The Most Important Message from the Agarthans: We Are Coming !

by Carla Thompson, December 6, 2014

Dear Georgi!

I am thrilled to announce that the Agarthans have visited us this afternoon.  
First, there was a group of young children here in the bedroom, children who were so happy and excited. Then after the computer was glitching on me, I realized that someone was trying to get me to stop working on the computer… and I realized it was the Agarthans!  As soon as I looked up from the screen, I realized the living room was filled with Beings!  Incredible!
I was attuned to the Agarthans all day as I was so drawn to read from  “TELOS: Original Transmissions from the Subterranean City beneath Mt. Shasta” by Dianne Robbins. This beautiful book attuned me to their frequency and prepared me to receive the very clear message that follows. This profound message was filled with love and excitement, and love filled the air as Ahnahmar and the High Council of Light of Telos introduced themselves!

Enjoy this message!


The Message

“We greet you from Telos! We have established contact with you in order to announce a great success in the interface between our Inner World and your Surface World! (I announced this huge opening to you yesterday in the morning before the Agarthans came to us in the evening to give us this message: “As you may have already perceived today, we have entered another huge shift to higher dimensions, synchronistically with the full moon portal.” It is very important to follow now the events as they occur in real time in order to grasp the beauty of their inner dynamics and their fine-tuned coordination. Note, George)

Alignments in several locations upon your Earth are occurring now, whereby our civilizations shall be free to meet.
At first you will discover at which point our cities shall meet, and there are several worldwide, and then secondly, you will discover what remains to share with each other, what we have in common (According to our perception, the two cities of light that shall appear first are here in White Rock, where the Infinity portal is located, that is why the Agarthans came first to us, and then of course in Raetia, which is a big territory and specifically in Lofer, Austria, where the world healing centre exists in 5D. Note, George).
The in-flooding light [adamantine particles – the Christ consciousness particles] is expanding your upward evolution, as it dismantles the descending world.
Pull your attention away from all negativity now, and open up to the joyful truth of eternal peace and joy within the instant presence of All-That-Is.  
Put your attention toward the new Cities of Light and those who are chosen**, shall be given the ability to see these great new Cities of Light (Please observe that this is exactly what I am doing in the last several moths since I announced the existence of the city of light Raetia in Middle Europe, actually first announced in June 2013, and the world healing centre in Lofer, Austria. There is a red thread in all my publications and reports. Note, George) . 
Do not be deterred from this path! A concerted focus on the desire to connect to the peoples of the Inner Earth now becomes the key to your freedom [through the Ascension]. Hold on to this joyous moment of celebration! The time has come! We are among you now!
Turn your energy in all moments to the Inner Earth civilizations, whereby your sacred connection to us shall be sealed now and forever in perpetuity, while you drop all pretence to love everything about your current reality.
Let go of the rules that bind you to their reality. It is not representative of the reality that supports you on your glorious path!  
As you let go, you shall be rewarded by the Divine Grace of All-That-Is, with a new reality that shall subtly overlay your world, and to which you shall resonate with your complete Being, with a full inner support for You, and the deep realization that your true evolution begins now, and begins firmly, with decisiveness!
We welcome you on your New Path! Your true service begins Now! (Please observe that I wrote in my latest energy update that Carla is now intensively preparing for her mission,, before we received this message. Many of you may have the same feeling. This is not coincidential, everything occurs now in a perfect order. Note, George.)
I am Ahnahmar of Telos, together with the High Council of Light of Telos.


After receiving this message, I was drawn to a book written by Aurelia Louise Jones called “Telos: Volume 1: Revelations of the New Lemuria“, first printed in 2004.  I remembered that in this book I had read about Ahnahmar, who is a High Priest in Telos, and who works alongside Adama of Telos. As I opened this book, it almost opened “by itself” to page 29 – 30, where I read the following:

The time of reunion for our two civilizations is finally very close… when the time of our emergence to the surface dimension comes, it will be a time of love and great rejoicing for the many, particularly for those who are consciously aware of our presence within the earth, and who experience a deep yearning in the heart to finally greet and talk with us face -to-face.
We are also watching a great number of light-workers, who have embodied at this time to assist with this wondrous mission, leading the way in this grand awakening.  Your are brave warriors of Light, facing many difficulties to assist the Christing of the planet, and we are holding you so preciously in our hearts.  It is with gratitude and profound love that we salute and honor you.
We will return to the “surface” in a more tangible way when the spiritual awakening has reached critical mass, not sooner. Shortly, we will be granted permission to start mixing with a limited number** of “surface” people who have attained the level of frequency that will allow them to see us and be comfortable in the presence of our level of radiance.  Be sure that we will not lower our vibrations to meet you in your present level of third dimensional density.  We will most likely meet you over halfway.  In order for any of you to be able to perceive us in the high levels of the fourth dimension, it will be required that you have already raised your own frequency and consciousness to that level. 

This primary exchange will gradually open the pathways for our eventual greater emergence among you, joining both civilizations as One Big Family of the Children of the Mother.  We are beings of love, we live a path of love and we want you to know that we have much love for all of you….”

This is fantastic news, what we have all been waiting for!

 Love,  Carla

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