New Revelations on Old Crimes of the Dark Western Cabal

by Georgi Stankov, December 23, 2014

The rate with which new revelations on old crimes of the dark western cabal are now coming to the surface seems to peak in these last days. Two most insidious crimes this year were the shutdown, respectively the hijacking of the two Malaysian airplanes. Both crimes were committed by the USA secret services and their stooges and were used to trigger a major conflict – first against China and then against Russia, the two major rivals of the Orion Obama and dark Co. in Washington because they stay on their way to install the NWO. As a collateral effect Malaysia was punished for hosting the international court investigating crimes against humanity that has already indicted in absentia the major criminals on this planet, Netanyahu, Bush and Tony Blair.

In a response to a PAT member I wrote on November 14 that flight MH370 was hijacked by the US secret services after it failed to enter the Chinese air space and cause a huge catastrophe there. It was forced then to land at the secret US base on the island atoll Diego Garcia in the Indian ocean and the destiny of the passengers is uncertain, but most probably they have been killed by the Americans as to cover up this dark operation.

Then they put forward the hypothesis that this airplane had crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean where nothing could be found due to strong currents as to divert the attention of the masses from their actual crime. All subsequent rescue and search operations of the US stooges, such as Australia and GB, were simply smoke and mirrors. This was my version of this crime at that time based on available information on the Internet. Read my article: “How It May Begin

I also reported in many articles that all facts point to flight MH17 being shot down over Eastern Ukraine by an Ukrainian military fighter jet in order to blame Russia or the insurgents there and thus escalate the war against Russia through the Ukrainian Nazi proxies of the US dark cabal and through sanctions.

Both stories have been now revived with new facts and evidence that confirm the aforementioned versions.

First the presstitute mouthpiece of the Western cabal Daily Mail reports today without any obvious reason – or probably there is already one and we will soon learn it – all of a sudden that the “‘U.S. military shot down MH370 because they thought it had been hacked and was about to be used in terror attack

The source of this information, a former airline boss Marc Dugain, is obviously an agent provocateur that now comes forward to present a new version of the Western dark cabal as to hide the actual truth behind their major crime on humanity. But this shocking new MH370 cover-up only strays the people away from the truth as the investigative journalist Shepard Ambellas writes today:

In an attempt to cover up the fact that Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 indeed landed at the U.S. military base Diego Garcia, located on a remote island in the Indian Ocean, with all passengers, crew, and contents aboard, the mainstream media is now reporting that a former airline CEO and writer, “Marc Dugain”, told sources that massive jetliner was “hacked” and was going to be utilized in a “terror attack”, much like the ones of 2001…

Now new circulating mainstream reports maintain that the plane was spotted by “fishermen” on March 8, 2014, flying low, by the remote island of Diego Garcia just before the U.S. military fired upon it.

While part of the airline CEO’s story was likely only offered as a tidbit of truth to gain the general public’s trust, it was only a morsel as the plane was never “shot down” but in fact rather landed at the U.S. military base Diego Garcia instead.

Intellihub already touched on this aspect, all the way back in April, in an article which reads in part:

Eyewitnesses from the Kuda Huvadhoo concurred that the airplane was traveling North to South-East, towards the Southern tip of the Maldives – Addu. They also noted the incredibly loud noise that the flight made when it flew over the island.

“I’ve never seen a jet flying so low over our island before. We’ve seen seaplanes, but I’m sure that this was not one of those. I could even make out the doors on the plane clearly”, said an eyewitness.

“It’s not just me either, several other residents have reported seeing the exact same thing. Some people got out of their houses to see what was causing the tremendous noise too.”

Interestingly enough and contrary to Dugain’s story, our sources point to the fact that the aircraft was pulled into a specially designed Faraday cage hangar on base property to conceal any and all data/voice transmissions along with data pings transmitted by the Boeing two massive jet’s engines, which were manufactured by Rolls Royce.

However, the caveat, as reported by a freelance journalist, Jim Stone, was the fact that we also know very specific metadata was retrieved from IBM executive, passenger, Phillip Woods’ iPhone in a single black communication containing the GPS coordinates of the nearby U.S. base military base Diego Garcia after woods allegedly keystered his phone in-flight just before snapping a picture upon landing.

Amazingly, according to Stone, metadata within the photo yields evidence confirming “100 percent” that Phillip Wood sent the photo, along with a brief voice activated text, from GPS coordinates which put Wood only a few miles away from the U.S. controlled Diego Garcia military base which is located on an island south of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

In his post Stone claims that the coordinates may be off by a few miles (see update below post), proving that the iPhone actually sent the otherwise blank black picture […]. Stone speculates the picture was taken in a dark room or in some position in which Wood’s hands were bound., as reported by Intellihub on Mar. 31, 2014.

A military source and eyewitness, also alerted Intellihub that the plane was later landed at a remote airstrip in the Nevada desert, at the Groom Lake facility, under the cover of darkness just days after it was taken into a Faraday cage hangar at Diego Garcia.

Other Information obtained by Intellihub staff reveals that the plane will likely be used in a future “attack” on a major West coast city, likely in Los Angeles. This “attack” will be an inside job.

239 people were aboard the original flight.”

Hence the warming up of this story by the presstitutes’ MSM only points to imminent plans of the dark US cabal to use this airplane for a new crime against humanity and to divert the attention from the old one by suggesting that this airplane was shot down. How stupid indeed!

Also today Russian media present new testimony confirming the shooting down of MH17 by an Ukrainian fighter jet. The Russian newspaper Komsomolskaia Pravda has interviewed a man who claims to have been a witness to the take-off of three aircraft, one of which allegedly shot down MH17. Check this video with English subtitles that has just been published. I listened to it in Russian language and the witness is very credible to me and to my HS, who confirmed to me that he is speaking the truth: 

For further details read also here.

Obviously the unwinding of the truth behind these two major crimes of the western cabal has just commenced and this indicates how nervous they are and why they begin to make such huge mistakes in their strategy to mire the masses. In the current high frequency energetic situation this is, however, no longer possible as has been extensively discussed on this website. This kind of revelations may trigger a sudden black-out in the ruling cabal and they may resort to another major crime against humanity which will trigger their final demise. Please observe that Sanat Kumara has clearly stated in his latest message that:

We stand at the point in space-time, when it only requires the triggering moment and this world will tip over from its present fabric, will be transformed and reborn.”

According to me any major crime planned now by the Western cabal may be this triggering moment for the ID shift and our ascension because we have already reached the energetic threshold to separate the two worlds – the descending one to hell and the ascending one to paradise – and now only wait for humanity and the dark cabal to trigger the final verdict.


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