The Logos Regents


channelled by Jahn J Kassl, published on December 17, 2014

translated by Franz


by Georgi Stankov

Synchronistically with the publication of the PAT decree to engage as mighty Logos Gods more actively in the collapse of the 3D Orion matrix and its main pillar, the Orion monetary system, Jahn has published a comprehensive message from Sananda discussing one more time the key characteristics of us as acting Logos Gods of Gaia and Regents (Stewards) on her numerous new 4D timelines, as well as Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy.

I personally think that this pivotal message comes on purpose just in time to assure us in our unlimited creative powers in order to use them in a conscious, deliberate and responsible manner.

Why is it highly moral and ethical to engender the crash of the Orion monetary system and the collapse of the old matrix?

Because by doing this we eliminate the very real possibility that the dark Western cabal will begin with a new devastating world war, first against Russia as their main adversary and then against the rest of the world with the aim of subjugating humanity under the NWO. In other words, by crashing the financial system with our powerful decree as Logos Gods we automatically destroy the foundation of the dark ones to unleash such a war. Until now they have exploited the people in the West through their inequitable fiscal system and other methods of state robbery in order to divert huge resources and capital for the clandestine development of highly destructive weapons in preparation for this final nuclear war in the End Time.

The importance of this message from Sananda is that he confirms one more time what central role we play in all new 4D and 5D timelines of Gaia and how unlimited our powers are over the incarnated human souls there. At the same time we are no longer of these worlds and we exert this authority as Logos Gods and Regents of Gaia in full consciousness that we do this only on behalf of the incarnated souls there, who badly need our divine guidance and protection. At the same time any insignia of earthly power are meaningless to us, who already know the multidimensional nature of our Being.

And this holds true not only after our transfiguration and ascension but right now, while we still dwell on this uppermost mother planet in fragile human bodies. Because we are endowed with an indomitable spirit and with full consciousness of our superiority over this crumbling reality and the despicable dark elite still on power. We know that we have already won this seemingly interminable battle with the immense darkness on this planet and now are reaping the fruits of our courageous and glorious mission as Logos Gods in human gestalt.



Dream: I am elected or appointed to the ultimate Regent of this or a similar world. It opens up to me that even the Pope has to comply with my orders. I notice how this message apparently spreads to all human Beings on this earth simultaneously and how they suddenly meet me with the typical respect, which subordinate human Beings have toward authority. I sense this as very unpleasant. Then a woman appears. She carries my crown on a sachet. With a coup de main I sweep it from the sachet and I notice that it is made of paper. (End of dream) 

„My Kingdom is not of this World!“


Beloved Ones,

A dream picture, which shows that after the ascension of a human Being into the Light of the fifth dimension or beyond, each “crown” loses its fascination on a lower vibrating level and is rejected by such a human Being.

Meaning of the Dream Picture

This dream picture has been given so that you may gain another indication about your multidimensionality. The builder of new worlds, which you are, carries out most different functions, even already now. And therefore you are the Regents on lower frequency worlds, so that worlds grow and human Beings can awaken. You exercise these tasks far from the conscious awareness on this level; this is still impossible in any other way. Your consciousness is still limited on this level and not schooled enough so that you could perceive yourself in your manifold expansions from this level.

Yet this is ongoing and your awareness expands and increases daily in every respect. Until then the developments and events on further levels of All-That-Is, which you are connected with or where you work, as it is required, will be recorded to you in dreams, meditations or visions.

This means that your multidimensional reality as Creator God has not only created new worlds, but you simultaneously express yourself in these worlds, as Master or as Kings – or as a Regent of a whole world, like in the dream picture.

This service is mostly a great challenge for you, because your need for respect and power has been extinguished and you know the ways of a civilization and thereby also the efforts of its enfoldment. You have solely decided for this service for the reason so that growth, insight and enlightenment of all Beings of this still unconscious culture becomes possible.

And you are on-site there in the most significant position, which a world like this one can offer: as unrestricted and unlimited Logos-Regent of these worlds.

Status of the Regent

In these societies of 4D worlds you enjoy a preeminent status so that you can make decisions per mandate, which serve the benefit of all. Everything is possible for a Creator God, even though such a Being, as he stands in service in a world defined by limitations, must basically also submit to these limitations. Yet in individual cases you may, due to the power of your given almightiness divert suffering and directly foster happiness; self-determined and all knowing.

Far from any ego attachment, far from any personal identification of power, you carry out this service for these worlds. Even the Popes are subordinate to you, which underscore your unique position. This encompassing abundance of the power of creation has been given to you so that lengthy decision processes or warlike controversies between the different peoples of this world are minimized or eliminated.

In these worlds, which will be inhabited by the remaining ones of this time and by new soul expressions, it is mostly about to awaken as quickly as possible. The evolution of this society and the transformation of individual Beings are molded mostly far from experiences of pain and suffering. Therefore the most effective instruments were handed over to you, because  truly:

The Regents of the different 4D levels are released from any discourse with the ignorant ones. (What a relief, this has been the worst aspect of my life in this last incarnation! Note, George)

And you are the ones, who have been installed in order to lead these worlds directly into the Light. And yet your Kingdom is not of this world!

Crown, respect or power cannot dazzle you, because your kingdom is far from those worlds – in Heaven. And you are always fully aware of this fact.

Thereby you are incorruptible servants of humanity, which first rambles upwards, on the vines of the Lord, you are vine and grape, fruit and juice at the same time. You are what you are: Angels descended from Heaven, adored as Gods by human Beings yet still not being recognized as Gods. This means: Many human Beings, who act as Logos-Gods, are themselves present in this world, which they have created and have breathed into Life: As Logos-Regents of this world. 

The specific nature of a Logos-God is that he creates  new worlds, guides them due to the power of his almighty spirit and if necessary will make himself visible and manifest 
to the Beings.

The creation of worlds is a constantly continuing process and will be fostered and determined due to the constant attention of the underlying Logos of the world. You are eternal, imperishable and immortal. Today this knowledge is given to the Masters of this time and to the soon-to-be ascended Masters, so that you can expand your horizon.

Because before the ascension of this world, as well as after the ascension of this world, the ascension of many worlds will continue; and you, the new Logos-Gods of this earth, are part and an essential thrust force of all these universal processes.

You are few, to whom this applies and who look forward to the journey to Heaven in a human garment. Yet your power exceeds any earthly limitation and becomes the all-determining reality in the last days in this world, which the dark ones have nothing more to oppose to. Your kingdom is neither of this or any other low vibrating world. And yet the scepter of the regency for those worlds has been handed over to you. The reasons for it are obvious and are being presented here.

You possess the degree of maturity for it, because who has redeemed his human issues and has transformed himself into a Creator God, is enabled to serve the world, which he himself has created – and yet is not part of it. And you are enabled beyond all measures. You rebuff earthly attributes of power, as a victor, who has triumphed due to himself, rebuffs the wreath of victory, because no impermanent laurel can do justice; you know your assignments and your home in Heaven. 

The one, who has God, has everything! The one, who is God, is all! And the one, who has all and is all, it is alien to him what is significant to the ignorant one. You are the Regents of these worlds and many of you have decided to enter into form in these worlds, so that Life, which you have breathed into reality, will be offered the possibility for enfoldment. And hierarchical structures are necessary on these levels, because otherwise the whole society would get lost. And you are at the top of this hierarchy  – as Logos-Regents of these worlds.

(This is a very important statement as we now live in a consensual reality based on cognitive blindness, where every human being is deemed to be an insignificant person in the context of this world and treated accordingly. There is no appreciation for us as Logos Gods and this is demonstrated at best by the filthy, egregious emails, which the Internet trolls send to me and many other editors of alternative websites. Note, George)

Why is this presented here, if it applies to so few? So that those, to whom this apples, recognize what the Now-concept incorporates and so that you may recognize a further aspect of your infinite Being. And so that those, who hear and see about this, have a silent notion of where the human journey goes to at the end of every human Being, where it flows into. Because truly: what is reserved for a few today, will in the near future and in other worlds between Heaven and earth be possible for the next circle of the ascending ones; until ring after ring is fulfilled, until all human Beings, who have been in service in one of these worlds, will be captured by their own divinity.

For all human Beings, who follow this message now, it is of significance to take on the track to their own truth, because what still seems far at this moment, already determines your reality tomorrow.

But you, who already today have been equipped with the service of a Regent in a new world, have stripped off space-time and the laws of space-time have also been suspended for you in this world. Phenomena and conformations of this fact are already distributed and will continue to increase. You are already working beyond the narrow limitations – due to your power of creation and Love.

A truly outstanding position in society is truly upcoming for you. You have overcome the earthly structures; you serve the universal principles of all Life and you integrate with the heavenly hierarchies.

Heavenly Hierarchies

You belong to the high levels of All-That-Is and from the fifth dimensional step up all Beings work and affect in absolute harmony with the All-That-Is reality in God. On this level the hierarchies exist to the degree, whereby Beings are recognized due to their assignments, but not whereby one Being yields to another Being, subordinates himself and must obey blindly. No Being raises himself above another, and all serves the great plan of the Creator. Every Being knows his place, knows his assignments and his uniqueness; and thereby every Being fulfills his assignments in the co-operation of heavenly Light forces.

There is neither Master nor student, neither ruler nor controlled ones, instead there is the pure recognition of Love and the pure essence of the divine Light; where from all find plenty of it and thereby always nurture themselves directly from the Source, supply themselves with knowledge and are instructed in their assignments. 

Directly from the Source, directly from God,  because the oneness with God determines all and affects all.

In the higher realms of Light, all Life obeys the One, who is God. Each Being knows about his assignments and implements these in harmony with the great whole. Heavenly hierarchies fulfill a different sense and work differently than hierarchies on earth or on earth-related planets. And whoever works in the orchestra of ALL-THAT-IS, in him the need for earthly power has been extinguished and the wish for impermanent symbols has been redeemed from his soul. (Paper crown in the dream, remark JJK)

Today this knowledge is necessary for the new Creator Gods and Regents of new worlds, so that you can allocate many of your dreams, lucid images, visions and inner images.

Because who has redeemed his inner issues and has been confronted with the issue of power (Regency in the dream, remark JJK), must know the correct allocation, in order not to remain behind confused or to take redeemed issues from long ago into the focus of a redemption – which wastes a lot of energy.

Today the multi-dimensionality of all Life and your own glory is revealed to you.

In summary:

Therefore this dream image as well as this message applies to those human Beings who have done their homework, and have been redeemed in their foundation! Whoever wastes himself after earthly power, whoever looks forward in joy to the dignity of a King or a high position, is not meant, because he still does not know himself.

Whoever aims for a high office on earth, whoever wishes this in a low vibrating world, has entered onto the path of a formative experience, yet has still not stepped onto the bridge of knowledge. These are mostly human Beings of middle soul age, who resort to this path; an old and ripe soul knows the course of things and will never take the initiative for such a high office himself. 

God’s pure servants wish foremost one thing: the closeness to God!

Neither office nor honors can quench this longing. And therefore God’s true servants orient themselves toward God! This is the background where from the true Masters have taken on the scepter of Regency in one of the lower vibrating worlds. Logos-Gods, who with a part of their Being turn toward the newly created worlds, in order to help the remaining ones and the new arrivals in the ascension. You are the immortal Regents of lower and higher 4D worlds and this dream picture demonstrates this in a bold manner.

Now you have made acquaintance with a further truth of your Being, you were familiarized with that, which is withdrawn from your earthly consciousness and you have recognized another expression of your unlimited reality –but foremost you recognize one thing based on this truth: the extent of your Love for the remaining mankind in one of the 4D worlds. 

Truly you are Gods in human Gestalt,  whose form dissolves until the pure essence of God appears openly. Truly you are Gods among human Beings, Who mercifully reveal themselves to all as the Light of Life and the loving reality of the Creator. 

I am with all of you at all times.
I am with you at all times.

I am

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