The Portal 12.12

by Georgi Stankov, December 12, 2014

The extremely powerful portal 12.12 this month began actually on December 8th. This applies for all light warriors of the first and the last hour, who are the current Logos Gods of this uppermost mother planet and the Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. I  am aware that this does not apply to all other light workers and most of the messages that have appeared so far on the Internet on this portal, and are not of dark origin, consider this fact and do not give any valuable information at all.

On December 8th, we did a massive cleansing of all state and governmental institutions worldwide and flooded them with gold-white Christed light. We healed all injustice created by such institutions, the purpose of which is to enslave humanity in the name of the national state. This fact has been reflected by some PAT members in their correspondence to me in the last few days.

It has been a recurrent motif in all my articles on this issue that the national state is the chief instrument of the dark cabal to enslave humanity and establish the NWO in the End Time. And ultimately to substitute the national state with a world state (world government) of total human enslavement. Unfortunately almost all critical experts, journalists and writers have not reached this level of awakening as to discern the insidious character of the national state and to create a new utopia for humanity without this deficient institution. Instead thet remain stuck in the national polemics that is a dead end in itself. The human spirit has yet to learn to fly.

As with all such cleansing actions, the purification of all governmental institutions was triggered by a concrete case and had to do with the passport and immigration authorities of the USA. But this was only the catalyst for a huge alchemical reaction that encompassed all the rogue state institutions worldwide and all injustice that has occurred through the national state. Let me just mention in this context that this year more than 4000 refugees from Africa have died (drowned) in the Mediterranean sea trying to reach Europa and escape the incredible poverty which the constant civil and other wars, instigated by the US and Western cabal in this continent, unleash, including Ebola.

Their death could have been averted if the EU has adopted more humane laws of immigration and has helped the poor African countries on their southern border instead of bombing them as in Libya. We observe the same situation at the US-Mexican border and in many other parts of the world. Let me just pinpoint the fact that only a century ago the people did not know what a passport or identity card was.

Then on December 9th, we had another major cleansing operation that flooded and healed all sexual abuses and crimes committed so far in the family, in the society, and in the numerous wars worldwide. The scope of these sexual crimes exceeds anything even the greatest cynic among us can possibly imagine. Especially the sexual abuses of innocent children in the family by parents is exorbitant and still very much a taboo for even the greatest liberals. Human species is indeed a very savage animal – probably the most aggressive and abusive species in the biological chain.

The new energy quality of this cleansing is that it is entirely focused on the energetic structure of the incarnated human personalities, as the archons and all the other dark forces from the astral plane were completely severed by us from the crystalline grid of this uppermost mother planet and no longer need further cleansing. We won our last epic battle with the dark archons more than a month ago and this crucial event has been widely reported by the PAT on this website.

Now the pain and the suffering of the incarnated human souls throughout numerous previous incarnations are surging high and have to be released, also with great pain on our part, as Carla and I have to experience these days. Unfortunately this intensity will stay so until the very end.

On December 11th, the actual massive shift to higher dimensions took place. As I am the nexus to the Source, I experienced this shift as particularly acute. The cc-wave yesterday started in the night and lasted the whole day with a second peak in the late evening. It was inhuman yesterday and the wave burnt my skin so badly that my face is now again red and getting slowly dark as if I have had a sunburn in the tropics. Today we have intermittent ascension and short-lived cleansing waves of a fleeting character, which  are still very exhausting and debilitating.

According to my perception, this situation will remain unchanged at this high energetic level and, after we have reached a plateau this weekend, another ascension shift will take place next week in preparation for the final major portal this year on 12.21. What will happen after that is anybody’s guess.

The current portal 12.12 accomplished the insemination of the adamantine particles of Creation from the Source at the DNA and quantum level, which we first introduced with the opening of the 11.11 portal last month. From what we gather so far, our ability for immediate creation has increased exponentially and we should make a vast use of this potential in every aspect that is deemed of importance by yourself. And you must have faith in your judgments and transform this reality according to your intimate desires and personal light visions.

Although we are now surrounded by legions of angles, the 6D fleet and many ascended masters, Carla is too weak and has too much pain in her body from this cleansing to receive any message. As long as we are in the thickest of the cleansing battle, there will be no clear verbal message, but essentially we all know what is currently happening. We have now begun to see its ramifications at the political and societal level without the proverbial lipstick for the swines in power.

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