum of 6 months for its creation.  I was told last night that at about 4 months marker I will SEE the difference in my body. I am already feeling so different. I added Tai Chi classes last year to keep the whole body unified and strong.

Thank you for all these exciting details on our journey!!!

~ Love, Carolyn

Dear Carolyn,

thank you very much for your comprehensive report on your personal experience with colours and flames that confirms their key role in creation. In a certain sense all is colours and flames which are energetic aspects. Of course all these colours have nothing to do with the 3D colours we use in arts, but there is also a self-similarity principle throughout all dimensions and levels of being.

With love and light

Thank you Georgi…..

I have just read the many Jan 10th postings and WOW…. they are great.

The Imperial Collapse Playbook is excellent!!  As for America, what is the anti-america…. I doubt it will be race, for that card is working against the aggregators these days, way too many mixed race families now. I think it will be about Money. > Have and have-nots<.  This financial forum is what you have written many articles about. Yes unemployment is very high today, and most of it is not counted. The simple price of a pound of butter jumped $1, over the last few months as did much of our food.  ($2.50 -> 3.50)

I always enjoy Ron Paul as he does have a hold on ethics. I worked for a non-profit that helped the poor and I do agree that welfare just breeds more welfare. From one single parent that has many children who lived on welfare, now we have all their children dependent upon it too. It grows the problem and now a huge portion of Americans are on food stamps. Yet I would add the MEDIA to all those equations as they perpetuate the ugly in all ways. Yes, I know they are all propaganda tools now.

Our Obamacare is ruining our alopathic health systems, although they were a mess anyway (my dad was a hospital administer so we had many talks) I signed up when I saw I would only have to pay 11 cents a month, and I knew something was very wrong with my son. (we were living paycheck to paycheck). Sure enough he had to have his gall bladder removed and the insurance helped to pay for most of it.  The Obamacare law requires the hospitals to discount their bills to the government, so that an operation of $22,000, now only costs $7,000 to the government. I was shocked as why would I be charged higher, if I had no insurance? If that is all it costs, wholesale thinking…

These health insurance companies are also ‘taxed’ by the government to be part of this program.

Now if I had to pay my full premium and not be given the subsidy, I would be required to pay $687. per month for my son and I, which is one third of my monthly paycheck. Sorry that is for food and other necessities.  It is only good for one year and now the health insurance agency wants me to pay $69. per month for the old plan. Nope, I do not have it to give anyway… it is not a “choice”. So I shopped the web site and I opted for another policy that i do not need to pay anything for, although it has a high deductible. I doubt my son and I will even use it all year. But due to governmental blackmail of me having to pay fines (which I could not pay) … for not having insurance, nothing is a good price.

Now many hospitals are closing. Doctors have opted out and so the sellection is getting smaller of who will play the Obamacare wheel of deprivation. Each year the premiums will get higher for all people and the government will try to step completely out of the subsidies in probably two years (if they survive that long) So then the poor will no have any insurance again. Like pissing on our legs for that warm feeling.

So yes, the USA  is on a hard path, due to apathy. Due to shallow and reactionary thinking. I applaud Putin too, and have laughed many times reading his response to the idiots in our government.

Yet “what is wrong” is at the tiny people level, not just some big governmental anomolies.

I got a new job in November and lasted about 6 weeks and then left. The employer felt she could change my pay from $14 to $7.25 to appease her anger and sighted some employee handbook no one ever received. I am educated in law enough to hold my own and just filed against her new business in the lawful manner, and this will be her can of worms. Why do people abuse each other? Why did this lady think I was her slave, as that is how she treated all her new teachers… we all were subject to long days without lunch and breaks, an chaotic double talk.  She is building her new business on a foundation of distrust, fear and hubris. It is doomed.

American is full of so many nationalities and so many converging social wants, needs. It is really something I find to be a social statement of how hard it is to create a’ well working country’. It is not an easy task, and many of our philosophers have provided many models of how unity and harmony can work, and still no social structure is alive today that works. So in all the rhetorical chatter, using any of the social structures present today is going in circles. USA was supposed too be the stepping out point and got bogged down with old thoughts. As it is the old thoughts holding it in the mud puddles..

anyway…. GREAT posts for today!!!

and just sharing my small thoughts on its complexity. Sorry if this is too many replies.

So glad we are creating new ways… wish they were hear already!

~ Love, Carolyn

Dear Carolyn,

great overview on the USA. I will publish it tomorrow.


Hello Georgi,

Just to confirm your latest post. Yesterday night I dreamt that I was in an apartment with my baby girl and saw from the window a huge explosion, with purple, gold and white/platinum colors dominating the scene. I wasn’t scared but saw the wave coming towards us. As you say, the survival instinct is strong: I calmly looked for a room away from the window and as I entered I saw my mom, who passed away 8 years ago, in a shower just enjoying the water flowing on her, and stayed with her. Afterwards, I barely remember about formulas, codes and shapes and being with teachers and masters.

Have a question about another dream I had. Do you happen to know anything about a black pyramid? I saw one suspended in the sky, upside down, black as if made by obsidian with swirling engravings. Flew towards it and remember switching dimensions. Searched in the internet but only found information about UFOs. I feel intrigued about this. Hope you give me some light into this.

These are indeed exciting times to be living in. Lets see what comes next! Thank you for everything.

In Love and Light,
Claudia Ortiz

Dear Claudia,

thank you very much for this confirmation of the Great Central sun explosion last evening and in the night.

I am sorry but I do not know much about pyramids and have no clue what your dream with this black pyramid turned upside down would mean.

With love and light


At 10:10 AM eastern time I physically experienced a major energy surge affecting my whole being, like a shockwave. I called my daughter, who was an hour away and she felt it as well with severe chills. By 4PM I was inundated with physical energy vibrations coming from the earth up through my home into my lower legs, incredible feeling (felt like tremors from a minor earthquake)! For the remainder of the evening from my knees down my legs were freezing, I checked windows and doors as there was a persistent uninterrupted breeze on my lower extremities. By 5PM a dreadful feeling surrounded me and I was compelled to light candles throughout my home which I did and left them burning until this energy surge dissipated for me personally which was about 8PM.

Writing to you has caused my vibrations to increase dramatically with heart palpitations, chills and tears! Goodness

With Love and Light

Dear Kelly,

thank you very much for this validation of the Central Sun’s energy burst yesterday, which was indeed very dramatic.

With love and light

Latest update

Same here, was hit by severe wave yesterday, felt very depressing….

Just arrived home from work.  2 family members who do not read your website and are unaware of anything discussed there reported feeling unexplained waves of depression for no apparent reason.  This speaks to the strength of the last wave.

Charlotte Smith

Dear, Georgi!

Two nights ago, in a very lucid dream, a man gave me a phone number to call him later and, to keep that number, I keying on an old Motorola V-type phone a code from 7 or 8 numbers: 8XX-AN UPPER ARROW-XXXX. That upper arrow (looks like that ) seems to me a very strange and unusual phone key-button and I realise that key is a part of a mission code. In my dream I see very clearly that code but when I wake-up I forget it.
I want to confirm, as other PAT’s does, a coding transmission.

Cristi, Romania

Dear Cristian,

thank you very much for your confirmation of new code transmissions lately.

With love and light

Hello Georgi,

I write you for the second time with a strong feeling of sharing a dream I had on the night of 11th January. I dreamt about a fight between me and Mordor’s armies (represented by dark assholes), which I perceived high above the ground as a commander of my army. Unfortunately the result of the fight didn’t show up, but the very last moment I was winning above the dark minions. Then suddenly another army approached nearby, which was probably another attempt of AAA TO initiate chaos elsewhere as they are in panic mode desperately trying to do something. Every attempt cannot be no longer covered by lies as it ultimately ends with an utter failure. In the morning I woke up totally exhausted and was literally gathering myself during the day from the fight against those dumbfucks. Normally I do not share my dreams but I had strong feeling about this one that I should.

With regards, J. Fleischman. Czechia


Dear Pepe (Josef),

your dream is indeed very expressive and it vividly presents a global picture of the current desolate state of affairs of the dark ones that desperately try anything possible to create havoc and hopefully install the NWO as to save their asses.

This will not be allowed to happen, however the law of free will accommodates the world events in such a manner that the dark cabal in power will continue making such desperate attempts to create fear among the masses. This time however all such attempts will fail, just as the attempts of the US cabal, particularly of John McCain failed to blackmail the Easteuropean politicians as your PM in Czechia and also in Hungary to cut all ties with the Russians. Kerry is now in Bulgaria with the same goal after the Bulgarians said that they want the Southeast stream.

The false flag attack took place in Paris one day after Hollande officially announced that he wants to end up the sanctions against Russia, very much in alignment with the  German foreign minister. The US and GB darkest ones of AAA  are now losing Continental Europe as they already lost Asia and the Third world, including the Near East, and they know that they have lost everything.

Why do you think that not a single US politician participated in the Paris demonstration with other 40 world leaders? Because they were the perpetrators and the ones who already lost the battle.

Hence anything the dark ones will do in the coming days has the guarantee of failure and depending on the scale of failure the Big Events will stipulate and our ascension will take place. The dynamics is now incredible and we create this scenario in the dream state as Logos Gods as your dream suggests.

With love and light

Hi George,

I am presently near the portal that was opened several days ago. I was fortunate as to be physically alone near the centre of it today. I was cleaning up around some campsites in which should have taken a total time of 2  hours approx. The time that actually elapsed for me was only about an hour. I consider this a huge distortion in time near the portals epicenter and this much displacement of time and space, did not exist until today.

I feel that perhaps other activated portals may be strengthening the same? Part of what I do is activate portals now that ley lines were cleansed and able to endure the higher energies. This is the most significant distortion in time to date that I have experienced in activating such portals, very interesting… Your comments would be appreciated.

PS, this distortion has just happened and I am sharing it now.

Love and Light,

Dear Rick,

there is nothing to comment, we experience now how the linear time is wrapped up and will be eliminated very soon.


Dear Georgi,

Short update on using energy. I was called by a neighbor on Sunday, he was at a gas station and his car would not start and wanted my help. He had stopped for gas and could not get his car restarted. He was most concerned because he had his wife with him and was taking her back to the care center where she lives (she has Alzheimer’s). I drove to where he was and some people had moved his car to a parking space. He said three different men had tried to get his car to turn over. So the car tried to turn over, made sound, but not enough to turn over. He wanted to use my car to take his wife back. I said, let us try one more time. I said to him, I am going to lay my hands on the hood and send added energy while you try again. He did it and start she did. He was so amazed and said, I really owe you for what you did. I said, what did you see me do? I was trying to have him consider what just happened…he said. I do not know what you did but am so grateful. I am sure it was the battery and just gave it extra energy from me, but I could not get him to even go there. More to come.

Namaste, Jennifer

Dear Jennifer,

this is a great story. I have had similar with our old car in Germany.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

The really funny thing is that I have used this same method on my washer and refrigerator, both about 14years old. The repair man told me two years ago I needed new because it would cost more to fix. I did neither. Instead every day I talk to them, lay hands on, thank them for their service, and to please hang in there with me. I also talk to rocks lol. So for two years I am holding my own with my machine friends. Life is a grand adventure,



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