The United States of Atrocities – Why The Empire of Evil Will Be Destroyed

by Georgi Stankov, December 10, 2014

In the last 48 hours we had a huge series of MPR on lower timelines. On December 8th we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, descended to the lowest still existing timeline to do another huge cleansing in preparation for the 12.12 portal. Here in Vancouver we had the worst storm and rain for many years. The weather forecast was non-stop rain and wind for this whole week. Yesterday at 11.00 a.m. the rain stopped, the wind disappeared and we ascended to a very high timeline within 15 minutes. The clouds disappeared and the blue sky brought the warmest December temperatures in the history of  this region – 17 degrees Celsius (Today we have descended again in our incessant rollercoaster.).

The weather forecast continued reporting the whole afternoon heavy rain and cloudy sky, while we enjoyed the sun on the beach. They must have reported from a very low timeline. The whole beach at Boundary Bay was completely transformed by the storm surge in the night and all the logs on the beach were moved twenty meters into the land, while the beach was free of debris with beautiful clean sand. The power of the storm surge must have been tremendous as many logs, weighing more than a ton, had vanished overnight, swept away into the ocean by the storm surge. This was the result we observed on this highest timeline, while numerous lower timelines must have been completely destroyed by the MPR, in which we participated with our multidimensional fields that depleted us both one more time.

I am reporting this to make you aware that the destruction of this uppermost mother planet is now in full sway and that it includes both the full transformation of nature and the collapse of the Orion social order. On December 8th Carla made a very powerful invocation with two other light warriors of the first and the last hour to flood all state institutions and to eradicate all forms of injustice under which humanity suffers. She told me that the effect must have been sweeping and all dark state institutions throughout all timelines must have been wiped clean from all darkness. It is logical to expect that from now on the national state, which I have identified as the main source of evil and darkness, can no longer be the same and will crumble very soon. And we all agree that this will begin with the Empire of Evil, being the epitome of all human atrocities.

The next day, December 9th was, as expected from this massive cleansing, a remarkable day of huge revelations. The American people learnt first hand that they are governed by the greatest monsters that have ever incarnated on this planet. The United States of Atrocities – the Empire Evil – has been exposed for what it is.

Punctually, when another shutdown of the US government is in sight and seems to have been postponed in the very last minute by an outrageous decision to print another 1.1 trillion toilet paper $ out of thin air (after printing 1.5 trillion this year) to keep the military aggression of this crumbling power afloat (550 billion $ for the army and new weapons, plus ca. 400 bullion $ for CIA, NSA and other dark secret services, including 68 billion $ for leading disastrous wars around the world) the true nasty nature of the United States of Atrocities has been revealed.

If this debased country has ever had any moral reason to preach to the rest of the world how to live and arrange their lives, with the publication of The Senate Torture Report it has lost any credibility and moral standing  – for ever! Even to the scum of the US society, the CIA paid Internet trolls, who still believe that this cesspool in which vegetate is a wellness bath and try to impose this idiocy on all other people.

Combine the recent MPR that must have destroyed the Pacific coast and most of North America on many lower 4D timelines in the last 48 hours, as observed by us on the beach at Boundary Bay, with the sweeping revelations which now cannot be suppressed anymore, you will begin to develop a fair idea of the irresistible power of the coming Big Changes. I want you to develop this intuitive feeling as to how the current ascension dynamics affects this 3D reality and prepares the crumbling of the Orion matrix – first in the USA (Unites States of Atrocities) and then in West Europe. This moment is very, very near now, just a breath away.


Here Are The Most Horrific Details From The Senate Torture Report

Nick Wing, Huffington Post, December 9, 2014 

On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee released the long-awaited summary of its torture report, revealing horrific details about the CIA’s post-9/11 detention and interrogation program.

Many of the details in the report are sickening and graphic. They are perhaps made only more disturbing by the overarching conclusion that the torture and “enhanced interrogation” employed by the CIA failed to produce the types of significant intelligence that had been used to defend the program in the past.

You can go here to read the unsealed summary of the report, including a section on initial findings and hundreds of pages of declassified documents. Below is a compilation of some of the most abhorrent details from it.

Detainees were subjected to “rectal feeding,” a process by which food or nutrients are pumped in through the anus…

rectal feeding

[Page 115]

… even when there was no demonstrated medical need for it.


[Page 82]

Detainees were told they would never leave these “black sites” and that their families would be sexually assaulted or murdered.

sexually abused

[Page 4 of findings]

One never did. He died of suspected hypothermia after being tortured at one of the covert facilities.

death in cobalt

[Page 10 of summary]

During an extended period of stress, an interrogator operated a power drill near a detainee.


[Page 69]

Detainees were waterboarded until they turned blue…


[Page 107]

… and were on the verge of drowning.

ksm near drowning

[Page 86]

Forced nudity was regularly used as an interrogation technique.

alshibh nudity

[Page 79]

After this brutal regimen of torture, detainees often gave false information, which the U.S. acted on.

ksm 2

[Page 83]

One detainee, a Saudi Arabian citizen who is still being held at Guantanamo Bay and was one of the first detainees held during the torture program, faced 20 days of nonstop “enhanced interrogation techniques.”


[Page 40]

This included extended periods of isolation and confinement in a coffin-sized box.

abu zubayda interrogation

[Page 42]

At one black site, groups of detainees were regularly stripped, beaten, hooded and bound with tape.


[Page 4 of summary]

Detainees were subjected to seemingly unimaginable periods of sleep deprivation, in conjunction with other forms of torture.

abu jafar al iraqi

[Page 149]

Sleep deprivation often led to disturbing hallucinations.


[Page 16]

Detainees were also refused access to toilets, put in diapers and left hanging by their wrists in cells for extended periods of time.

al najrr

[Page 53]

Others were forced to maintain “stress positions” even on broken limbs and though medical personnel had advised against it.

broken foot

[Page 101]

An interrogator reportedly played Russian roulette with a detainee.

russian roulette

[Page 424]

The CIA detained individuals who did not meet its outlined detention standard, and they were used to extract information from family members. This included at least one “intellectually challenged” individual.

intellectually challenege

[Page 12 of summary]

Some mistakenly held detainees were subjected to prolonged periods of torture before being released.

abu hudhaifa

[Page 42]

Many CIA officials were disturbed by the techniques and torture they witnessed at these sites.

cia upset

[Page 44]

Ashley Alman, Mollie Reilly and Paige Lavender contributed reporting.



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