My Steep Pathway to Ascension

by Marijana, Zagreb, Croatia, December 23, 2014

It’s been quite some time since I wrote you the last time. I still remember how I asked you a simple question three years ago: how can I awake? It is funny now, three years after I went through a complete hell of a ride of energetic transformation in all segments of my life. Replaced by a younger woman in my marriage, kicked out from a house, ended up on the street, robbed by people which I have helped financially and tricked by the same people to repay their financial debt, although I was an expert in banking risk management. Killing joke. I truly lost everything. It just made me laugh at the end.

However, it was worth it. I guess it is true: you have to lose everything in order to gain everything.

Then I went through a quite intensive LBP, feelings of panic and depression, cleansing of the dross of the masses and my own also, cc-waves with terrible headaches and joint pains resulting in inability to even walk for a certain period, attacks by dark entities, cold chills and unbelievable depression from nearby MPR-s… It was quite a challenge…..

I even have my own “tree story”. Some arrogant gynaecologist decided few months ago to cut off my almond tree, which my grandfather planted when I was born. He decided the tree was guilty for flooding his house although tall pine trees surrounded his house and could have been “guilty” for the flood too. He just cut my huge tree into pieces. I feel sorry for him because he is just a stupid little man whose patients in a hospital pay too much for his services to feed his arrogance.

I also feel stupid because it took me 30 years to remember what I knew when I was 12 years old. Back then, I felt powerful, like the world was dependent on me, like it would die if I did not do something. I lost it somehow in a meantime, weakened by visible reality, which is nothing but a low budget trash movie with low class directors, lousy actors, crippled screenplay and main character terrorizing everything and everyone in this fake galactic swamp. Although, I used to go deep down over the years through the knowledge available to help me understand my purpose and even before this huge vortex in the last three years, I went through mystical areas revolting against the system in my own way. I never bothered too much with esoteric scene. It always reminded me of a movie “Brain dead”. Never expected any kind of revolution on their side. I could learn more staff from heavy metal community than these guys.

Anyway, what I wanted to write about is the reason I could not sleep last night. My mind was heavy. I could hear Decree on financial meltdown so loud. It was booming. I joined it. Repeated it all over again. For hours. It felt like nothing was ever that important as this Decree. Right here. Right now.

Maybe I lost everything, but there is still one thing that is constant in my life. My job as a risk and pre-bankruptcy manager in a bank which sounds so .. not making any sense any more… never did. If I want to pull the rug away under the feet of humanity so that they can learn their lesson and stop feeding this fake system supporting money business in a money wonderland, I should first pull the rug away from under my own feet and stop feeding it also.

Yes, people are bankrupt. Banks are selling bad loans to aggressive lawyers, which started true witch-hunt and inquisition trying to rip out leftovers from the people and yes, there is a true financial war zone out there for decades in order to enslave the people and make nations bankrupt. I ask, wonder for a long time when this beast is finally going to die.

Every day when I approach this huge bank building in the centre of the city, I can feel anxiety. The moment I go inside to spend another day there, it feels like jumping into a fast car heading for a finish line. It feels like a huge desire and responsibility to make this car run faster and crash monetary multiple headed hydra into pieces, which became so noisy that interferes with gentle galactic tunes and produces unbearable cacophony.

I pray too that all warriors of light worldwide join their forces in the Now and make this great Decree a true tool for final financial disintegration. Everything is possible in the Now. I’m so sure about that.

What I want to see in the end, soon, is a silent graveyard of monetary wreckage and all its grotesque crime stories buried deep under

P.S. Thank you very much for maintenance of the website as a true chronicle of the most important battle over the planet Earth. Most of the information I can find on the internet is just an insult even for an average intelligence. 

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