Clarification on Pluto’s Alignment and Gravitation

by Georgi Stankov, January 3, 2015

I received today a number of emails dealing with the alleged gravitational effect of the coming Pluto alignment on Sunday and making me aware that the mentioned Jovian – Plutonian gravitational effect in the alleged NASA news  is a hoax.

My dear friends, are we still in a kindergarten? Haven’t we said infinite times on this website that even gravitation is a hoax – it is part of the 3D holographic illusion you live in. Since when have I advocated a double standard – here the new Theory of the Universal Law, there conventional physics that has badly failed to integrate gravitation with the other three fundamental forces in the standard model, which is considered to be the pinnacle of modern physical theory? Go and read my books on gravitation and see how I have integrated gravitation with electromagnetism and the other fundamental forces, weak and strong forces, and why gravitation does not really exist.

Then read one more time my article on Pluto planetary alignment to acknowledge that I did not even mention this gravitational effect in my discussion, which should be such an obvious joke to any reader with a modest faculty for humor. I did not even assume that anyone of you would take this joke seriously. My only topic was that we have a new planetary alignment with Pluto as we did in the summer of 2012 and that Sunday will be a big portal and opening for the ascension process. So please keep the ball flat and do not come to false conclusions based on ignorance. On the other hand, it is true that each planetary alignment has a gravitational effect on the earth, but of course it is negligible in terms of human awareness. And here is the big bug.

Human consciousness, the human mind, is so fucked up that it  has no idea of energy, gravitation or anything else with regard to All-That-Is. This was the core of my conversation with a young Canadian light worker in a coffee shop yesterday in the afternoon after I wrote this article. That is why humanity is now flooded with the green flame from the Source in order to heal in the first place the dysfunctional, compartmentalized human minds, so that they can be reset and begin to open to more complex holistic, scientific ideas, including what gravitation is.

Now let me repeat it one more time for all of you, as obviously few of you have properly read my new Theory of the Universal Law and have understood it. There is no such thing as velocity, as all energy occurs simultaneously. This statement is done with respect to some idiotic comments on a German website that has published my article in German language on the New Year’s explosion of the Great Central Sun. Velocity is part of the holographic illusion of the current 3D space-time. Precisely the defunct human mind creates the 3D space-time with slow velocity as a systemic cognitive failure (bug).

Based on this perceptual deficiency, the human mind also creates the idea of gravitation, which allegedly propagates with the speed of light. And here physics and cosmology have completely failed to explain how the visible Universe is held together if gravitation is so slow. Please understand that until now there is no valid cosmological model to explain All-That-Is. And there will not be any until the current, highly deficient human minds are transfigured to crystalline minds and begin to understand Energy = All-That-Is.

Let me quote at this place the previous manuscript of survival 432 that addresses precisely this issue of flawed human minds:

For this Creation that you see before you is nothing more than an illusion, created of a myriad of dancing particles coming together to form different forms, whether that be of the gaseous, the liquid or the solid kind, and then, it will change back into its individual particles when the time is right for it to do so. And so, on and on it goes, and from as early as you can cast your minds back, mankind has been searching for that elusive template that can explain all of this in a logical manner. And so, you have searched ever outwards and the ever inwards as your abilities to reach further than your own inborn senses have allowed, and you have found much, but the more you discovered the more perplexed you became, for it became more and more clear to all that what you found merely confirmed that this answer was even better hidden than what you thought it was.

This holds true for all past and present-day physicists and scientists and for all other innocently or maliciously stupid people who think that one can create a hoax (Pluto gravitational effect) within a bigger hoax (this holographic 3D space-time with illusionary gravitation) and then when one reveals the small hoax, one is entitled to feel all of a sudden much cleverer than the master. No, you remain as stupid as before as you have understood nothing and have only proved that you need another long incarnation cycle on a lower 3D or 4D earth until you begin to discern the true hoax of your holographic reality.

This last comment is meant for the Inernet trolls who yesterday inundated me with idiotic comments on this gravitational effect and believed that they can feel for a second cleverer than the master. Sancta simplicitas ! You have only proved so far that you have no brain in your skull cavity and your minds have gone long time ago with your soul fragments to lower timelines to experience the true hell of much more dense gravitational reality. You will never fly in the foreseeable future. This miracle must remain a hoax for you for a very long time, until you learn your karmic lessons. Period.

Now let me bring you the bigger picture. Since several days we are indeed flooded by a massive tsunami of gold-white adamantine particles of Source Christed consciousness that permeate all matter, our bodies and fields. This night both I and Carla communicated with these conscious particles, which are beyond the reach of the incredibly stupid present-day quantum mechanics for scientific idiots. These particles indeed transform matter and also the concept of gravitation in a very profound manner in this very moment.

It should be a common knowledge to any spiritually educated person that we are not subjected to gravitation and that we can fly whenever we want as long as we believe in it. If we do not do it yet, it is because there is a general consensus at the soul level to stick to the local rules of this illusionary 3D reality, we create any moment in the Now.

But this consensus is now coming to an end and we will begin to witness events that do show that the gravitational force on earth is changing. After all we are now rapidly ascending to the new 4D worlds, where the gravitational force will be much weaker and more malleable than now in this still very dense, but now rapidly crumbling 3D Orion hologram. In the new worlds, there will be numerous portals through which people will be bilocating from one part of the globe to another in the blink of an eye. There will be 5D cities of light as the one we created in Raetia, which will be connected through inter-dimensional portals with the still material new 4D worlds, etc.

This energetic structure is already here, around us and with the flooding of this uppermost mother planet with the gold-white adamantine particles of Christed Source consciousness it is already possible to immediately create and bilocate by eliminating gravitation and the speed of light, as they are closely linked. You only have to believe in this creative potential that is now coming as a huge tsunami from the Great Central Sun.

And one final advise – move in the coming days very slowly and evade any physical effort because currently our physical bodies are undergoing huge transformation at the quantum level, including its exemption from gravitation, as otherwise you will immediately suffer from an acute fatigue syndrome and daily life may become intolerable.

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