When Prophecies Come True – The Stock Markets Crash This Week

by Georgi Stankov, December 14, 2014


In my article on November 13 titled “How the Equity Markets Will Crash – Chart-Technical Analysis” I made the following clear-cut prediction:

We have now a triple peak in DJ, Nasdaq and in all other major indices, such as  FTSE, Nikkei and DAX in the last 4-5 months, since the beginning of this summer, with an extreme sharp 3rd peak in the last two weeks of October. This alone is the most clear proof for massive speculation of the big banks, before they cash and leave, and crash the markets, as the world economy, and in the particular the US, Canadian and EU economies, are in a terrible shape and this peak is not justified by any sound economic data from the real producing industry. It is a very short and highly explosive equity bubble, created by rigged electronic trading on a large scale by a few big banks and funds.

Now, there is a golden rule that has always proven true in the past. If you have a triple peak in the equity charts and if this peak is an all-time high, as is the case now, it will turn south all of a sudden and will nose dive very quickly. There has never been observed four peaks in all-time highs in equity charts. Each triad as an all-time high ends up with a crash and a prolonged bear market.

And this is what will happen between now and the end of this year. “

Now I am happy to announce that less than a month later this prediction is becoming reality because everything we now formulate as a thought, even when it deals with future events, creates these events immediately in the Now. First comes the thought and then its materialization in any holographic reality – this is a basic gnostic law of All-That-Is.

Only the sluggishness of this still 3D reality hinders the immediate realization of our thoughts, but the time-lag is rapidly diminishing these days. There is no doubt about this trend and we observe currently a plethora of proofs that everything I have announced on this website has come or will come true, independently of any quantitative measurement of linear time, as this parameter is a complete illusion of the limited human mind.

Precisely, the failure of the human mind to perceive the simultaneity of all events is a consequence of the deliberate “fraudulent” creation of linear time by the Creator through its sluggish functioning as an assembly of neuronal synapses. This is achieved with the help of a big retardation (of hundreds of milliseconds) of the electromagnetic impulses of information, known as action potentials, at the synaptic junctions that creates the illusion of linear time and the existence of space as extension. In other words, this inherent deficiency of the human carbon-based mind is the underlying mechanism of any holographic reality, which is always embedded in the multidimensional energetic (quantum) structure of the higher realms and is regulated from there. This is basic knowledge of the New Scientific Gnosis of the Universal Law.

Now with respect to the imminent crash of the equity markets and all other commodity markets such as oil, which has already crashed more or less, this week proved to be the worst one in terms of losses since 2011. If you look at the history of the major equity indices, for instance the 10-year-charts I have given below as a link, you will easily see that since the biggest depression after the Great Depression in 2008 that is still ongoing and deepening these days, there was a steady bull market and the charts knew only one direction – upwards. Why?

This has nothing to do with sound economic growth because since 2008 the US and all Western economies are in a steady decline, both in terms of real GDP and in terms of employment as measured by the steady decline of disposal income for the people.

The only reason for this virtual growth of the equity chart indices was that since 2008 the Orion clone Ben Bernanke created the biggest bubble in the history of the FED by generating out of thin air – by a click on the computer as Helicopter Ben himself admitted –  4 trillion toilet paper dollars. He did this by increasing the FED debt to other countries and private investors at the said 4 trillion $ by adopting the policy of quantitative easing (QE1, QE2, QE3) which is a parody of Neo-Keynesianism.

He was about to announce a QE4 this year, but then he realized that nobody wants to buy US treasure bonds anymore. The biggest buyers of US bonds, China and Russia, decided to buy gold instead to crash the dollar and establish their own gold-based currencies. This fundamental fact has been neglected for a long time by all MSM, but had to be finally admitted by the biggest protagonist of paper fiat money, the New Your Times in its article “The Golden Age” about which ZeroHedge writes as follows:

The New York Times is the paper of Paul Krugman and the Federal Reserve and central banks. It rarely has a critical word to say about central banks and the current fiat monetary system. Conversely, it rarely has a positive word to say about gold.

Not this time, and the reason can be easily perceived. The moment, the rest of the world declined to buy worthless dollars or US bonds this fiat currency began to collapse. This began as a crash of the US bonds and equity indices, before it affects the dollar as a world currency, as I shall show below. The dollar rejection has already begun on a big scale this week as the following graphs illustrate:

Graph1: Treasury yields collapsed this week …

Graph 2: Leaving the decoupling at epic levels… between bonds and stocks..

Graph 3: and between credit and stocks…

Since 2008 the virtual capitalization of the US equity markets (Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P 500, etc) has increased about five-fold compared to the real assets of the companies, the equities of which are traded on the stock exchange. This is what I call a real big equity bubble, a Wall Street “Bubblemania” as some call it. And it was created by Ben Bernanke and the FED by printing 4 trillion $ out of thin air, most of which was invested to inflate the equity and derivative markets and created this equity bubble.

Now history teaches us that each bubble bursts and that each crash is preceded by a big bubble. There is no exception to this rule. When you know this fact, it is only a matter of some “clever” technical analysis to determine the most likely moment in time, when the crash will begin. A month ago I performed a chart-technical analysis of the major indices for you and predicted the beginning of the crash (bear market) of the equity markets by the end of this year.

Now I am happy to announce that this crash has indeed commenced this week. Before I show you the charts of the major indices below, let me tell you why this crash had to come and why it was unavoidable. To make this conclusion, you do not need voodoo economics such as Hindenburg’s Omen and other black magic as most American financial experts like to play with, but simple common sense.

The first and most important fact you should consider is that all economic parameters of the US and all other Western countries have gone south long time ago. I discussed this issue with Boyd in the latest Energy Report of the PAT. The Western Orion economy is based entirely on debt and printing paper money out of thin air by all central banks.

The infamous “Abemanics” in Japan of  the newly elected old PM Abe yesterday is a clear example how printing money out of thin air and creating infinite debt causes an irreversible deflationary recession of the real economy, in which Japan is for almost 25 years now. The same holds true for the USA and the EU. But Japan is definitely the weakest western economy and the ultimate crash may begin from this country.

The three QE of the FED did not stimulate the US economy as the Orion economics of Keynes and the Chicago boys preach, but only deepened the 2008-recession, because there is a huge decoupling between inflated paper money and material production, where real value is created.

Graph 4: The decoupling began in 2012 when QE3 was introduced, as shown in comparison between S&P equity bubble and the oil price as indicator of inflationary growth.

In the present-day Orion debt economy, more money only creates more fraudulent money, e.g. in form of virtual derivatives (50 times the world GDP) and have no impact on production and welfare whatsoever.

This can be illustrated with the explosion of energy credit for shale fracking, which was nearly 1000 billion $ at its peak when the low oil price begun to bankrupt the US oil fracking companies, as can be seen by the plunge of the energy equity charts since the summer of this year. This default has started to spread to the rest of the markets…

Graph 5: Energy Stocks and Energy Credit

This Ponzi scheme was created only to help the richest 0.001 % of the dark cabal to become more rich in virtual nulls on their bank accounts, while increasingly impoverishing the masses with neoliberal austerity policies that will soon trigger a world revolution, however on lower timelines.

The moment the rest of the world decided not to finance the US debt in form of purchasing US bonds (since 2012 increasingly) and as soon as the petrodollar was squeezed by both, falling oil prices and revenues (one trillion dollar each week for the world oil market) and growing trade among the rest of the world, e.g. among the BRICS countries, in local currencies, the dollar and US crash has become inevitable.

The collapsing treasure yields this week indicates the beginning of the ultimate collapse of the fraudulent Orion monetary system. This trend is reinforced by the strength of the gold price, which resists the most massive manipulations of the big Orion banks in modern history, in the obvious absence of physical gold and huge demand for this precious metal on the market.

Graph 6: Gold and Silver had a great week – very stable as the rest of the markets turmoiled

Which means that the Orion banksters have reached the thick end of their manipulations and basic human logic begins to reign the markets again. The bubble has burst and the big crash has commenced. The bigger the bubble, the bigger the crash. In this case this will be the ultimate crash of the Orion monetary system and its abolition on the new 4D worlds we have created.

A month ago I informed you that all major stock indices have reached their all-time-high since the creation of the stock exchange in the 19th century. From here onward only a crash can come. I predicted this ultimate crash for the End Time as early as 1998 and published this forecast in 1999. Of course at that time I could not know how long it would take as the awakening of the masses had barely started and there was no way to predict that the light workers will fail so badly, which led to numerous delays in the ascension scenario and the final crash. But now we have reached this threshold beyond any doubt.

Please analyse the following equity markets for different time periods, e.g., 6 months, one year, 10 years, in order to better visualize and comprehend why they had to crash this week and before Christmas.

Dow Jones Chart: https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=%5EDJI

NASDAQ Chart: http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=%5Eixic+interactive

S&P 500 Chart: http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=%5Egspc+interactive

NIKKEI 225 Chart: http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=%5En225+interactive

DAX Charthttp://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=%5Egdaxi+interactive

To this conventional analysis I must finally add the most important factor for the coming ultimate financial crash. It is inevitable because we as Logos Gods have decided it to be so and because we furnished all the proofs why it must come this way. This decision is based on human psychology.

First and foremost in order to take the money away from the masses by a sudden and unexpected shutdown of all banks in the West and open the eyes of the people for the truth as to how much enslaved they already are by the Orion monetary system. As long as the people enjoy their most beloved toy – money – they will remain fully mesmerized by this Orion trap and will not be willing to see the naked truth.

The Orion monetary system is the last pillar of the current crumbling Orion matrix, which is only kept alive by the collective human illusion that paper money had any value at all. It has only value within the current collective nightmare of the vast majority of humanity, but has absolutely no relevance in All-That-Is – in the new 4dD and 5D worlds we now create.

Hence Heaven and we as its executors on the ground must pitilessly pull the rug away from under the people’s feet as to save their souls. This is the main and only reason for the coming financial crash from a higher vantage point of view, which has definitely started this week in full synchronicity with the new, peaking Source energies of truth and ultimate purification. All detailed financial and economic argumentation as presented above is thus only the icing (and the cherry) on the cake.


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