Wow, What a Day! From Hell to Heaven – My Personal ID Shift

by Kery, the Sunshinegirl, December 7, 2014


I just read your “breaking” posts (on the arrival of the Agarthans) and I want to confirm the inner joy I now feel upon reading that message because according to my personal experiences today…I know we have indeed “made it”.

Let me explain:  As you know, I have to move out of the house I am renting by December 31st because it is being sold. This has been very stressful for me as I am extremely particular about where I live due to being sensitive to almost everything these days. The house I am currently in has been a blessing in many ways but it is a townhome and so it is connected to two other residences. You can imagine that I have woke up to banging noises on walls and had to deal with feeling others’ energies through the walls. Also, the neighborhood is so tight that I can’t even let my dog out for a quick pee without seeing a neighbor. Usually, they congregate near my house because they can feel the higher frequencies I am emitting here and it has been very draining for someone who is trying to stay in my higher state of consciousness as much as possible.

The thing that has been most challenging here is the lack of access that I have to nature. After living in Hawaii, it has been nearly like dying to not have beaches to lay on or an ocean to swim in,…let alone many nearby parks that aren’t filled to the brim with kids and parents playing soccer or walking their dogs on leashes because I do not leash my dog. Because of this, I usually have to wait until after dark so I can let her run free without idiots freaking out or giving me judging looks.

The one thing I do have is a tiny yard in front of my house that isn’t really private at all but at least it’s a bit of grass…and a beautiful tree. This tree is very special and it’s the biggest one on my street. It has one giant, thick branch that protrudes out onto the sidewalk with beautiful weepy leaves that provided shade during the summer. The plethora of leaves also provided me privacy because they blocked my front window. I have a huge arched window that looks out into the yard and although I had to cover the bottom part so no one can see in…I have loved leaving the top open and just seeing all of the beautiful leaves and branches while I sit in my house and daydream or play with my dog.

During the day, the leaves would create the perfect play of light through the window and onto my laminate wood floors…it could be blindingly sunny outside but this tree made my house seem like a shaded portal…I’ve enjoyed this for 8 months now.

This neighborhood is part of an HOA (home owners’ association), and they have landscapers trimming things and mowing, etc. ALL the damn time. It feels like 2 to 3 days per week, I hear their noisy machines going or feel someone in my yard …it’s all very intrusive to me energetically. I know you and the PAT understand this well but when I complain to others, they just say stupid stuff like, “well at least you don’t have to landscape yourself”. I wish that were the case because I would just let nature grow as it was intended for the most part unlike these people who try to make bushes look like perfect cubes~!

Well, today there was something different about the energy of these landscapers. For one thing, I was leaving my house this morning with my dog and my coffee to go run some errands and I noticed that today they had a huge truck with a turning grinder thing on top…(to grind tree branches). It was so loud! I was already annoyed and then I caught a couple of them checking me out because I could feel their energy and they were smiling at each other like, “yeah, check that out” and it was just such a gross feeling as most women can relate to. I gave them zero attention and just drove off not thinking they would be doing anything to my yard because I’m pretty sure they just did something to it last week! LOL.

I returned about 45 minutes later and my god, they were all in my yard! The truck was blocking the curb where I park and there were about 4 guys all in my yard. I couldn’t believe it because I’ve never seen that many in my yard. I was mortified because there was no way in hell I was going to go into my house and listen to that crap or have to deal with them looking at me again. So I just drove around the block and out of the neighborhood again. After about 2 hours of being away, I thought they have to be done so I drove back home with some groceries and got out to go inside. I was so happy that they were gone that, at first, I didn’t really notice my yard. Then suddenly…I nearly dropped my grocery bag! They had amputated my beautiful tree!! The thick branch that reached out to the sidewalk was completely lobbed off to the trunk! It look hideous! And they had trimmed off so many other branches and leaves that my entire front window was exposed. It didn’t even look like the same yard anymore. All I could think was how I can’t climb to that branch when there is a full moon anymore….that’s the best way I could get a good view of it. And then all my shade and privacy…just stripped away…just like that. I because so overwhelmed by sadness and then anger. I just kept putting my groceries away. Then I walked back out to get the final bag out of my car and one of the landscapers had walked back to my yard and was just standing there staring at the tree with his arms folded! What the hell??? It was bizarre. It’s like he had telepathically heard my angst and walked back around to wait for me to say something.

He didn’t look remorseful…he just looked like a robot, staring at it. I suddenly lost it and said, “who told you to cut that branch down?!” he replied in a weird way…pretending he didn’t speak proper English…which I felt was a total act. He said, “it was too heavy…” then he pointed towards the sidewalk. I said, “too heavy? It was fine. It was perfectly healthy and beautiful and now you’ve cut it down and all my privacy is gone!” I looked at him for some sort of understanding but it was evident that he didn’t get it. I threw my hands up and just finished unloading my car and then I started slamming my car doors and that got the attention of another landscaper who thought he would walk up and be like, “yo! what’s the problem?” I didn’t even give his ego a chance. I said, “that tree was the best fuckin’ thing about this house and you ruined it!” Then I walked inside and slammed by front door and locked it hard.

Once inside my house, I noticed how harsh the lighting now was due to there being no leaves to softly cover my window. I sat down and started crying. I felt completely attacked. Now, I hated my front yard and I mourned for the tree and I didn’t even know where I was going to live in a few weeks but I felt like I had to leave this place because of this crazy HOA always doing some kind of Nazi shit around the neighborhood and not letting the residents live in peace.

I called my landlord and told him about the tree and he said he can’t stand those landscapers and he’s already went ’round and round with them before. He said they are slowly killing all the trees and that he has no authority there because in this subdivision, you just own the townhouse but not the grass and trees!! What the hell? Then he told me one day he threatened to cut their fingers off and that made me smile. lol.

Anyhow, something in me simply snapped! How could these people do this? What gave them the right to decide what branches get torn down or what shrubs get uprooted? People buy these town homes sometimes based on the landscaping when they first see it! And then it goes and completely changes? When I rented this place, I fell in love with that tree because it was the nicest and biggest one on the whole street. With half of it gone, it doesn’t feel the same at all. The lighting in my place isn’t the same…the whole feeling of my living space was changed in the matter of two hours because of these robots who don’t think. They just keep ripping stuff down to look useful so they can make money! That’s how fucked up our society is. People are making up shit to do so they can make money and most of it isn’t useful nor efficient. In fact, it actually causes more chaos and more problems…then those problems create more useless “jobs” and the insanity continues!

I decided I was going to drive up to the clubhouse and find a representative of the HOA to speak to. I took my dog and drove up there and, of course, there was no one there! Just a locked door…just like the governments…all the real assholes are nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, I realized that it wouldn’t matter if I explained this to them or not. Here I was, tears streaming down my face over a tree…I would simply look like a hormonal woman to them or a tree hugging hippie and I knew it. They don’t give a shit if I have a place to see the full moon or if my sweet dog has some shade in the summer.

I cried so hard outside at this little park and the tears wouldn’t stop. I cried so hard, I had a severe anxiety attack and couldn’t get air into my lungs. I was on the phone trying to explain to my boyfriend what had happened and suddenly he heard me gasping and I dropped the call. I was literally on my knees today Georgi… crying in public. I felt all the injustices coursing through my body… image after image of people losing their homes or their land or their children or pets…I cried from the depths of my soul. I know I was witnessing the MPR on lower timelines triggered by my own grief of this tree on this timeline. I felt such despair and injustice and hopelessness all at once. I really thought I would die and my poor dog was scared and pacing near me. All I could think was I’m going to have a heart attack and she will be outside, alone and cold and could get hurt. I started concentrating on her until I could breath a bit and get her and myself back to the car.

I drove back home completely devoid of all energy. I was numb. This was one of the most dramatic cleansing experiences I’ve ever had. Of course, the tree was just the catalyst…the angst of emotions I felt after that were devastating and linked to the further separation of timelines and the chaos occurring on some of them.

I decided to take a long shower to cleanse my aura and then, exhausted, I crawled into bed. My boyfriend came over because he was worried about me and he stayed and consoled me for a few hours and we took a nap where we were immediately taken out of our bodies and we do not even remember falling asleep.

We awoke to the sound of my phone ringing and it was a leasing agent who had showed me a house that I loved only the day before but was very nervous about applying for it because I’ve never lived in a place that nice or perfect for me. He informed me that the owner had approved me for a one year lease! I was overjoyed and got off the phone and began jumping up and down!

Let me explain this house. I had been looking for a few weeks and no place resonated with me. I got the impression that this next home of mine is very important to my work here. As I was browsing listings online Thursday, I came across one that felt special from the photos. The main thing was it had a beautiful private, backyard and I have been yearning for that for a long time. I also wanted wood floors, a fireplace, and a garden tub and this had all of that! It even has windows at the kitchen sink that look into the backyard…I’ve always been fond of that.

So I immediately put my dog in the car and drove over to look at the outside of the house. It so happens that the home is only 3 minutes away from where I currently live. The second I saw it, I felt very happy and comforted. It’s very private at the end of a cul de sac and even the front door is positioned on the side with a private walkway! I picked my dog up and we walked up to the house to look into the backyard. It just so happened that there was no lock on the gate…so I opened it and stepped into the backyard. Immediately, I was flooded with beautiful energies…I felt tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my skin. I went to the sliding glass doors and…the door was a few inches open! I couldn’t believe it.

I took a second to feel if this were a dangerous situation but I did not feel any danger whatsoever. I felt complete peace…so I stepped inside. It was absolutely perfect. I felt so at home and everything was just the way that I wanted it to be. The downstairs even had another area that could be a small office and I couldn’t even tell that from the pics online but it’s part of what I wanted! I stayed in the house for about 30 minutes just soaking it in and imagining myself there. Then as I drove away I asked to be granted this home as my last home in this reality.

I called the agency on the listing and a man with a Scottish accent spoke with me. His voice was very warm and I could feel a soul presence in him even over the phone. He was not scripted but rather very caring and lively. He asked if I wanted to see the house that day and I was honest and told him I went by there and the door had been open so I already saw the house and wanted to apply. He did not seem at all surprised that the door had been open or even that I had took it upon myself to go inside! Rather, he just said that he could meet me there at 3:30 with the application.

I agreed to this and decided to leave my house early so I could get there on time. at exactly 3:22 I pulled into the neighborhood after him! We literally pulled in at the same moment, exactly 8 minutes early! I could tell it was him somehow through his energy through the car…I don’t know how. I followed him all the way to the property and then when he got out…oh my! It was like an old friend. He was much older than me…maybe in his late 60’s…with crisp blue eyes and ears that folded forward like sort of a mythical hobbit…In fact, he did not look like any person I’ve ever seen…except on fairy movies. He immediately began petting my dog and commenting on her beautiful green eyes ( which hardly anyone mentions except for me because her eyes are very special and conscious for a dog).

He was so kind to me and everything felt so simplistic. As we parted, he shook my hand and said, “it was a real pleasure” and his eyes were twinkling. He seemed absolutely thrilled to have met me…I felt the same.

Back up to the phone call the next afternoon…he said I needed to call the owner and discuss the fees. He never even charged me a fee for my application! He also said that he told her that I have a very neat appearance and she would be very lucky to have me rent her house! Now, mind you, I don’t have good credit and I don’t have super long rental references and I made up part of my salary and job because I do a few things right now. But none of this seemed to phase them! They were treating me like royalty…at the end of the conversation he said…”see now…you won’t be homeless” and he giggled! What the hell? How did he even know that I was worried about all of this. I never said anything to him about my struggles this year with housing…

OK, now I am going to wrap this up Georgi. Everything hit me this morning. I looked at his business card and the last four digits of his office phone were 1111.

And every time he called me, I saw 11 on my phone! Then when I faxed him the application and I had to write on the cover sheet how many pages there were including the cover page…there were 11.

Another thing is the address of the house. 7725. Ok, so this is basically 777. It adds up to 21. Which then adds up to 3.

Now for the kicker: I had asked if I could move in on January 1st because I am having to pay the rest of the rent for my current place this month as well. The leasing agent told me he asked the owner if that would be ok but she felt that January 1st was too far away to hold it. I then asked if December 20th would be ok, feeling that the 20th was the absolute soonest I could start a new lease. He called back to say that she agreed on the 20th of this month.

This morning it hit me: I am moving in 1 day before December 21st, the Winter Solstice!!

What the heck Georgi? And now I’m reading about the Argarthans and already feel such a connection with them. Could this house be a portal? There are too many signs… even the name of the street means: “combining of form”. I looked it up!

Things are getting crazy exciting!!! What a roller coaster day yesterday was for me…I went to the pits of hell for what I hope was the final time and then to end on such an amazing note…the owner of the house is even dividing up all the fees into 3 months for me because she says she knows how hard it can be to move and after all, it is the holidays! hahahahhaha…

Happy Full Moon!!

Love, Kari


Dear Kari,

my goodness, you have written a whole novel about your last days on earth – from hell straight to heaven. Congratulations! Have you considered the possibility that this real estate agent might have been an Agarthan as they are already in this reality?




Yes, definitely! That is what prompted me to write you. When you posted about them;) He wants me to keep in touch about my moving in the house…so there may be more to tell soon, but I truly feel like we are about to finally SEE the UNSEENS:) Much love and Joy to you and Carla. I’m taking my dog to the park and then getting a salted caramel hot chocolate and taking it easy on this full moon night! -Kari

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