The Elohim: These Are the Days of the Revelations

by Carla Thompson, December 24, 2014

Here is a message from the Elohim that I received a few days ago. I was hoping to receive more information to share, but since I have not yet got any further clarity, I thought that I would at least share what I have already received.

There has been so much Energy! of late, it has been incredible, and the ups and downs, the extreme positivity giving way to extreme negativity continues to ride the polar opposites roller coaster!

However, I do feel that these extremes have now given way to a very gentle, high-level suspended animation type feeling, since the Sunday portal, the 21st of December.

I have had a lot of visuals the past week, and I will describe what I am seeing, rather than what I “think” may be happening.


The Elohim Message

” Greetings, we are The Elohim and we have come to express our great love for All of you, during this time of tremendous change and challenge to all levels of your Beings!

Great movement has taken place over the recent time frame – movement including a full disconnect of the electromagnetic grid, where energies whose lives were once sustained by the mechanism of electromagnetics have now been released from this expression forever.

These very dense and slower vibrating energies have now been released into the ethereal atmosphere. These are energies that many have sensed as frustration, impatience, anxiety, extreme anger, hatred and loathing. This extremely chaotic behaviour of early December is now being replaced steadily with new energy, a noticeably different energy, one of calmness and profound peace. Indeed, a plateau in energies has been reached. 

The heavy adjustments within your physical bodies are often difficult to bear, but do know that this interface between the physical and the ethereal is of prime importance with regard to healing deep third dimensionally based experiences [“wounds”, note Carla].

A lightened ethereal imprint is a necessary feature of this grand expansion.

The physical body of Gaia is in need of great healing and this is why many of you are ascending to a new Earth, whereupon an ethereal overlay that has been dispensed following this act of Divine Grace.

The on-going healing of this third dimensional expression shall take place over numerous third and lower fourth dimensional representations (after the ID shift, note George). The upper fourth dimensional worlds are now purified, balanced and supportive of the new Humanity, the Humanity representing the new template, created this summer.

The foundational element of the crystalline grid stems from a higher consciousness and therefore transparency unfolds and supports only Truth as the foundational element of this, Gaia’s new life-supporting energetic structure.

As the crystalline grid strengthens, Humanity recognizes Truth more and more easily, as transparency prevails and becomes the norm.

The lies and those limiting beliefs and constructs attached to the once-dominant electromagnetic third dimensional grid, are now disconnecting from this grid and are seen to be floating, in space, between you and the new crystalline grid.

These are the days of the Revelations!


At this point I see a green and blue Gaia, floating in the air as though separating from a brown Gaia that is heavy with a leaden grid surrounding the planet, representative of the electromagnetic grid, I am certain, one that is heavily embedded into the physical body of Earth itself.  All constructs that are Not Truth, are seen floating in the air, just above the “old” 3D, seen by me as red sign posts, moving chaotically within the space just above the leaden grid. We lightwarriors are on a large platform above this vision. I see us standing there, observing this separation of 3D Gaia from the ascended Gaia, the separation of Non-Truths from the old 3D, being thrown off into space, not clinging either to the lower expression, nor to our newly ascended Gaia. I am also aware that I am standing back, observing me observing the entire process. This is the expansion of our multi-dimensional awareness. I am certain some of you have also experienced this during your meditations or sleep states.  

I feel we have come through an extremely challenging energetic time here, and now we are able to catch our breath for a bit. I am not certain on the timing of anything, but I do know that this past month/ 6 weeks, was a major event in terms of clarification of any disharmony in our lives and upon our planet. 

Peace and love to All.


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